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DevSecOps Days London 2020

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04 Dec 2020



Welcome to the DevSecOps Days London 2020 CFP.

DevSecOps Days is a one-day online series of first-person talks, and gives you a perspective on how organisations can enable rapid application development, with faster deployment to production, while integrating security into the DevOps initiatives.

There are many practitioners in the field who are pushing forward with the idea of creating a secure application development pipeline, with security integrated from conception through deployment.

We are looking forward to your talk submission. Please ensure to follow the guidance, as this will increase your chances on getting selected.

Good luck!

-- Team DevSecOps Days London 2020

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Call for Speakers
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12 Oct 2020

CfS closes at 12:00 AM

20 Nov 2020

This event is in UTC+00:00 - Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London time zone.
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Submission Guidelines

  • Speaking slots are 20 minutes.
  • Attendees must be able to leverage most of the presentation’s learnings without having to buy or use a specific tool or service (talk about the practice and solution, not about the tool or vendor)
  • While we love consultants and vendors (they’re some of our favourite people!), we are looking for stories from the practitioners and organisations adopting these practices.
  • Each submission should end by communicating the core value in your message: how did you get security integrated into your DevOps initiative and what value did it provide to your project.

Presentation Restrictions

We have a strict “No vendor pitches” policy.

We are looking for practitioners who can tell their story and help others see the path ahead. If you are a vendor, consultant or company who sells services or products, encourage your clients to tell their story on your behalf.

How Submissions are Evaluated

We are looking for speakers that discuss the unique challenges of adopting security into the DevSecOps pipeline, the obstacles to security being a contributing and valued partner in DevOps and the ways to overcome them. Specific topics we are looking for include, but are not restricted to:

  • How did you get senior management buy-in? What did you do? How did you quantify the business value?
  • Examples of security teams being integrated into the CI/CD or DevOps process
  • How did you overcome objections inside the organisation?
  • How did you design and implement effective controls to mitigate security risks?
  • Which business area (and application) did you start with, why, and what did you do?
  • What were the top challenges, and how did you overcome them?
  • What were your top mistakes, and what advice would you give as a result?
  • In-progress stories (and even Epic Failures of DevSecOps) are more than welcome!

If you have any further questions, feel free to email us on

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