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Denver Dev Day | Fall 2019

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22 Nov 2019


Microsoft Office Denver, Colorado, United States

Denver Dev Day is Colorado’s best, community-led developer event! Over 200 attendees, 24 sessions & speakers, and a cool keynote. Fun day, lots of learning, demos, food and prizes!
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Call for Speakers
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09 Sep 2019

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11 Oct 2019

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Thank you for considering Denver Dev Day.

Microsoft is a recurring sponsor for Denver Dev Day and has provided our venue space for nearly 6 years. We're grateful for their continued sponsorship; find out more about our great venue in the event site details. 

Denver Dev Day welcomes you. As a speaker at Denver Dev Day, you get the opportunity to speak to a thoughtful audience of bright technologists and eager developers from a thriving local community. This is our eleventh Denver Dev Day.  

Please note: Denver Dev Day cannot cover travel expenses.

What level should your talk be? We think you should shoot for level 100 or 200. At most conferences level 100 and 200 sessions are the best for reaching the most developers. The same is true for Denver Dev Day.  

How many talks can I submit? As many as you like. We generally only choose one per speaker. If you are traveling to Denver, be sure to let us know. We'll consider multiple sessions for speakers traveling to Denver Dev Day.

What topic should your talk cover? We have four tracks: Client, Web, Data and Cloud. If you can't fit your topic in one of those, consider Other. We're open to new ideas, but, remember the dev in Denver Dev Day is for Developer.

Tip: we love talks on design patterns and development techniques.

How long should your talk be? We have two session lengths: regular and lightning. Regular sessions are just under an hour depending how many sessions are accepted; lightning talks are 10 to 15 minutes depending on how many talks are accepted. 

Tell us: anything special with your talk? (time of day you are available, unique facility set-up, etc.)

We look forward to seeing your submission.  


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Submitted sessions
Ben Hoelting
  • Securing Single Page Applications (SPAs)
Marlena Baker
  • Your Code’s Repair Manual: Debugging Strategies for the Real World
Ely Lucas
  • TypeScript & VS Code
Dave Rael
  • Linux for .NET Developers
  • Docker for .NET Developers
  • Good Boundaries Make Good Neighbors
Laurie Atkinson
  • Navigating the Azure AI Landscape
Nathan Gonzalez
  • Decomposing a monolith with event driven architecture
Donald Lutz
  • Build a Microservice Chassis using .NET Core 3.0 and the ABP Framework
  • Azure Container Instances
Grigoriy Belenkiy
  • How slow your code is?
Jason Robert
  • Securing Servers in a Serverless World
  • Y U No OAuth, Using Common Patterns to Secure Your Web Applications
Jeffrey Strauss
  • IP Fundamentals—Trust Me, I'm a Lawyer
  • What You Need to Know About Open Source—Trust Me, I'm a Lawyer
  • Start Me Up: Configuration and DI in ASP.NET Core
  • Multithreaded JavaScript—Web Workers and Atomics
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Phil Stricker
  • Automating Workloads with .NET Core in Kubernetes
  • Get AMPed! Accelerated Mobile Pages in the real world.
Brett Hazen
  • Elasticsearch Suggesters: Beyond Autocomplete
  • Long Running Serverless Tasks with Azure Durable Functions
Thomas Betts
  • A Great Engineer Needs the Liberal Arts
Matt Vaughn
  • Take Angular Architecture to the Cleaners
  • Acquire Developer Superpowers with Angular Workspace
Matthew Bonig
  • Transition from Monolith to Microservices Cheaply
Dan Moore
  • Things that surprised me when I was a new developer
  • Building Slackbots in Javascript
Rinat Shagisultanov
  • Event Storming to Solution Space
Kevin Glynn
  • CIO view: how you help with innovation and transformation in your company
  • Ethics and programming - a simple light framework for developers to use
Joe Karlsson
  • MongoDB Schema Design Best Practices
  • A Gentle Introduction to Building Serverless Apps
  • The Future of Film and Feminism
  • Can You Say That Again? Database Replication Best Practices
  • An Introduction To (Internet of Toilets 🚽); Or How I Built an IoT Kitty Litter Box Using JS
  • Building Your First GraphQL Client in JS
Bill Dinger
  • Continuous Security: Integrate security tools into your DevOps Pipeline
  • I Feel the Need for Web Page Speed
  • The Dungeon Master's Guide to DevOps
  • Unit Testing Strategies & Patterns in C#
  • OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities & ASP.NET
Joey Lorich
  • Terraform your world: Continuously Deploying Infrastructure
Ricky Ng
  • Making Accessibility More Accessible v2
Greg Lipstein
  • Machine Learning for Social Impact
Aaron Cure, Steve Kosten
  • Passwords - You're Doing It All Wrong!
Logan Miles
  • Resilience Engineering: Lessons from the Human Body
Riya Dashoriya
  • 11 ways to make your website #a11y compliant
Mary Clark
  • Cosmos Deep Dive
Paul Rowe
  • Mitigating Risk from Data Breaches
Steve Kosten, Aaron Cure
  • With a Little bit of Duct Tape and Baling Wire, We can have this Running Well