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dataMinds Connect 2024

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7 Oct 2024

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9 Oct 2024


Lamot Conference and Heritage Center, Van Beethovenstraat 8-10 Mechelen, Belgium

dataMinds Connect is a 3 day in-person event in the wonderful city of Mechelen, Belgium. It's an IT related event with a specific focus on the Microsoft Data Platform

While some people may still refer back to the original name of SQL Server Days, we've adopted our dataMinds Connect brand 7 years ago keeping in mind the same core values. 3 days filled with learning, networking and a whole lot of laughs while doing so! 

This year will be the 17th edition of the conference, and running for the seventh time as dataMinds Connect. Aiming to bring together all people with a passion for the Microsoft Data & AI Platform, in all flavours possible, we're hoping to reunite with our many community members in person again, and spark flames to our common passion. Share experiences with old and familiar faces, and embrace a lot of new ones!

Go ahead and clearly mark Monday October 7th, Tuesday October 8th, and Wednesday October 9th 2024 in your schedule, as these will be 3 days you don't want to miss! You've read that right, 3 days! We've chosen to add on an extra conference day on Wednesday October 9th, to make even more incredible sessions available to our attendees.


For those keen on reliving the memories of prior editions of dataMinds Connect, or want to get an impression of what is like, you can refer to the official aftermovies on YouTube for 20212022, 2023, or a small collection of photos taken on the conference day (Tuesday) of previous editions in 20212022, and 2023

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Call for Speakers
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14 Feb 2024

Call closes at 11:59 PM

31 May 2024

Call closes in Romance Daylight Time (UTC+02:00) timezone.
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When in doubt, or you do not agree with something we have put on here, reach out to the organising team for more information! We are all human beings here, so there is nothing we can't have a civil conversation about to figure things out. At the end of the day, this is ran by volunteers trying to bring together people with a shared passion for data. 
Seriously, talk with us.


There are a number of optional fields in this Call for Speakers, any context you can provide to help us make an informed decision is greatly appreciated. You can only fill in the required ones, if you think this provides enough information. Feel free to use the notes section liberally!


All people involved in our event, are required to adhere to our Code of Conduct. We want this be an event where everyone should feel welcome and accepted, regardless of their background or characteristics. There will be options to confide in different persons in case of reporting incidents and violations. Any person breaching the Code of Conduct, will potentially be removed from the event, regardless of their role of engagement. 


We wholeheartedly encourage all new speakers to submit a proposal as a Newcomer. To be clear, new speakers are considered to be people who have not yet spoken at a (technical) conference or larger event. User Group sessions, webinars and client/team presentations are not taken into account for this categorization. 

Each new speaker will be paired up with a buddy/mentor, who will provide them with highly valuable tips & tricks. Even more so, we'll provide new speakers with all assistance they need and want whilst preparing for their debut.

Submitting as a new speaker, means you agree to meet with your buddy/mentor and collaborate on your session. 

P.S. We verify the validity for people that submit as new speakers, so we can make sure to keep those spots for actual new speakers. 


Open for all sessions related to the Microsoft Data & AI Platform, in all possible flavours. Going from your more traditional DBA and BI topics, to modern data topics like Data Lakehouses, Data Virtualization or Generative AI using LLM. If it's related to the Microsoft Data & AI Platform, we want it!

Non-tech sessions, contributing to a better and more diverse community, are welcomed with open arms. Think Mental Health for IT Pros, Imposter Syndrome, Amplifying Diversity & Inclusion, Career & Personal Growth, ...

All conference sessions will be 60 minutes (including at least 5 minutes of Q&A), and allocated to a track by the organising team.


Proposals for precon sessions (full day workshops) are very welcomed, but bear in mind that we're also searching for good fits on our own. It may be possible that certain slots will be already booked. 

We will be closing the Call for Precon sessions 2 weeks earlier (Friday May 17th 2024). The session selection for the precon sessions will be shortly after, so we can inform those that selected at that point. Should you want to withdraw after this selection, that is perfectly fine.

A precon session (full day workshop) will be compensated by using our proposed payment scheme. A flat fee of 2.500€ (excl. VAT) is used as a default payment, regardless of the attendees that register. For every attendee following the 30th person, we'll add another 40€ (excl. VAT) to the grand total. 

This compensation is per session, in the case of multiple speakers they have to agree how to divide the sum. Microsoft FTEs are barred from this type of compensation, where alternative options will be discussed. 

EXPERT SESSIONS (400+, blow out some brains):

To continue our good tradition to specifically plan expert level sessions (400+), we're specifically looking for deep-dive sessions on advanced, complex topics. When submitting a session like this, please make sure you clearly outline any prerequisites the attendees should have. We're aiming at enough level 400-500 (or higher) sessions, to offer a wide variety of sessions and topics.


Our target audience can best be described as a majority of technical people (practitioners), in a variety of data-facing roles. Whilst most of our attendees are not budget holders or decision-makers, they will have significant influence in the decision-making process. Their experience will vary between people just starting out in their current role, trying to absorb all the knowledge they can, and well-experienced people just there to broaden their range with some extra use cases. 

For example, these are job titles that come back in our post-event evaluation: Database Administration, Database Developer, BI Analyst, BI Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Architect, Data Analytics Engineer, Azure Data Administrator, Prompt Engineer, ...

As dataMinds Connect, we also work together with some colleges and universities in Belgium and allow students to attend. 


dataMinds Connect is organized by a group of volunteers in their spare time. If you want to know more about these people, you can find more details on our webpage


Speakers will be asked to travel to Belgium for the event, and any exceptions should be discussed with the organising team.

We're moving forward with an in-person event, keeping a close eye on safety and health recommendations. If need be, we will be prepared to cancel at any given time to safeguard the well-being of every person involved.  


  • Wednesday February 14th 2024: Call for Speakers open
  • Friday May 17th 2024: Call for Precon Speakers close
  • Friday May 31st 2024: Call for Speakers close
  • Monday June 3rd 2024: Ticket Sales open
  • Thursday June 6th 2024: Session selection process
  • Friday June 7th 2024: Session selection feedback
  • Thursday June 20th 2024: Schedule announcement to public (Precon & Regular Sessions)
  • Monday October 7th 2024: Precon Day
  • Tuesday October 8th 2024: Conference Day
  • Wednesday October 9th 2024: Conference Day

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We'll be offering booked accommodation for 1 night at one of the selected hotels.

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301 submissions
Submitted sessions
Cathy Wasner
  • What's the Plan? Setting (and Achieving) Your Goals
Cláudio Silva
  • Writing T-SQL code for the engine, not for you
  • X-Raying Schema Operations: Adding and Removing Columns
  • Let me show you why data types still matter
  • Writing T-SQL code for the engine, not for you! - The training day
Rajendra Ongole
  • Creating a Microsoft fabric end to end solution.
Geir Alstad
  • Would you like some T- or SparkSQL with that? Combining system tables to create DDL commands in a L
Sarath Sasidharan, Gabi Münster
  • Govern your Data on Fabric and Beyond : A Pre-Conference Exploration
Mark Pryce-Maher
  • Fabric Mirroring
  • Unleashing Power BI's Potential with Fabric Mirroring: A Complete Guide
Johan Ludvig Brattås
  • Dive into the Delta Lake
  • Make Fabric the Gold layer of your multi-cloud medallion architecture!
Mariya Ali
  • Effortless Query Optimization: Exploring Fabric SQL Engine Mechanics and Performance Monitoring
Tonie Huizer, Peter Kruis
  • How to use AI, in your professional and personal life
Joey D'Antoni
  • How to Manage Your Azure Infrastructure Like an Expert: Top Best Practices
  • A Deep Dive into Azure Automation
  • Understanding Cloud Storage--Balancing Performance, Capacity, and Cost
  • A Day of Data Platform—An Architectural Guide to Choosing the Right Data Stores for Your Enterprise
show all submissions
Hélio Vogas
  • Leading Through Chaos
  • Safe Danger
Valerie Junk
  • Visualizing Data for Non-Data Experts: Making Reports Accessible to All
  • Dashboard Design - The icing on the cake
  • From data to action: Driving decision-making with Power BI
  • Storytelling & Power BI - Creating Power BI reports that connect with different audiences
  • Elevating Power BI Visualizations: Combining Design Strategies and DAX
  • Power BI Dashboard Design - From "okay" to "that's awesome"
Cathrine Wilhelmsen, Emilie Rønning, Marthe Moengen
  • Build a Microsoft Fabric Proof of Concept in a Day
Robert Hartskeerl
  • Time for recoffeery!
  • Getting to know the Storage Engine
Frank Geisler, Rune Ovlien Rakeie
  • IaC Thunderdome: Bicep vs. Terraform!
Els van Vessem
  • How are your workitems and pipelines doing? Reporting on Azure Devops
  • Mental Health Monologues
  • Gender, beyond 0/1
  • Time and stress management for data people
Magnus Ahlkvist
  • Eight hours of work in 20 minutes.
  • Automation for DBAs and database developers
  • SQL Server Worst Practices
  • Become a meta data driven SQL Server DBA
Lukas Durovsky
  • Rich Domain Modeling: Unveiling the Key to Domain Mastery
  • Hackers vs. APIs: The Hidden Weaknesses in Your Code
  • GitHub Copilot: The Smartest Way to Code
Emerson Taymor
  • GenAI: A New Renaissance in Product Development
Sanjay Raut
  • Delta Lake 2 Direct Lake- Shortcut your journey to Microsoft Fabric
Mihail Mateev
  • How to Build my Copilot for MS Teams - Using Copilot Studio or Calling OpenAI with Power Automate
  • The Future of Streaming Analytics and Intelligence in Microsoft Fabric
  • Deep Dive into Predictive Analytics using Azure Open AI GPT-4 Turbo models with Vision
  • Empower OpenAI with Vector Search for Optimal Performance and Cost Reduction
Joanna Podgoetsky
  • Fabric Warehouse Architecture Deep Dive
Juarez Junior
  • Multi-cloud App Dev for Developers with Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Mathias Thierbach
  • What is GIT and how do I get started? An introduction for Power BI developers
  • Automated Testing Solutions for Power BI
  • Git Development Flows and Best Practices for Fabric data projects
Nelva Lee
  • Personal Responsibility when Engaging with Your Diverse Workforce
Mathias Thierbach, Gabi Münster
  • Mastering Git Flows in Fabric Data Projects: Strategies for Success
Denis Reznik
  • SQL Server Performance Tuning Nowadays
  • Hidden Gems of SQL Server 2022
  • Query Execution: Expectation - Reality
Roman Tesolkin
  • Mastering the Mind: Leveraging Adult ADHD in the World of Data Analysis
  • Turning Data into Influence: Lessons from Disney+ Inspired Visual Storytelling in Power BI
  • From Boring to Brilliant, Escaping Mediocrity: 5 Design Mistakes to Avoid in Power BI
Tonie Huizer
  • How to achieve DBA approved Entity Framework migrations
  • Amplify Your Experience: How to Start Writing and Speaking
  • Git Your Database Under Control: a 1 day VCS + CI/CD workshop for your database development
Ranit Dey
  • Machine Learning: A Developer's Perspective
Robert French
  • For your eyes only - Power BI Row Level Security Made Simple
  • Why Am I Here? Dealing with Imposter Syndrome
  • Power BI Incremental refresh made simple.
  • "Navigating the Human Side of Development: Unlocking Soft Skills for Success"
Danny de Haan, Sebastian Van den Putten
  • Automate Security & Compliance for your Infrastructure
Abhishek Popli
  • Powering mission critical applications with Oracle Database@Azure
David Loos
  • Mastering Data & Analytics Projects: A Templated Approach
  • Data Strategy Demystified
Frank Geisler
  • A Journey to ADX
Freddie Santos
  • Microsoft Fabric x Azure Synapse, understanding why Fabric changes the game for Analytical Workloads
  • Diving Deep: Data Mesh on Microsoft Fabric
  • Modern Analytics Architecture on Microsoft Fabric
Gregor Brunner, Klaus Jürgen Folz
  • New ways to optimize shared datasets in the Power BI Service
  • Best practices for developing Power BI reports
Isi Turner
  • My Neurodivergent Non-Technical Journey into Data
Edwin M Sarmiento
  • Automate Your Daily Database Checks with PowerShell
  • Dealing with the Myth of Work-Life Balance
  • Presentation WOW: How To Deliver an Effective Technical Presentation
  • High Availability Basics for the DBA: What SQL Server Cannot Do For You
  • Design and Implement SQL Server HA/DR Hybrid Solutions with Amazon AWS
  • SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery Deep Dive
  • The SQL Server DBA’s Guide to Docker Containers
  • The SQL Server DBA's Guide to Apache Cassandra
Danny de Haan, Bart Simons
  • Multi-Server Administration: The forgotten SQL Server Agent feature
Danny de Haan
  • In-dept Security for your on-premises SQL Server Data Platform
Harsh Sharma
  • Empowering Diversity: Nurturing Minds, Fostering Growth
  • Exploring the Boundless Possibilities of the Microsoft Data & AI Platform
  • "Streamlining Machine Learning and AI Development with DevOps on Azure"
Samuel Kehinde Ayo
  • Deploying LLMs at Scale for Reliable Production Use: Principles and Practicals
Pieter Steenssens
  • Dbt will make your life much easier
  • SQL vs Python for data work: language showdown
  • Building a data lakehouse on Fabric with dbt
  • Bringing good software engineering practices to analytics
Michela Bertaina
  • The community power in the developers life
  • The 4 keys to indistractable focus
  • Develop a Second Brain
Felix Ude, Laurin Eichberger
  • Evaluating RAG Applications in Production
Kanhaiya Lal
  • Microsoft SQL Server on AWS: Cloud-powered Strategies for Transformation
Piotr Stepinski
  • Forecasting storm water level with Polars
Falek Miah
  • Introduction to the wonders of Azure DevOps
  • Quest to Delta Optimisation
Dennes Torres
  • SQL Server 2022: Intelligent Query Processing new Features
  • SQL Server 2022: Parameter Sensitive Plan Optimization
  • Real Time Intelligence with Microsoft Fabric
  • ML Prompt Flow: The CoPilot's King
  • Microsoft Fabric: Notebook Secrets No one told you Before
  • Microsoft Fabric ETL for Azure Data Factory professionals
  • Deployment Pipelines with Power BI and Fabric
  • Git Source Control In Power BI and Fabric
  • Data Mesh with Microsoft Fabric
  • Azure SQL Networking Secrets
  • Chat with your data using OpenAI and Microsoft Fabric
  • SQL Server 2022: Query Optimization Evolution
  • Build your RAG solution with Microsoft Fabric and Azure
  • Microsoft Fabric: Master your company data in a day
Rutuja Pawar
  • Data Experience Design in Power BI
  • Design for All: Increase the Accessibility of your Power BI Dashboards
Arthur Graus
  • Getting started with Data Science in Microsoft Fabric
  • Python for Data Engineers: all you need to know
  • Master Python in Fabric for Data Engineers
Greg Strzyminski
  • Level up UX by leveraging advanced DAX
  • Elevate the art of possible with the new card and slicer visuals
Sumaiya Nalukwago
  • The Impact of Diversity & Inclusion on the future of technology
  • Developing Soft/ Transferable Skills for a sustainable Tech Career
Ben Ferry
  • Power BI Developers, stop complaining about people asking for your data in Excel.
  • Goodbye visual shite, hello vega-lite
Laura Graham-Brown
  • How train the reluctant
Mar Llambí
  • Efficiently export your Dataverse data to a Datalake with Synapse for real time analytics
Koen Verbeeck
  • Table Maintenance for Improved Performance in Microsoft Fabric
  • Building the €100 data warehouse with the Azure Data Platform or Fabric
  • Tips & tricks to get started with a technical blog
  • Building Effective Data Warehouses and Power BI Models - Guide to Dimensional Modelling
  • Tackling the Gaps & Islands Problem with T-SQL Window Functions
Jean Joseph
  • Data Labeling in Azure Machine Learning: A Comprehensive Guide for Image and Text Data
  • Rapid and Scalable ML with Azure ML Automated ML Model
  • Unleashing AI Capabilities through Prompt Engineering
  • End to End SQL Database Development: A Comprehensive guide with Interactive Prompts
  • Delving into Sentiment Analysis Utilizing Azure AI Search for Your Document Database
  • Guiding Through the Medallion Framework: Effective Techniques with Microsoft Fabric
  • Navigating Vector Databases with Azure AI Search: A Beginner’s Guide
Geetha Anne
  • Why idempotency matters during durable execution in modern software stacks
Hubert Dulay
  • Real-Time RAG with Apache Pinot
Henny Speelman
  • Let's design the future: Leveraging Generative AI & UX Principles in Power BI Reports
  • Embrace the ART of data visualizations
Bas Land
  • Your first Microsoft Fabric Lakehouse implementation
Niall Langley
  • Easy Data Pipelines with Databricks Delta Live Tables
  • Turbo Charge your Lake House with Spark Streaming on Azure Databricks
  • Introduction to Performance Tuning on Azure Databricks
  • Better ETL with Managed Airflow in ADF
Mabrouk Mahdhi
  • Code Complete: The Day AI Writes Your Next App!
  • Optimizing .NET Core Applications for Cloud-Based SQL Databases
Mitesh Mangaonkar
  • Harnessing Large Language Models in Enterprise Data Engineering: An On-Call Revolution
Michelle Frost
  • AI vs Humans: Rewriting the Rules of Success
  • The Elephant in your Dataset: Addressing Bias in Machine Learning
Paul Andrew, Laura Graham-Brown
  • Getting Started with Microsoft Fabric – Learn by Doing
Torsten Strauß
  • Optimistic Concurrency in Azure SQL
  • Row and Page Compression in Azure SQL
  • Rapid SQL Database Development with SSDT Templates and Code Snippets
  • Memory-Optimized Tempdb Metadata in Microsoft SQL Server
  • Memory Grant in Microsoft SQL Server
  • In-memory OLTP Design Principles
  • Examples of query tuning in SQL Server
  • Create a YAML CICD Pipeline for Azure Data Factory
Francisco Costa
  • Igniting Productivity: Empowering Workflows with Power Query
  • Leverage Power Query to get data from Rest APIs
Michał Dębski
  • Power BI Compass: Navigating between PBI Governance and Data Transformation
Dmitry Romanoff
  • Autopilot for Data: revolutionizing PostgreSQL through automation
  • Troubleshooting high CPU utilization in PostgreSQL databases
  • Skyrocketing with Azure: Unleashing the Power of Flexible Postgres Server
James Bartlett
  • The Data Dojo: A Power BI Community of Practice
Enrico van de Laar, Tomaž Kaštrun
  • Applied Data Science in Azure with Microsoft Fabric and Azure Machine Learning
  • Crazy Data Science
Gunther Verheyen
  • Moving (your) Scrum Downfield
Enrico van de Laar
  • Data privacy for data professionals
SKi Sankhe
  • Supercharge DevOps workflows with AI
Hugo Kornelis
  • T-SQL User-Defined Functions, or: How to kill performance in one, easy step
  • Debugging without debugger: investigating SQL Server's internal structures
  • Five stages of grief - internals of a hash spill
  • Normalization beyond Third Normal Form
  • Here’s the execution plan … now what?
  • Execution plans ... where do I start?
  • Approximate functions: How do they work?
  • Execution plans explained
  • Execution Plans in Depth
Colette Grail
  • Navigating Complexity in Emergency Response: The Data Dilemma
Mark Alex
  • Data-driven Innovation: Showcasing Real-world Applications and Success Storie
  • Data Ethics in Global Marketing Automation
  • "Data Privacy and Compliance in a Global Landscape: Navigating Azure Policies
Jasper Puts
  • From Complex Code to Wonderful Workflows: Exploring CICD with Databricks
Kurt Buhler
  • What Fabric means for your Power BI semantic models
James Dales
  • Realtime streaming of flight data with Microsoft Fabric
  • Advanced Spatial Analytics with Power BI
Syangprova Sinha
  • Implement Guardrails through Tenant Settings to Effectively Govern Microsoft Fabric
Kevin Chant
  • Navigate the analytics development lifecycle for Microsoft Fabric
Christian Henrik Reich
  • An Apache Spark query's journey through the layers of Microsoft Fabric
  • Setting up Fabric Capacities in Azure: How to and considerations
Alex de Groot
  • Rethinking databases... let's go serverless all the way!
Anshul Sharma
  • A Comprehensive Journey through Real-Time Fabric - Updates, Roadmap, and Customer Success Stories
Daniel Costea
  • Deep dive into Microsoft Semantic Kernel Agents powered by AI Assistants
  • The Mars Rover that NASA has wanted for the last 30 years - Powered by Semantic Kernel and LLaVA
Fatima Taj
  • Beyond the Classroom: Your Early Years as a Software Engineer
  • Beyond the Offer: A Beginners Guide to Career Progression in Tech
Wilko van de Velde
  • Explore an ocean of data with Kusto
Anesu Makwasha
  • Key Considerations for Creating User-Friendly APIs by Anesu Makwasha
  • Designing Beyond Limits: A Tale of Tech, Design, and Triumph
  • Avoiding Common Pitfalls in AI/ML Design
Marc Lelijveld
  • Exploring Fabric Semantic Link for Power BI folks!
Wojtek Kuberski
  • The ML Monitoring Flow for Models Deployed to Production
Keith Atherton, Robert French
  • “You’re Dead to Us!”: Navigating Your Career
Andrew Pruski
  • Disaster Recovery Strategies for SQL Server
  • Running SQL Server on Linux
  • A deep dive into Kubernetes
Wim Vancuyck
  • The data platform that did not came out of the box
  • Decentral organization of central data platforms
Benoît Zwartjes
  • DBT and fabric: Put into practice
Miguel Félix
  • How Power BI change my life: the journey that shapeshifted my career
  • Dataflows Gen 2 - What are they and are they worth it?
  • Combine the Power of Power BI with External Tools
  • Direct Lake in Fabric: Advancing Semantic Models Beyond Import and Direct Query
Kim Berg
  • What's possible with Azure OpenAI?
  • Prompt Engineering for Generative AI: Tips and Tricks
Jon Vöge
  • Copilot Conundrum: The dos and don'ts of Copilot in Microsoft Fabric
  • Master Massive Data: The ins and outs of Incremental Refresh in Power BI
  • How to: Data Write Back to Data Warehouse in Fabric from Power BI
  • Learn to create three types of low-code Power BI & Microsoft Fabric Extensions with Power Apps
Rahat Yasir
  • Integrating traditional AI Models with GPT based flow
  • Complete Overview of Azure AI Ecosystem (Everything You Need To Know)
Hubert Dudek
  • Simplify your code and make it visible to everyone
Allen ONeill
  • Unlocking the black box of video
Martynas Jočys
  • Mastering Bookmarks in Power BI: all you need to know
  • The 5 UX design principles which boost the quality of data products
  • Make users master your dashboard quickly: how to create an "intuitive" report?
  • I have always asked for export to Excel. What can you do to avoid this request?
  • Design essentials for Power BI developer
  • Getting more efficient with time planning - it's not about time.
Sally Dabbah
  • Mastering the Art: Orchestrating ADF with the Power of Managed Airflow
  • Microsoft Fabric: All About The Data Analytics Platform
Maryleen Amaizu
  • The Promise of Generative Artificial Intelligence of Things (GenAIoT)
  • Taming AI with AI
Jan Van Meirvenne
  • Building the ultimate lakehouse with Databricks & Power BI
  • SaaSify your Data Platform with Microsoft Fabric
  • The Microsoft Data Platform anno 2024
  • Protecting the value of GenAI with LLMOPS
Valerie Junk, Reitse Eskens
  • Data Literacy, are you ground crew or air crew?
Barkha Herman
  • Real Time Problem-Solving with Anomaly Detection
Pieter Vanhove
  • Confidential computing with Always Encrypted using enclaves
  • Confidential development with Always Encrypted using enclaves
Peter Kruis
  • SQL Bad practices caught in the wild
  • An introduction to Extended Events
Rui Carvalho
  • Transforming Data Science and PowerBI with Fabric Semantic Link
  • Mastering Data Pipelines: Hands-On with Fabric Data Factory
Paulien van Eijk
  • Deploy Power BI as Code
Reitse Eskens
  • How an attendee became a speaker
  • Let your Fabric work! Loadtesting large amounts of data
  • Code, deploy and maintain your Azure (data) Infrastructure with confidence
Sajjaad Khader
  • How to Get Ahead of 99% of People in Tech
Clarissa Rodrigues
  • From Strangers to Success: How Agile Can Unite Distributed Teams
  • Listening to Your Body: Using Multiple Physiological Signals to Classify and Manage Stress
  • Breaking the Impostor Syndrome Cycle: Real Stories of Self-Acceptance and Growth
  • Most Expensive Design Mistakes (Ever) and how to avoid them
  • Are quality engineers still needed in modern ages?
Sophie De Waele
  • Developing user focused BI-dashboards for business adoption
Amit Khandelwal
  • The Love story of SQL Server and Containers
  • Production Realm of SQL Server Containers, Kubernetes and Linux
Sebastiano Galazzo
  • Creating your own LLM from opensource models
Sander van der Hoeff
  • Database testing with tSQLt
  • Testing your data platform: How to gain and keep control
Brian Bønk
  • Eventstream and Dataactivator
  • From zero to Kusto hero
  • The second visualization tool from Microsoft - is it actually better than PowerBI?
  • Gain Real(time) insights in a day with Kusto And Power BI
Aldan Creo
  • The Power of Knowledge Graphs and AI: A New Era for Developers and Data Scientists
Ruben Delange
  • Help! As an Azure developer, I'm afraid of drowning in that big lake of data stuff
Elena Drakulevska
  • Power BI meets UX Design: Accessible Insights
Vijaykumar Jangamashetti
  • Unlocking the Power of Generative AI with Google Cloud GenAI
Toon Vanhoutte
  • Lessons learned from analyzing enormous real-time data streams with Azure Data Explorer
  • Image Search with Azure AI Search and GPT-4 Vision
  • Belgium's biggest Azure mistakes I want you to learn from!
John Martin
  • Defining and Deploying a Data Platform with Terraform.
  • Up and Running with Terraform
  • The Swiss Cheese Security Pattern
  • The importance of data testing in data engineering.
  • Data Warehouse in a Day!
Dennie Declercq
  • Inclusion: It's about beds and distances
  • The scary truth about labels
  • Can Generative AI make the world more Inclusive?
Thomas Hütter
  • IoT ... Azure cloud ... big data - let‘s start small!
  • From SQL to KQL via Azure Data Explorer
Michael Robson
  • Bricking it to Sparking: T-SQL to Databricks SQL Transformation
Fawaz Ghali
  • Beyond Logs: Real-Time Anomaly Detection with Machine Learning
  • The Fraud Hunter's Playbook: Real-Time Detection Challenges and Tactics
  • Boosting Similarity Search With Real-time Stream Processing
Sander van de Velde
  • Fancy device toppings on your vanilla MQTT broker?
  • Cross the streams for Microsoft Fabric Real-Time Analytics
Sandra Kiel
  • Beyond Boundaries: Empowering Neurodiverse Teams with Microsoft Mesh
  • Blog Brilliance: Crafting Viral Tech Stories with Microsoft Designer & Clipchamp
Sandra Kiel, Engin Eser
  • Mastering Microsoft Mesh: Design & Implementation of Virtual Spaces