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Data Saturday Edinburgh

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Data Saturday Edinburgh

event date

3 Jun 2023


Edinburgh, United Kingdom

With the success of the Data Platform (SQLSaturday) event on 01st FEB 2020 and to continue the community spirit _the Edinburgh Data Platform user group_ would like to convene another major event on 03rd June 2023.

Data Saturday Edinburgh is a free-to-attend 'in-person'_ event (one day) for IT professionals who are keen on data platform technologies. This is a community-led event, that offers useful educational & career-supported content across the data platform, cloud computing, analytics, architecture and much more.

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03 Oct 2022

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31 Mar 2023

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We welcome your submissions based on following topics:

  • Cloud - Data
  • Cloud - Infra. & Architecture 
  • Cloud - Data Analytics
  • Career/Professional Development

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Submitted sessions
Michael Robson
  • So you want to be a Data Engineer?
Chris Butcher
  • Data Management Ain’t Rocket Science!
Sascha Giese
  • Understanding Alert Fatigue
Guy Koster
  • The Dilemma of High Availability
James Frost
  • Microsoft Fabric – what you need to know
Benjamin Nevarez
  • Understanding Parameter Sniffing and Parameter Sensitive Plan Optimization
Owen Murphy
  • Should we defragment indexes
  • Stop Indexing the Query
  • Understanding Alert Fatigue
Anu Singh
  • Dedicated SQL Pool Best Practices
  • Data Warehouse with Synapse SQL
Olivia Wise
  • Why your dashboards suck? Hint: the tool you're using isn't to blame..
  • A practical guide to setting up a Community of Practice
  • Why my high school art class taught me more about data visualisation than my statistics degree.
Tori Tompkins
  • Want End-to-End MLOps? Look no further than Databricks!
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Eivind Halmøy Wolden
  • A low cost serverless synapse data platform
  • CI/CD in Azure Synapse Analytics
James Frost, Iain Dobson
  • Using ChatGPT to accelerate your data project
Triparna Ray
  • Building Financial Report in Power BI: Analysis of Change
  • Best Practices for building Power BI Datasets
  • Row Level Security in Power BI - Challenges and Solutions
  • Architecting Enterprise Solution using Power BI
Craig Porteous
  • Adventures in CI/CD with Azure Synapse
  • Why the Lakehouse?
Joe Billingham
  • Understanding the DAX Engines
David L. Bojsen
  • Introduction to Tabular Editor – the ultimate productivity tool for Analysis Services and Power BI d
  • Getting Started with Power BI Embedding: A Beginner's Guide
  • Enabling CI/CD for Power BI & Analysis Services with Tabular Editor
  • Building Better Data Models with Tabular Editor's Best Practice Analyzer
Ola Hallengren
  • Performance Troubleshooting - What's New in SQL Server 2022
Fabiano Neves Amorim
  • 13 optimizer statistic problems you didn’t know you had
  • Your Ultimate SQL Server Statistics Best Practices Review
  • Why my shrink is running for 1 week and stuck at 99%?
  • SQL Compilations/sec is not what you think it is
  • Exploring the new performance "bugs", I mean, "features" of SQL2022
André Melancia
  • Cosmos DB: An Azure Odyssey
  • Develop for Inclusion using Cognitive Services: An Azure Story
  • "Machines Are Learning. You Should Learn ML Too: An Azure Story"
  • Hacking Azure AI
Sameer Paradkar
  • Modern Data Platforms
  • Data Analytics Platform as A Service
Robert French
  • Power BI licensing made simple
  • Power BI Incremental refresh made simple.
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Soft Skills for Success
  • Goldilocks and the three business bears; story telling for business
Alpa Buddhabhatti
  • Top 15 Azure Data Factory Tips & Tricks
  • Real world use case of Azure Data Factory!!!
Tushar Kumar
  • Modernize as you go on Azure - Cloud Adoption
Charles-Henri Sauget, Matthieu Roy
  • Industrialize data transformations using dbt on Azure
  • Lessons learned: Migration journey from Azure Analysis Services to Power BI Premium
Dennes Torres
  • Synapse Dedicated SQL Pool: Whats hidden behind the scene
  • Going to Azure SQL: Admin differences no one told you before
  • SQL Server 2022: Parameter Sensitive Plan Optimization
  • Power BI: Using composite models and Aggregations for better performance
  • Power BI: Securing the connection with Virtual Network Data Gateways
  • Power BI Metrics: Managing KPI's with Power BI
  • Power BI Datamarts: How to use them
  • Solving big problems with Query Store Hints
  • Azure SQL Configuration Secrets
Olivier Van Steenlandt
  • Database Deployment Automation using Database Projects & Azure DevOps
  • Improving Team Collaboration Using Database Projects and Azure DevOps
Juan Manuel Perafan
  • Documenting KPIs: Beyond dbt Metrics
Francesco Bergamaschi
  • Power BI connection types and composite models: options, opportunities & limitations
  • Understanding CALCULATE, the queen of all DAX functions
Marco Dal Pino
  • Choose the right DB for your IoT App and device
  • Design and architect your Secure IoT system and infrastructure
Martynas Jočys
  • Taming colours in Power BI
  • Storytelling in Power BI - a different kind of storytelling.
Falek Miah, Anna-Maria Wykes
  • Introduction to the wonders of Azure DevOps
Falek Miah
  • Deploy Synapse using Terraform & DevOps
  • Spark Execution Plans for Databricks
Ben Gamble
  • A match made in Data: matching analytics data with realtime usecases
Cecilia Judmann
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging 101: The Who, What and Why
Abhinav Jayanty, Taylor George
  • Junior Data Professionals: The Key to Every Data Team's Success
Prathyusha(Prathy) Kamasani
  • Power BI Report design Tips and Tricks
  • My Top 10 Power BI Tips, Tricks and Resources
  • Creating apps like navigation in Power BI Reports
Sergey Olontsev
  • What SQL Server Professional Should Know About PostgreSQL And Vice Versa
  • Pandas on the Bench: A Look into the Capabilities of DuckDB and Polars for Data Processing
Gethyn Ellis
  • Moneyball – Build a killer Fantasy Football Team with Power BI
  • Build a Business: Use your technical skills to build your own business
Lisa Hoving
  • What taking care of my pet python taught me about implementing Data Lakes on Azure
  • Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, or Azure Synapse Analytics? When to use what.
Tav Herzlich
  • Find me near the Octocat: How we use GitHub as an all-in-one platform for OSS projects
  • Efficient Learning for Developers: Tips and Strategies
  • Building Scalable and Resilient Real-Time Systems with Reactive Programming
Helen Ugoeze Okereke
  • Exploring the world of data science with Helen
Fawaz Ghali
  • Simplifying High-Performance SQL Stream Processing in Kubernetes
Jose Manuel Jurado Diaz, Sabrin Alsahsah
  • How to get the most from Azure SQL Database
Jose Manuel Jurado Diaz, Juan Moreno Romo
  • Query Store, who is the fairest in the land?
  • Solving problems with the Azure Swiss Tool for SQL
Jose Manuel Jurado Diaz
  • Azure SQL Journey: The daily routine of a Cloud DBA
Erland Sommarskog
  • Don't Use Cursors or Why You Maybe Should Use a Cursor After All
  • Don’t Let Your Permissions Be Hijacked!
  • Deadlocks – Analysing, Preventing and Mitigating
Arne Bartels
  • Step-by-step towards building a SSIS Custom Pipeline Component
  • SSIS ScriptComponents are not that bad
David Williams
  • Microsoft SQL Server Certifications
  • Linked Server Setup
  • SQL Server 2022 New Features
Warren Sifre
  • PowerApp Power!!!
  • Power BI Data Governance
  • Introduction to Azure Synapse