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Deep Dive: Defining Open Source AI

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21 Sep 2023

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12 Oct 2023



The OSI is looking for proposals that will describe precise problem areas in AI and contain clear suggestions for solutions. We’re all tired of over-hyped conversations, misinformation and confusion.

With the Deep Dive webinar series we’d like to focus on identifying the principles we can agree will not further damage society. We want to hear your thoughts and ideas around topics like:

  • Basic principles that define open data and AI/ML systems
  • Copyrightability of inputs and outputs of AI/ML systems
  • Control over code, weights, models, and data by individuals and businesses
  • Openness and transparency of the training data
  • Data privacy and avoiding sensitive data from being leaked
  • Fair competition, regulation versus open innovation
  • Enabling commercial growth while keeping a level-playing field for new entrants
  • Climate impact of training large models from scratch versus more efficient approaches of last-layer training only
  • Responsibility when AI/ML-driven decisions cause harm
  • Most effective safeguards to put in place to prevent misuse of AI/ML
  • Protect from harms caused by giving these tools to the public

OSI board members and volunteers will review the proposals and those accepted will be asked to present their talk online in a webinar during the months of September through November.

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