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Denver Dev Day | Spring 2023

event date

9 Jun 2023


7595 Technology Way, Suite 400, Denver, CO, 80237 Denver, Colorado, United States

What is Denver Dev Day?

Welcome to Denver Dev Day, Colorado's premier, local community-organized data & developer event. With presentation topics ranging from desktop, micro-services, and web development to patterns, the cloud, and soft skills, Denver Dev Day is your awesome, free, day-long resource for developer learning.

It's a conference, silly!

Is it hybrid?

No. It's live and in person. Old school!

Is the conference online or recorded?

No. (See above) It's live and in person. Old school!

Do speakers get paid?

No. We're a seriously scrappy conference. 

Do speakers get reimbursed for travel?

No. (See above) We're a seriously scrappy conference.

Is it only for professional speakers?

No. We're a great place for pros and newbies alike.

Where is it?

Microsoft is a recurring sponsor for Denver Dev Day and has provided our venue space for nearly 9+ years. We're grateful for their continued sponsorship; find out more about our great venue in the event site details. So where is it? The beautiful Microsoft Denver office which is a great facility for this sort of thing. It's easy to get to with hotels and restaurants in arm's reach. We look forward to seeing you.

When is it?

June 9. It's a Friday. It's all day long.

Is it free?


-- The Denver Dev Day planning team.

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Call for Speakers
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10 Apr 2023

Call closes at 5:00 PM

13 May 2023

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Thank you for considering Denver Dev Day.

Microsoft is a recurring sponsor for Denver Dev Day and has provided our venue space for nearly 9+ years. We're grateful for their continued sponsorship; find out more about our great venue in the event site details. 

Denver Dev Day welcomes you. As a speaker at Denver Dev Day, you get the opportunity to speak to a thoughtful audience of bright technologists and eager developers from a thriving local community. This is our twelfth Denver Dev Day.  

Please note: Denver Dev Day is live, not online, not hybrid.

Please note: Denver Dev Day cannot pay speakers or cover travel expenses.

Who should submit talks? We welcome all to speak at our event and actively encourage under-represented groups to submit talks and participate in the event. We are working with several groups to promote inclusivity and diversity at our conference.

What level should your talk be? We think you should shoot for level 100 or 200. At most conferences level 100 and 200 sessions are the best for reaching the most developers. The same is true for Denver Dev Day.  

How many talks can I submit? As many as you like. We only choose one per speaker. If you are traveling to Denver, be sure to let us know. We'll consider multiple sessions for speakers traveling to Denver Dev Day.

What topic should your talk cover? We have several tracks, including Client, Web, Data & Cloud. If you can't fit your topic in one of those, consider Other. We're open to innovative ideas but remember the dev in Denver Dev Day is for Developer.

Tip: we love talks on design patterns and development techniques.

How long should your talk be? We have two session lengths: regular and lightning. Regular sessions are just under an hour depending on how many sessions are accepted; lightning talks are 10 to 15 minutes depending on how many talks are accepted. 

Tell us: anything special about your talk? (Time of day you are available, unique facility set-up, etc.)

Do speakers get paid? At Denver Dev Day, every speaker gets paid in handshakes & smiles. Let's be honest: we don't have any money. We are all volunteer based. We care about people, technology, and the community. But we don't have a budget to pay anyone. 

Does Denver Dev Day pay for travel? See above. We wish we could.

Is there a hotel nearby? Yes: 

Is there a pre-event party? Not yet. We'll see if we find a sponsor.

Is there breakfast? Yes.

Is there lunch? Yes.

Is there a post-event dinner? Yes. And all our speakers and volunteers are invited.

When will I know if I am accepted? Good question. The call for speakers ends May 13 and we should have the list of who is accepted done sometime the next week - we're working toward a quick turnaround. This should give you about a month to plan your trip, if you are traveling. 

We look forward to seeing your submission!


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Submitted sessions
Brian Seim
  • I Just Realized I have a DEV Team
Jerry Nixon
  • What's new in C# version 10, 11, & 12?
  • What's new in C# version 7, 8, 9?
Daren May
  • WinUI, Accessibility and the Web with the Uno Platform.
Rick Harrison
  • Using ChatGPT to Learn Tech, Write Code and Get Things Done
  • ChatGPT: Your Secret Weapon for Learning and Getting Things Done
Adam Furmanek
  • The missing chapter in your CI playbook: database guardrails
  • Database Guardrails - new age for developers and databases
Chris Steele
  • Design Patterns Unveiled: Best Practices and Pitfalls for Modern Software Development
Tim Rayburn
  • Measure Twice, Code Once – A Guide To Performance Measurement in .NET
  • Help Your Teams Avoid Burnout And Apathy
Sheila Shahpari
  • ChatGPT, OpenAI, and Power Platform | How to leverage Chat GPT to enable AI in your apps
  • Democratizing & Accelerating AI Through Azure Machine Learning and the Power Platform
Jose Trigueros
  • Unlock the Power of Property-Based Testing
Diana Pham
  • "Build-a-Bot Workshop: Make a Chatbot"
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Hugh McKee
  • How to Build Micro Mind Event-Driven Service Systems
John Darrington
  • Nuclear Rust
Kevin Krueger
  • Beyond Caching: Unleashing the Power of Real-Time Search with Redis
Dwayne McDaniel
  • They Are Going To Get In...Plan For That
  • Who Goes There? Actively Detecting Intruders With Cyber Deception Tools
Karl Groves
  • noscript is dead
  • There is no such thing as a "normal" user
Zoe Steinkamp
  • Becoming a Developer Advocate: Tips, Tricks, and Lessons Learned
  • Building Real-Time Applications with InfluxDB and Go
Ely Lucas
  • Testing Components with Cypress
  • TBD: Software Testing w/ Cypress
Peter ONeill
  • Are you talking about Auth with and N or a Z?
Jeremy Rickard
  • Registries, Not Just For Containers Anymore
W. Ian Douglas
  • A Tale of Three APIs: REST, Async, and gRPC Face Off
Laurie Atkinson
  • Interact with your enterprise data using Azure OpenAI Service and Cognitive Search
Dave Rael
  • Introduction to GitOps
Chuck Reeves
  • The ugly truth about BigO
  • How to use SELINUX (no I don't mean turn it off)
Lizzie Siegle
  • Screw the Browser! Build ChatGPT via SMS
  • Intro to Text Classification with TensorFlow
Evan Rusackas
  • Apache Superset — Developing Self Service BI in Open Source
Rinat Shagisultanov
  • GitHub Migrations: from simple to hard
Jaxon Repp
  • The Future Of Data Is Closer Than You Think
Mohamed Wali
  • Continuously improve your application availability with Amazon DevOps Guru
  • Continuously improve your code quality with Amazon CodeGuru
Steve Jones
  • Blogging for the Tech Professional
  • Architecting Zero Downtime Database Deployments
Gavin Bauman
  • Thinking in State Machines: Wrangle Your Application Logic!
Devlin Duldulao
  • Turbopack: Next-Generation Bundling for Modern Apps
Hasan Abu-Rayyan
  • Introducing Wing - a programming language for the cloud
Thomas Betts
  • Leveling Up Your Architecture Game
Sarthak Batra
  • TriageFriendly - Etiquette for code contribution that makes a high performing engineering team.