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droidcon Italy

event starts

27 Nov 2020

event ends

28 Nov 2020


OGR Torino, Corso Castelfidardo 22 Turin, Piedmont, Italy

Selection process

Proposals will be filtered and shortlisted by a Call for Papers Committee.

Deadline: 20 January 2020  25 January. 

Help us to understand your past speaking experience: add links to videos and slides of your past talks. And help the Committee to better assess your application: provide us with blog posts or papers on the importance of a particular problem statement and how it is tackled.

Original talks (not previously presented at other conferences) will be given priority

Proposals can be modified by the owner at any time — although kindly let the organisers know any time you do modify your session(s) or data after the Call for Papers has ended.

The online votes will be considered in the selection of proposals but will not bind the judgement; they could be used in case of ties to pick one session over another, but there’s other criteria as well.

It's possible to submit your proposal publicly or privately. In case of private submission, only the staff can see it until the conference schedule is posted.

by submitting a proposal you accept our Privacy Policy

You can read the details of how the Committee works and how sessions are selected by reading this article.

Your abstract

  • Make sure it clearly and concisely communicates your idea (~1000 characters if possible).
  • Original talks (not previously presented at any other conferences) will be given prority, please let us know if this is a new talk.
  • Make sure your abstract makes the value your talk obvious for the Committee and for the audience; be relevant to the audience of Android developers.
  • Describe who specifically your talk is addressing.
  • Choose between a ~45 minute talk, or a workshop.
  • Tell us how innovative your topic is — what is new and exciting!
  • Outline what the audience will learn and takeaway from your presentation.
  • Please note, the conference language is English.

We are looking for:

  • Developers
  • Companies developing software
  • Research institutions with Android relevant activities
  • Network operators and service providers
  • Hardware manufacturers
  • Companies, organisations and individuals utilising Android in new areas
  • Companies utilising Android in the services and products they sell

About droidcon

As Italy’s most important Android event, droidcon Italy supports the Android platform in its unique approach of openness and shared learning by bringing together developers and suppliers. 

The event has an impressively international feel with speakers, sponsors and delegates participating from around the globe. In the spirit of the Android platform, droidcon welcomes involvement and contribution from the Android community.

droidcon Turin, 16 - 17 April 2020

We look forward to your application.

Accommodation and travel

droidcon Italy is organised by Synesthesia Srl, a software house that has been operating for over ten years in the heart of Turin. 

For selected speakers, Organizer can:

  • cover up to two nights accommodation in Turin.
  • provide a grant towards travel expenses.
  • provide a complimentary ticket to droidcon Italy 2020 for the speaker, plus one guest.

When filling in the form, please consider that:

 * The conference organisation has a finite budget to put towards speakers travel and accommodation

 * If your company can provide you with travel and accommodation, please consider replying NO to the next question, and leaving the allocated travel budget to help more financially disadvantaged speakers (or attendees) instead

 * Requiring travel assistance is NOT a disqualifying factor for being selected for the CfP but it will help the organisers better plan how to spend the budget

 * The travel assistance budget is meant to support indie developers and diverse voices so they can make themselves heard even if they do not have the monetary means to travel to the conference, so please don't abuse it if you don't need it

 * As a speaker you are NOT guaranteed monetary assistance, but the organisers will do all they can to assist as many speakers as possible as most as possible with the budget they have

 * The general travel budget can be used to pay for up to 2 nights in an hotel during the conference, and for economy airfare/train/bus fare only


+39 011 043 7401

Paper submission deadline:

25 January 2020

Conference dates: 27 - 28 November 2020

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Call for Speakers
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01 Sep 2020

CfS closes at 12:00 AM

15 Sep 2020

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Submitted sessions
Jorge D. Ortiz Fuentes, Marcos Holgado, Sebastiano Poggi, Marco Porcaro, Sebastiano Gottardo, Jason Pearson
  • Privacy in the Wrong Century
Alessandro Schintu
  • Innovate and grow together with Huawei HMS
Francesco Stranieri
  • Explore It with HMS
Davide Avagliano, Giacomo Bresciani
  • Subito, Android development at scale
Nicola Corti
  • Tales of a Mobile DevOps
Marco Porcaro
  • Huawei Mobile Services vs Google Play Services? We can use both!
Nick Butcher
  • Compose by Example
Amro Abd Elgawwad
  • Navigation: deeping safely
Laura Morinigo
  • Ship your Web App to the users and make it discoverable!
  • The outsider: tales from a browser resident only on Android
Pietro Maggi
  • Android at Large: How to Bring Optimised Experiences to the Big Screen
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Romain Guy, Chet Haase
  • Modern Android Development
Florina Muntenescu
  • Sharing my preference for DataStore
Preethi Srinivas, Chris Sinco
  • How the developer community is shaping Jetpack Compose
Giuseppe Filograno
  • Scaling mobile development @Subito
Sunitha Burri
  • Wanna get rid of UI Jank?
  • Wanna get rid of UI Jank?
  • Kotlin Multiplatform - Sharing is caring!
  • Awesome Animations with MotionLayout
  • Pragmatic Flexible UI
François Blavoet
  • Accessibility made easy
Hannes Dorfmann, Gabriel Ittner
  • Modern Android Development - The Freeletics Way
Eugene Matsyuk
  • How to set up the autotests process in one day
Daniele Bonaldo
  • Google Cast, when one screen is not enough
Gregorio Palamà
  • Flows 101
  • From duplicate logic to Kotlin Multiplaform: a dev journey
  • Clean Architecture with Flutter
Daniele Campogiani
  • KindOf<Polymorphism>
  • Android Functional Validation With Arrow
Andrii Rakhimov
  • The renaissance of testing with Kotlin
  • SELECT * FROM SqlDelight JOIN Multiplatform
  • How to build a messenger for Android?
  • Configurability
Philipp Hofmann
  • Refactoring Risky Code
  • The Productive Developer
Zsolt Kocsi
  • Compose your app!
Alexey Bykov
  • MVI: how, why, when
  • UX as a mobile engineer's responsibility
Zhenlei Ji
  • 3 killer apps which make my life easier as an Android developer
  • Life is too short not to use ADB commands
Paulina Sadowska
  • Practical guide to performance Benchmarks - automatically detect inefficient code like Google
  • Reducing memory footprint of your app - what LeakCanary is not telling you about
Alin Turcu, Radu-Corneliu Marin
  • A functional approach for building Android applications
Patrick Bucaria
  • Building a Global Android Application
Mario Viviani
  • The Recipe for the Perfect Media Streaming App: Tips from the Top Apps on Amazon Fire TV
Dmitry Movchan
  • Make writing UI tests on Android easier
  • Model-View-Revolut
Daniel Horowitz
  • Less code, more quality - A minimalistic approach for crafting quality code
Rauno De Pasquale
  • Reliability, Performance and Observability - hosting, monitoring and distribution for your API
Lorenzo Quiroli
  • A world without KAPT
Ash Davies
  • Working With Dagger and Kotlin
  • Navigation and the Single Activity: Learnings from a Skeptic
  • Implementing the Paging Library
  • Everything is an API
Amina Adewusi
  • Ace your first Android Developer job
Stefano Mondino
  • A tale of Skeletons and Bones
Adora Nwodo
  • Building AR Experiences on Android with Azure Spatial Anchors
Andrea Provino
  • Data Science on an App from scratch
Doug Stevenson
  • Asynchronous programming in 2020 with Kotlin and Android Jetpack (using Firebase)
  • Easy, scalable backends for Android developers
Kartik Setia
  • Play with Plugins in Android Studio
Derek Rozycki
  • Testing your App using Charles
Yahya Bayramoglu
  • From the one, to one of many
Ubiratan Soares, Zhenlei Ji
  • Handling modularisation, navigation and deep links at scale : the N26 approach
Ubiratan Soares
  • MVVM-driven UIs powered by State Machines and Coroutines Flows
  • Experiments for your Android builds driven by Gradle Profiler
Darshan Pania, Bhavita Lalwani
  • Android Performance for Dummies (and Experts)
  • Android Disconnected - Building Offline First Apps For The Next Billion
Darshan Pania
  • Coding with your hands tied - A session on developing Android Libraries.
Marcos Holgado
  • The numbers are cursed: doing A/B testing the right way
  • This is not about coding anymore
Rauno De Pasquale
  • Reliability, Performance and Observability - hosting, monitoring and distribution for your API
Quentin Metzler, François-Xavier Beuvry
  • Move along, there is nothing to see here.
Damian Burke
  • Navigation in Modular Applications with Deep Linking
  • Inverting the Dependency — Independent Features in Android Applications
Victor Lapin
  • AIDL in the modern world
  • Download manager: don't reinvent a wheel
  • SELinux in Android: Overview
Burhanuddin Rashid
  • Building a Reactive architecture in Flutter
  • A Tale of Divide and Conquer
Fatih Giriş
  • Using LiveData & Flow in MVVM
Quentin Metzler
  • How to create the perfect Android hiring test
  • How running in the mountains made me a better coder
  • CI made easy with Bitrise
  • Welcome onBoard!
Jossi Wolf
  • Experimenting with the Kotlin Compiler
  • ConstraintLayout Best Practices
  • MotionLayout in Real Life
Himanshu Singh
  • Flow in the World of Rx
Abel Adugam A. Nibori
  • Firebase as an all round service for Android developer
  • Building for the next Billions
Mladen Rakonjac
  • Style Guides and Android Themes
JB Lorenzo
  • Widget and Integration Testing in Flutter
Modupe Akinnawonu
  • How to Win Friends and Influence Stakeholders: Getting Your Projects Prioritized
Garima Jain
  • Flowing Things, not so strange in the MVI world
  • A LUT (lot) of image filters on Android
  • Flowing Things, not so strange in the MVI world
Anamika Tripathi
  • Dancing apps with Motion Layout
Bhavik Makwana
  • Adding Flutter to existing Android app
  • Testing Flutter Application - Making Sure Your Code Works
  • Flutter: Computer Vision with ML Kit
  • Adaptable UIs in Flutter
  • Inside Flutter
  • Integrating Firestore as a backend in your Flutter app.
  • State management in flutter using Mobx
  • Flutter Makes Animations Easy!
mathias seguy
  • Android(MMX) X : 3 Tips a better life
Jason Pearson
  • MotionLayout & RecyclerView
  • Guided Animations with MotionLayout
  • Producton MotionLayout
Rick Busarow
  • Fakes, Mocks, and Spies - Oh My!
  • Android Coroutine Patterns
Sam Wolfand
  • Architecting an elegant login experience in a multi-account world
  • sealed classes & Hidden API's, simplifying login using kotlin and Google IdTokens
Salih Guler
  • Effective App Architecture and State Management in Flutter
  • How to add Flutter to your existing app
Alex Zhukovich
  • Efficient usage of Espresso framework
  • Efficient Android UI Testing
  • Let's build Android UI with Jetpack Compose
  • Exploring Jetpack Compose
Mario Bodemann
  • Apps to Go: Develop an App on your Android Phone
  • From Making Apps to Making Teams: A Jorney to Tech Team Leadership
Adnan a m
  • Scaling People Along With Tech
  • Gesturing Your Way Through Android
  • Bubble It Up
  • Scoping Your Storage
  • What The Context ?
  • FP for Android
  • D8, R8 & By$e[L/java/lang/C0de] !
Rafa Moreno Cesar
  • Writing Inspired Kotlin: Embracing the functional style
  • Traversing through Graphql for Android and playing nicely with iOS
  • Getting your hands dirty on the command line with Bash and ZShell for Android Developers
  • Journeying into open source
Yacine Rezgui
  • Get started with Jetpack Compose
  • Modern User Storage on Android
Roberto Orgiu
  • An Android Dev start to Kotlin Multiplatform
  • Fantastic API and where to find them
  • The Importance of Being Tested
  • Trip into the async world
Manuel Vivo, Preethi Srinivas
  • How the community is shaping Jetpack Compose
Manuel Nakamurakare
  • Creating thinner clients
  • How we went from a 3 monthish to 2 week release cadence
Richard Threlkeld
  • Auth, Security, and Data
Alfredo de Candia
  • Blockchain e crypto monete nel mondo Android
Siddhant Panhalkar
  • Shrink, Secure & Optimize Your App With R8
Cristian Gomez
  • FP Basics with Kotlin
Enrico Bruno Del Zotto
  • Nitrogen in your (test) pyramid. (2) - Instrument tests for your design.
Piotr Ślesarew
  • Successful live coding
Dhrumil Shah
  • Develop your First Flutter App for Mobile, Web & Desktop
  • Developing Robust Flutter Apps - Testing in Flutter
  • Manage your app state like a Pro
Jorge D. Ortiz Fuentes
  • Unit Test Your Views
  • Advanced Architecture for Android Hands-On (MVVM version)
  • Mr. Wolf's Horror Stories
Darryn Campbell
  • Indoor Locationing. It should be easy, right?
Chandra Sekhar Nayak
  • ML == REST
  • None to Manual to Dagger (A DI Journey)
  • RxJava Operators Under The Hood
  • Sneaking inside Kotlin features (Part II)
Jeroen Mols
  • Modeling UI state and navigation in Modern Android
  • Getting the most out of Android KTX
  • Fully stateless UIs - pushing the existing View system to the limit
Bob Dahlberg
  • Kotlin Coroutines - Communication Break Down
  • How to build a streaming media player
  • Dark Mode - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
  • Kotlin beyond basics
Ben Weiss
  • Navigating Modularized Apps
Gil Goldzweig Goldbaum
  • Why you shouldn't be afraid of refactoring
  • How to perfect android animations using MotionLayout
  • Reactive UI in android (Jetpack compose)
Csaba Kozák
  • Annotation processing for Kotlin done right
Lisa Wray
  • The Light Way
Peter Törnhult
  • Navigating the Navigation Components
  • Zero cost Pipeline for the Indie developer
  • Increasing app installs through social media
  • Writing stable UI tests with Barista
  • Migrating a production database to Room
Mayuri Khinvasara
  • Best Practices for Building a mobile SDK
Juma Allan
  • Modularization in Android : Building scalable apps
sourabh gupta
  • Features For Future
Fabio Collini
  • From Dagger components to manual dependency injection
  • Using Hilt in a multi module project
Bal sikandar yadav
  • Building Design consistency with Compose
Harshit Dwivedi
  • Firebase ML Kit : Zero to Hero in Mobile Machine Learning
Hadi Tok
  • Dagger in a Multi Module project
  • Finding the view
Michelantonio Trizio
  • UI/UX App Design @ Mixed Reality Age
Aleksandar Gotev
  • InApp Debugging
Márton Braun
  • Handling View State and Events with RainbowCake
  • Krate ft. Moshi: a Kotlin library design case study
  • Android complexity
  • "Scripting" with Kotlin
  • Become a Pro in Android Studio
  • Delightful Delegate Design
  • Dekompiling
Dinorah Tovar Tovar
  • Magic and Tricks with Kotlin Multiplatform
  • Room and Workers. Spoiler alert: With Coroutines
Piotr Prus
  • Motion Layout Workshop
  • Get Swiped with Motion Layout
Josip Krnjic
  • I tricked my Apple friends into using Android with Flutter
Jamie Niemasik
  • Don't Let the Cloud Rain on Your App
Erik Hellman
  • 10+ years of Android APIs
  • Useful coroutine patterns for Android apps
Rohit Basu
  • GraphQL + Kotlin
Valera Zakharov
  • E2E2U: Slack’s journey to developer-driven end-to-end testing
Stéphane NICOLAS, Daniel Molinero Reguera
  • TP3 & KTP: Simple, fast, and boilerplate-free DI for Kotlin
Stéphane NICOLAS
  • Debug your IDE, make your dev tools better.
Lavanya Gaur
  • Removed
  • GraphQL with Android; Giving REST a rest!
Christoph Klar
  • In-App Ads the native way
Etienne Caron
  • Kotlin Reactive Programming Patterns
  • Kotlin MPP for Oculus Quest
Matteo Bonifazi
  • Let's persuade the boss to adopt Kotlin Multiplatform
Daniele Bottillo
  • Developing in the Dark
Akshay Nandwana
  • Modelling the ViewModel
Jai Patel
  • Cardiac : AR
Akshay Chordiya, Adnan a m
  • Go with the Flow
Akshay Chordiya
  • Building complex screens with Epoxy
Bartosz Kraszewski
  • One man army - Becoming fullstack superhero with Flutter and Firebase
Jacques Smuts
  • The Slippery Slope of Unethical Programming
  • Internet of 💩- Architecting for Multiple Unreliable Backends
Peter John Welcome
  • Deep Dive into Google Maps Platform for Android
  • Quality Assurance for your Android app with Firebase
Mingkang Pan
  • Code obfuscation on a legacy code base? You can do it!
Julio Zynger
  • Pass the Mic: Lessons from a rearchitecture
Vladimir Jovanović
  • Rewrite or Refactor That Is the Question
Martin Bonnin, Michel Gauzins
  • GraphQL on the JVM and beyond!
  • Automate your workflows with Kotlin
Ikram Kella
  • The 5 Principles of project management
Goce Anastasovski
  • Code Review, A Software Engineer's Best Friend
Venkata Nithin Kumar Putchakayala
  • Standardization of Design with UI components
Kamal Shree
  • Flutter and Accessibility:Why should you care and what can you do to build accessible Flutter Apps.
Nicolás Patarino
  • From Baby Yoda to Yoda. Android edition
Hany Barakat
  • Effective Leadership
Hari Vignesh Jayapalan
  • Android biometrics: the past and the present
  • User Experience for libraries: Treating developers as users
  • Android Navigation Component: the good, bad and trade-offs
Marco Gomiero
  • 7+1 tips about [Android] App Modularization
  • Imperative is dead, long live Declarative!
Alessandro Sperotti
  • Turning an academic project into a 6000+ daily users app
  • Achieving Seamless UX: Prefetch your data with WorkManager
Martin Woolley
  • Advanced Bluetooth for Android Developers
Chirag Shenoy
  • Server-Side Steroids for your Flutter App!
Saúl Molinero Malvido
  • Hidden pearls and wats for modern Android Development
Ram Mohan Rao Chukka
  • Scriptway - Version control for your scripts
Tobias Preuss
  • Introduction into writing a custom Gradle plugin with Kotlin
Julien Salvi
  • Playing Videos on Android? ExoPlayer2 at your service!
  • Game Development with Unity from an Android Point of View
  • Please Draw Me a Sheep... in AR
Suraj Shah
  • Dissecting the inline keyword in Kotlin
Alessio Salvadorini
  • Curiosity killed the Flutter
Sean Smith
  • Nightmare Mitigation: How to Defend Your Product With a Security Assurance Program
Wojciech Sadurski
  • Magic of ADB and Android shell
Marcin Moskała
  • Kotlin Not-to-Do List - What we should avoid doing in Kotlin
Zach Westlake
  • Getting started with Dagger and AndroidInjection
Nishant Srivastava
  • Into the Multi-Verse: Kotlin goes Multiplatform
  • Demystifying Low Latency Audio on Android
Ishan Khanna
  • Flirting with Flutter at Getaround
Lucas Nelaupe
  • Android App Start Explained and measured
Chris Banes, Manuel Vivo, Jose Alcérreca, Nick Butcher, Florina Muntenescu, Clara Bayarri
  • Ask Googlers about Android Jetpack - Roundtable discussion - live-streamed
Ahmed Tikiwa
  • Q-lued up with Android 10: Understanding the privacy requirements of Android 10
Amr Yousef
  • Navigating dynamic feature modules
Petr Nalevka, Jiří Richter
  • How to survive on Android and don't get killed
Sebastiano Poggi
  • Practical Advanced Kotlin in Practice
Bapusaheb Patil
  • CameraX: Make photography easier on Android!
Chris Banes
  • Sliding with Keynote
Sebastiano Poggi, Sebastiano Gottardo
  • What next?
Andrea Maglie
  • A clean(er) architecture for Android
Rounak Bose
  • Design lessons from FitExpo India 2019 - India's biggest fitness festival
  • Design lessons from MasterMentors - an Indian MasterClass
  • A UX primer for Developers
Olowoniwa Gabriel Ayokunle
  • CYBERSECURITY!, The good, the bad, and the hacked
Luca Nicoletti
  • Compose your journey