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Distributed Domain-Driven Design Day (DDDDD)

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15 May 2020




Distributed Domain-Driven Design Day is a virtualDDD online community conference. In this pandemic time where conferences are cancelled or postponed all over the world, we offer some solace by offering an online experience that comes as close to an offline conference experience as possible. We are looking for talks, online panel discussions as we do on meetups and any other creative ideas you can come up with. The day will be framed by pre-recorded talks with live Q&A by the speaker as inspired by Liz Keogh, and spiced up by online collaborative modelling and other hands-on sessions.

This day will be a 24-hour long worldwide live event

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Call for Speakers
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14 Mar 2020

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01 May 2020

This event is in UTC+01:00 - Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna time zone.
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We are looking for:

Panel discussion (60 min - 90min) - Our standard meetup format, speaker(s) along with an organiser will discuss a certain topic in an online fishbowl style. We will answer questions and people can join in live.

Pre-recorded Q&A (60 min) - This idea came from Liz Keogh on twitter. Speaker(s) pre-records their talk and we show it. During that in a specific channel people can ask questions live and the speakers can answer them

Virtual Collaborative modelling (Pick your time duration) - The speaker(s) will do online collaborative modelling were either participants can join or it will be a show-case. We do however look to as much online collaboration as possible

Online hands-on (90 min - 120 min) - We are also looking for online hands-on. The thing about online mob-programming, distilling heuristics together, anything goes as long as it is hands-on!

If you have your own ideas, please use the Other format and fill in the idea in the bottom!

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