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DDD Perth 2021

event date

14 Aug 2021


Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre Perth, Western Australia, Australia


Our goal

We want to encourage people that wouldn't normally speak at conferences to give it a go!

Hot tips

Make the Session title and Session description really shine -  along with the format, level and tags they are the only fields that will be shown for anonymous voting by the public. All other values are only seen by organisers (apart from your bio which is shown on the agenda if your talk is chosen). Note: we are asking a number of optional demographic questions to allow us to report on our efforts to promote diversity of submissions.

If you need help with your title or description, reach out to get a mentor or find out about our abstract writing workshops -

Still not convinced?

Email us to get a mentor - we have a bunch of experienced speakers who are happy to have a confidential chat with you to run through any ideas you have or give safe and constructive feedback.

Code of Conduct

By submitting a talk to DDD Perth you agree to uphold and setting an example of upholding the DDD Perth Code of Conduct.

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Call for Speakers
CfS opens at 8:00 AM

19 Apr 2021

CfS closes at 11:59 PM

16 May 2021

This event is in W. Australia Standard Time (UTC+08:00) timezone.
Closing time in your timezone is .

DDD Perth is an inclusive non-profit conference for the Perth software community. We welcome presentations from any topic relevant to the software industry; if voters think your presentation is interesting, it's in!

In the past we've had a huge range of presentations including the following topics: Agile, building great teams, UI design, UX, software testing, virtual reality, women in tech, web accessibility, open source software, workplace culture, mental health, unconscious bias, building engaged teams, self-employment tips, mentoring, Scrum, pair programming, bots, IoT, machine learning, neural networks, quantum encryption, security, reverse engineering, blockchain, Assembly language, automated deployments, mobile development, mobile test automation, Domain Driven Design, cloud native, architecture, microservices, serverless, service meshes, stream programming and Rx, APIs, GraphQL, actors, JavaScript, SPAs, TypeScript, authentication, React, UWP, Elm, HTML, HTTP protocol, Git, Docker and pointers.  

Before submitting a presentation please consider the following:  

  • We have an enforced code of conduct to ensure a friendly atmosphere.
  • We have anonymous presentation voting; we will only show the title, abstract and tags of a talk to voters to remove unconscious bias.
  • If your talk has any identifying details, we will remove/replace them before opening voting
  • You will likely be speaking to an audience of between 50-150 people.
  • You are welcome to submit a talk with a co-presenter or as a team.
  • You are welcome to submit at most 2 unique talks (i.e. each one in a different topic/category)
  • We have 2 presentation sizes you can choose from: 20 minutes (roughly 15 minutes of speaking) and 45 minutes (roughly 40 minutes of speaking).
  • Presentations are not a sales presentation although you are welcome to have a slide or two about yourself and your company.
  • You will probably have internet access, but you should have a backup plan in case it's unavailable.
  • We will open voting about 2 months prior to the event. If your presentation gets voted in and you agree to present, then this is a serious commitment.
  • You are welcome to submit up to 2 presentations, if you have multiple presentations that are voted in then we will only select one to be on the agenda.
  • Tickets may sell out before voting has closed and due to the small ticket allocation we can't hold any back, so make sure you buy a ticket so you don't miss out. Successful speakers will get their ticket refunded

Questions? Fire off an email and we'll get right back to you :)

event fee

free for speakers

Unfortunately, we can't cover flights and accommodation for speakers.

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