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DDD South West 2024

event date

27 Apr 2024


Engine Shed Bristol, United Kingdom

We're returning to Engine Shed for 2024! 
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Call for Speakers
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05 Feb 2024

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02 Mar 2024

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Any topic and speaker is welcome, and we'll do our best to accommodate any special requirements. We'd love to include topics such as mental health, neurodiversity, and inclusivity in tech.

We welcome talks of varying lengths (no longer than 50 minutes), but please give us an indication of whether you'd like an hour or 30 minute slot so we can plan the schedule around this.

Lightning talks are also welcome, which tend to be between 5-15 minutes.

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Submitted sessions
Stuart Lang
  • Demystifying .NET Debug Symbols
Charles Rea
  • Elevating OAuth Security
Timothy Bishop
  • TDD for Scrum Masters. No, really.
Gary Ewan Park
  • Let's ship this thing!
Dee Bolt
  • Unlocking Strong Authentication: A future beyond passwords
Kevlin Henney
  • Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey Stuff
  • Adventures in Spacetime
  • #FAIL
  • Six Impossible Things
Loïc Carbonne
  • Composable architecture: designing under constraints
Dan Haywood
  • Subcutaneous testing with GraphQL and Approval tests
  • Replacing the gearbox while driving down the motorway
Richard Jackson
  • .NET, Azure & Umbraco: The Second Twelve Months
Dushyant Priyadarshee
  • Azure & Pulumi: Unveiling Advanced Deployment Tricks
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Mete Atamel
  • Improve Your Development Workflow with Duet AI
Rachel Breeze
  • Debugging: More than breakpoints and log analysis
  • The Forgotten Users Of A Website
  • Escaping the developer rut
Gary Short
  • Advancing Micro-Mobility Safety: A Data-Driven Journey to Revolutionize Transportation
  • Revolutionizing Asset Risk: A Case Study From The UK's Strategic Road Network
  • Digital Twins: For When Move Fast and Break Things Means Certain Death
Samuel Nebeolisa
  • Domain-Driven Design: Bridging the Gap Between Business and Technology
Mabrouk Mahdhi
  • Code Complete: The Day AI Writes Your Next App!
  • Unit Testing in C#: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Code
  • Enterprise-Level Blazor: A Blueprint for Advanced Web Applications
Andrei Tuchin
  • FX Market Risk System Architecture
Joe Glombek
  • Mapping our journey to accessibility: What we can learn about accessibility from maps
  • Celibrate you're misteaks
  • Why am I being such a git about best practices?
  • How to Copy & Paste: Effectively working with strangers (and robots) on the internet
  • Why your search can't be Google
Aaron Green
  • Confident Communication for Developers (And Why It Matters).
Connell Sharp
  • Migrating from a monolith to a new service
  • Good Boundaries: Bounded Contexts and Conway's Law
Tony Edwards
  • MIDI Birds in MAUI
Jennifer D. Daniel
  • An above average tech ecosystem
Kevin Smith
  • Let's start using MongoDB in our next .NET project!
Poornima Nayar
  • REST, gRPC, GraphQL or Asynchronous Messaging
  • From HTTP to Asynchronous Messaging-What you need to know!
Youngho Andrew Chaa
  • Unleash Your Inner Trader: Create & Back-Test Strategies with Python & JavaScript
Sean Farmar
  • Understanding The Business Problem
  • Why DevOps and Microservices are a great fit?
  • Using DDD To Decompose Your Monolith
  • Distributed Integration Patterns
Matt Lacey
  • Give a Great First Technical Talk: Share your experiences at user groups and meetups
  • From Design to Development: How to Have Happier Handovers
  • Documentation, Testing, and the Future of Software Development
  • Creating maintainable UIs for cross-platform apps
Catalin Rosu
  • Evolving Architecture: bootstrapping your .Net modern cutting-edge application
Soumaya Erradi
  • Testing web3 applications
  • Road to Web3
Matt Hunt
  • Happy Developers (Don't Do Drugs)
Alvin Bryan
  • Creative Typography with Variable Fonts and other niceties
  • How computers scribble
Danielle Dias
  • Shifting Left with Burp Suite: A Lightning Approach to Endpoint Testing
Miranda Evans
  • Soft-wear Development
John Kilmister
  • Beyond Coding: Skills for a Successful Programming Career
  • Cloud Development Fundamentals
Lizzie Darville
  • It's not us, it's them! What the software industry can learn from group psychology
Andrew Poole
  • Fluent Method Chaining in C#
Chris Canal
  • Deep Dive: Freediving, Mental Health, and the Developer's Mind
  • Practical Event Sourcing with NextJs, Wolverine and Marten
James Eastham
  • Application Integration Patterns; The Why, The What and The How
  • So You Want To Build An Event Driven System?
Simon Painter
  • Functional Programming with C#
  • From Ancient Greeks to Modern Geeks - Basic Machine Learning Algorithms
  • A Developer Goes to the Movies
  • "Would YOU Survive the Titanic?", with ML and .NET
Tom White
  • An Introduction to Domain Driven Design
Nurhak Kaya
  • A Software Developer's Guide to Designing Better Software Apps: Key Strategies and Best Practices
  • Integrating Cloudflare CDN with Umbraco Websites
Anna-Maria Wykes
  • How to Run Code Clubs for Neurodiverse Children
  • OpenAI vs Azure OpenAI
Martyn Coupland
  • Leading communities and mental health
Alexander Polev
  • Building your own service for YouTube video summarization