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Denver Dev Day | October 2023

event date

27 Oct 2023


7595 Technology Way, Suite 400, Denver, CO, 80237 Denver, Colorado, United States

What is Denver Dev Day?

Welcome to Denver Dev Day, Colorado's premier, local community-organized data & developer event. With presentation topics ranging from desktop, micro-services, and web development to patterns, the cloud, and soft skills, Denver Dev Day is your awesome, free, day-long resource for developer learning.

It's a conference, silly!

Is it hybrid?

No. It's live and in person. Old school!

Is the conference online or recorded?

No. (See above) It's live and in person. Old school!

Do speakers get paid?

No. We're a seriously scrappy conference. 

Do speakers get reimbursed for travel?

No. (See above) We're a seriously scrappy conference.

Is it only for professional speakers?

No. We're a great place for pros and newbies alike.

Where is it?

Microsoft is a recurring sponsor for Denver Dev Day and has provided our venue space for a decade! We're grateful for their continued sponsorship; find out more about our great venue in the event site details. So where is it? The beautiful Microsoft Denver office which is a great facility for this sort of thing. It's easy to get to with hotels and restaurants in arm's reach. We look forward to seeing you.

When is it?

October 27. It's a Friday. It's all day long.

Is it free?


-- The Denver Dev Day planning team.

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Call for Speakers
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01 Aug 2023

Call closes at 5:00 PM

15 Sep 2023

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Thank you for considering Denver Dev Day.

Microsoft is a recurring sponsor for Denver Dev Day and has provided our venue space for nearly 9+ years. We're grateful for their continued sponsorship; find out more about our great venue in the event site details. 

Denver Dev Day welcomes you. As a speaker at Denver Dev Day, you get the opportunity to speak to a thoughtful audience of bright technologists and eager developers from a thriving local community. This is our twelfth Denver Dev Day.  

Please note: Denver Dev Day is live, not online, not hybrid.

Please note: Denver Dev Day cannot pay speakers or cover travel expenses.

Who should submit talks? We welcome all to speak at our event and actively encourage under-represented groups to submit talks and participate in the event. We are working with several groups to promote inclusivity and diversity at our conference.

What level should your talk be? We think you should shoot for level 100 or 200. At most conferences level 100 and 200 sessions are the best for reaching the most developers. The same is true for Denver Dev Day.  

How many talks can I submit? As many as you like. We only choose one per speaker. If you are traveling to Denver, be sure to let us know. We'll consider multiple sessions for speakers traveling to Denver Dev Day.

What topic should your talk cover? We have several tracks, including Client, Web, Data & Cloud. If you can't fit your topic in one of those, consider Other. We're open to innovative ideas but remember the dev in Denver Dev Day is for Developer.

Tip: we love talks on design patterns and development techniques.

How long should your talk be? We have two session lengths: regular and lightning. Regular sessions are just under an hour depending on how many sessions are accepted; lightning talks are 10 to 15 minutes depending on how many talks are accepted. 

Tell us: anything special about your talk? (Time of day you are available, unique facility set-up, etc.)

Do speakers get paid? At Denver Dev Day, every speaker gets paid in handshakes & smiles. Let's be honest: we don't have any money. We are all volunteer based. We care about people, technology, and the community. But we don't have a budget to pay anyone. 

Does Denver Dev Day pay for travel? See above. We wish we could.

Is there a hotel nearby? Yes: 

Is there a pre-event party? Not yet. We'll see if we find a sponsor.

Is there breakfast? Yes.

Is there lunch? Yes.

Is there a post-event dinner? Yes. And all our speakers and volunteers are invited.

When will I know if I am accepted? Good question. The call for speakers ends September 15 and we should have the list of who is accepted done sometime the next week - we're working toward a quick turnaround. This should give you about a month to plan your trip, if you are traveling. 

We look forward to seeing your submission!


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Travel expenses are not part of Denver Dev Day

33 submissions
Submitted sessions
Steve Kinney
  • A World Without Failure: Building Reliable Systems with Temporal
Benedetta Manocchio
  • Databricks and Predicate Pushdown (And your Datalake doesn't have to be a dumpster fire.....)
Julie Yack, David Yack, George Doubinski, Jim Novak
  • Power Platform AMA
Ely Lucas
  • Ely Astro TBD
Hugh McKee
  • Mastering Event-Driven Microservices: From Design Patterns to AI-Driven Development
  • Test-Driven Prompt Programming: How AI is Changing the Way We Code
Matt Vaughn
  • Monorepos Unleashed: Empowering Developers for Faster Innovation
  • Angular Code Generators and Scaffolding
Rachael Yomtoob
  • Building and Fostering an IDEAL Team
  • Making Mobile Apps Accessible
Craig Young
  • Zero-overhead private member access in .Net 8
Heather Downing
  • Drones, RemoteID and the Thrilling Future of UAS Flight
Rinat Shagisultanov
  • Measuring Developer Productivity: Good, Bad and Ugly
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Daren May
  • High-performance graphics on the Web with SkiaSharp and Uno
Diana Pham
  • From a Princess to a Programmer: Journey to Tech from the Pageant Stage
  • Finding Love with Machine Learning: Analyzing Tinder Swipes
James Luterek
  • The what, why, and how of Composable Architecture
  • Transitioning to the next phase of web development.
Dave Rael
  • Drive Development with Tests in Practice
Frank Boucher
  • Exploring Data API Builder (DAB), the tool you want in your toolbox
  • How to transform an API into a Power Platform Connector
Peter Eijgermans
  • Microfrontends: The Future of Frontend Development?
  • Driving Effective Software Solutions: DDD and Micro Frontends
George Doubinski
  • Power Platform for Azure Developers
  • Advanced Power Automate or Puppetry of Excel
  • E-signatures and payments with Power Pages
Jim Novak
  • Dataverse Virtual Tables - Build a Custom Provider
Doc Norton
  • The Technical Debt Trap
  • From Principles to Practice: Shifting Focus to Behavioral Change
Jared Faris
  • How Long Will It Take? - Estimation Methods To Answer The Impossible Question
Sarah Christoff
  • Stir to Combine: Creating Porter Mixins
Nigel Tavendale
  • Understanding Agility. How Agile Processes & Agility Fit Together.
Jamie Dixon
  • Applied Functional Programming in Computational Genomics