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dataMinds Saturday 2024

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27 Apr 2024


Thomas More Mechelen, Campus De Vest Mechelen, Belgium

Speakers must currently reside in Belgium. We're making this a locally focused event for speakers, but free to attend for anyone. 

dataMinds Saturday will be an in-person event, hosted on April 27th 2024.
Most important of all, is that it will be free to attend for anyone. 

In the past years we’ve noticed an upward trend in the number of data-related User Groups and conferences sprouting up in Europe and all over the world. The data community is a great community and there are a lot of talented international speakers ready to share their knowledge.

Recognition is key and there are not many opportunities for local talent to grow their acknowledgement as a lot of international speakers fill in speaker slots quickly. This doesn’t leave much room for the rising stars. With dataMinds Saturday 2024 we want to shift the focus and pass the mic along to local talent, granting them their place in the spotlight and offering them the opportunity to add more speaking experience to their portfolio.

dataMinds is therefore organising another edition of dataMinds Saturday on April 27th 2024 with a focus on Microsoft Data & AI Platform enthusiasts residing in Belgium ready to deliver great content.

Throughout the year, and with our other events we welcome any speaker with open arms, but making sure our local talent can grow, is still one of our primary goals as a local user group in Belgium.

To conclude, a reminder that should be obvious to anyone. We believe that anyone should be able to attend our event, regardless of their characteristics.
We require everyone to adhere to our Code of Conduct, and will remove anyone that doesn't do so. 

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29 Jan 2024

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The session length for all sessions is 60 minutes, in which 5 minutes are blocked for Q&A. Speakers are advised to not run over the allotted time, to allow the next speaker to prepare, and the attendees to take a small break.

The sessions will be held in 3 rooms throughout the day. Please submit your session to which of these tracks you think it's linked the most. If need be, the organisation can swap sessions to different tracks, if we deem it necessary.  

  • Analytics
  • Administration
  • Visualisation
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Strategy

Sessions can only be submitted in English.

When in doubt, don't hesitate to contact us!

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Submitted sessions
Jasper Puts
  • From Complex Code to Wonderful Workflows: Exploring CICD with Databricks
Esther Voituron
  • Advanced report building techniques in Power BI: next level reporting design skills
  • In-house data community building: how to create and animate engaging data communities
  • Data presentations: use data storytelling techniques to captivate and communicate effectively
Dionys Nabarro
  • Unraveling Microsoft Fabric: Practical Wisdom from the Trenches
Andreas Geysegoms
  • dbt and Fabric - a match made in heaven?
Cédric Charlier
  • The Lake's Dark Secrets: A Hercule Poirot Investigation Through Log Analytics
Jana Van Haver
  • Data to Decisions: The 4-Step Framework to Supercharge Your BI Reporting
Lode Vanacken, Dionys Nabarro
  • Architecting Success on Azure: Large Language Models in Applications
Gilles Augustus
  • Govern your data with Microsoft Purview
Jonas Maeyens
  • Process Intelligence powered by Microsoft Fabric and Process Mining
Bart Vernaillen
  • How the length of character datatypes influences memory grants
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Benoît Zwartjes
  • DBT and fabric: Put into practice
Rob de Wit
  • GitOps for Data: bridging the divide between data and code with Virtual Data Builds
Leonel Abreu
  • Effective data visualization
  • Python and Power BI, better together.
  • Three forgotten security enhancements.
  • A time travel with temporal tables
Yoren Lievens
  • How to become a Measure Management Master in Power BI?
Ruben Delange
  • Help! As an Azure developer, I'm afraid of drowning in that big lake of data stuff
Stepan Khramov
  • Power Automate & Power BI. Data refresh, reports distribution and other synergies.
  • Lessons learned from using Power Platform in Post-ETL applications
  • How to build a Pan-European BI platform for a 1000+ employees in a Fortune 500 enterprise?
Tom Thevelein
  • Airflow on Azure Kubernetes Service demystified
Joy Chatterjee
  • Data Radar Maps : How To Build a Robust and Actionable Data Framework From Scratch
Luis Esteban Valencia, Floriant Sturm
  • Lets Build a Chatbot with RAG using only Azure components
Toon Vanhoutte
  • Lessons learned from analyzing enormous real-time data streams with Azure Data Explorer
Sally Dabbah
  • Mastering the Art: Orchestrating ADF with the Power of Managed Airflow
  • Microsoft Fabric: All About The Data Analytics Platform
  • Mastering Data Workflows: Microsoft Fabric's Metadata Pipeline Solution with the Medallion Architect
Kris Wijnants
  • A word on Fabric Co-Pilot
Dennie Declercq
  • The scary truth about labels
  • Can Generative AI make the world more Inclusive?
Koen Verbeeck
  • How to integrate Azure Logic Apps in your data pipelines
  • Tackling the Gaps & Islands Problem with T-SQL Window Functions
  • Building the €100 data warehouse with the Azure Data Platform
Olivier Van Steenlandt
  • Database Deployment Automation using Database Projects & Azure DevOps
  • Migrating from SSRS to Power BI Paginated Reports
  • Database Projects and Azure DevOps 101, From Zero to Hero
Michael Schwaenen
  • 'Excel' in Power BI, or rather don't
  • Embark on Your Power BI Odyssey: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners!
  • Unleashing Power BI's Potential: Mastering Calculation Groups and Field Parameters!
Nico Jacobs
  • Taking the first hurdle: Time intelligence with DAX
  • Microsoft Fabric Real-time Analytics
  • Machine Learning on auto-pilot: Automated Machine Learning