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DataSaturday Croatia 2021

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11 Sep 2021


Hotel International Zagreb, City of Zagreb, Croatia

Data Saturday Croatia is a free training event for professionals who use the Microsoft data platform. These community events offer content across data management, cloud and hybrid architecture, analytics, business intelligence, AI, and more.

The plan is for the event to be in person, on Saturday, September 11, at the Hotel International, Miramarska Cesta 24, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia. We hope for the best! If this is not possible, the event will switch to virtual / hybrid.

This free event is organized by volunteers from the SQL Server User Group Croatia.

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10 Jul 2021

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Topics: Any Microsoft Data Platform-related technical subject or non-technical

Session Length: 60 minutes

Session Abstract: Please include a full description of what topics this session will cover, what the audience will learn, and which, if any, pre-requisites should be expected of attendees

Tracks: Please choose the track most appropriate to your session from among: Administration, AI & Machine Learning, BI & Analytics, Development

Difficulty level: Introductory and overview, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert

We will give extra points during session evaluation for Azure related topics.

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78 submissions
Submitted sessions
Terry McCann
  • Getting started with Machine learning in Python
  • An introduction to Deep Learning in Azure
  • Machine Learning in Azure Synapse
John Martin
  • DevOps for the SQL Server DBA with PowerShell DSC.
  • Getting Started with SQL Server 2019 and Polybase
  • Developing Azure SQL Database Solutions with database projects and Terraform
  • SQL Server Security Features for the Developer
Milos Radivojevic
  • Automatic Tuning with SQL Server and SQL Azure
  • Sjaj i beda funkcija u SQL Serveru
Paresh Motiwala
  • Getting and Nailing Azure Interviews
  • Cloud Data Management
  • How I Cut My Maintenance Window by 80%
Stijn Wynants
  • Azure Synapse Analytics, How to report at the speed of light!
  • Reporting on 1.4B rows with Serverless SQL Pools
Tomaž Kaštrun
  • Automate your social life with Azure
  • Model Interpretability and explainability with Azure Machine Learning
  • Applied data analytics with Azure Databricks
Dejan Sarka
  • Text Mining with T-SQL
  • Data Science in Power BI Desktop
  • Data Overview and Manipulation – T-SQL, R, Python
  • Association Rules Step by Step
Mihail Mateev
  • Dealing with CosmosDB
  • Power BI Embedded Gen 2 Unleashed
  • Empower Your business with Power Automate’s Desktop RPA Solutions
  • Best Practices of Implementing Intelligent Edge Solutions with Azure IoT & AI
  • Offload AI and analytics workloads to the edge
Markus Ehrenmüller-Jensen
  • Model Your Data Like a Star in Power BI
  • Self-Service AI with Power BI
  • Introduction to Numeric Calculations in DAX
  • Do You Speak English? Localized Reports with Power BI
Deepthi Goguri
  • Become an Expert in Managing Your Tempdb
  • Auto Correction? Watch this with Query Store in Action!
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Ásgeir Gunnarsson
  • What´s on in my Power BI environment
  • The Power BI Administrator and governance
  • Checking in with Power Apps, Flow and Power BI
Matt Gordon
  • Crushing a Cloud Migration: Moving Mountains While Migrating Data
  • Conversational AI with Cognitive Services: Discussions with Your Data
  • Chatbots: Talk To My Data So I Can Get Some Work Done
  • Azure SQL Database A to Z: More Than Meets The Eye
Hugo Kornelis
  • Five stages of grief - internals of a hash spill
  • T-SQL User-Defined Functions, or: How to kill performance in one, easy step
  • Now Where Did THAT Estimate Come From?
  • Normalization beyond Third Normal Form
  • Execution plans ... where do I start?
  • From adaptive to intelligent: query processing in SQL 2019
  • Debugging without debugger: investigating SQL Server's internal structures
Andy Levy
  • Keys to a Healthy Relationship with SQL Server
Pedro Reis
  • Getting Started with Power BI
  • From Power BI to Excel - The best of two worlds
  • "DAX" The way to do it... Again!
Alpa Buddhabhatti
  • Azure data factory and Azure Databricks for every one.
  • Azure Machine learning Studio Demo for Sentimental Analysis
  • Azure Data Factory for Anyone with Pipeline creation to Azure DevOps Deployment
Erland Sommarskog
  • SQL Titbits for the Inexperienced
  • Don't Bite Off More You Can Chew - Take it in Chunks
  • Don't Use Cursors or Why You Maybe Should Use a Cursor After All
  • All You Wanted to Know About Collations
Torsten Strauß
  • Automatic Query Tuning in Microsoft SQL Server - Plan Correction
  • Transaction Log – Delayed durability and minimally logged operations in Microsoft SQL Server
  • In-memory OLTP Design Principals
  • Parallelism in Microsoft SQL Server
  • Batch mode Adaptive Join in Microsoft SQL Server
Thomas Hütter
  • So, what about JSON in my database?
  • Poor folks' SQL Server job monitoring with R
  • A refresher on geospatial data in SQL Server
  • A journey through the Tidyverse
  • 50 ways to show your data
Armando Lacerda
  • Power BI Aggs
  • Azure Synapse Analytics Serverless SQL Pool
  • Azure SQL DB Hyperscale, the game has changed.
Taiob Ali
  • Azure SQL Database-Business Continuity During Disaster
  • New features in Management Studio — Performance Troubleshooting made easier!
  • SQL Assessment - Microsoft's Best Practices Checker
Viorel Ciucu
  • How to setup your testing environment, the DevOps way
Mikey Bronowski
  • Azure Synapse Analytics in PowerShell
  • Automate management tasks using elastic jobs in Azure SQL Database
  • An introduction to the ImportExcel PowerShell module
  • SQL Server and PowerShell walk into a bar...