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Droidcon & Fluttercon Kenya 2024

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6 Nov 2024

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8 Nov 2024


Nairobi, Kenya


We are pleased to welcome you to Sub-Saharan Africa for the largest Mobile Developer Conference!

We are thrilled to invite you to join us for the fifth edition of the largest gathering of mobile developers, Droidcon Kenya 2024, taking place from November 6th to 8th.

This year, we are elevating the experience by co-locating the inaugural Fluttercon in Africa, Flutter Kenya, with DroidconKE! This presents an incredible opportunity for developers from both communities to come together, exchange insights, and establish valuable connections.

At DroidconKE 2024, immerse yourself in the local mobile development scene, uncover new opportunities, and engage with exceptional engineers and innovative companies.

Don't miss out on this exciting event where learning, networking, and enjoyment converge! We are eagerly anticipating your presence.

See you there! 🚀

This year will feature :

  • Android, Kotlin, and Flutter talks
  • Workshops & Codelabs
  • Best-in-class speakers from Android, Kotlin & Flutter teams in Africa and worldwide.

We are looking forward to talks on (but not limited to) these topics in Android, Kotlin & Flutter:

  • Modern Android Development Topics
  • Cross/Multi-platform Development
  • Jetpack Compose
  • Jetpack Libraries
  • Architecture
  • Advanced Kotlin
  • Animations in Flutter
  • Building Games in Flutter
  • Dart on the Server
  • State Management in Flutter
  • Testing
  • Infrastructure, CI/CD
  • AI/ML
  • UI/UX/Design
  • Career, Core Skills & Levelling up & skill-focused talks
  • Case Studies / Research
  • Open Source

open, 12 days left
Call for Speakers
Call opens at 12:00 AM

19 Apr 2024

Call closes at 11:59 PM

04 Aug 2024

Call closes in E. Africa Standard Time (UTC+03:00) timezone.
Closing time in your timezone () is .

When submitting your talk note the following timings: 

  • Session (40 min)
  • Lightning Talk (20 min) 
  • Workshop (80 min)

We would appreciate if you adhered to the following guidelines when submitting your talk to droidconKE 2024. We cannot guarantee that if you follow these suggestions that your talk will be accepted, but you will have a much better chance:

1. Please ensure that your talk title and description match and that the title accurately reflects your topic

We all love a cute and catchy talk title with a nice play on words, but the program committee (and attendees for that matter) should be able to tell at a glance what topic your session will cover. We also ask that you be aware of our code of conduct when choosing your title.

2. Define key takeaways and learning points

You will help the committee select your topic if you can explain what you hope audience members will learn. Please try and include three to five key points that make your talk stand out from others. (This is important because we often receive 4-5 submissions on the same topic.) The more concrete (and relevant) these learning points are to the audience/conference, the better.

3. What is your experience level with the topic?

You don’t have to be a level 12 Black Belt in Kotlin to get your talk accepted. The committee does, however, need to know what your experience level with the topics is. Is the app or technology you are working on being deployed at scale? Is it a hobby or a side project? What are your real-world experiences with the topic?

4. Have you given this talk before?

Please let us know if (and where) you have given this talk before. How was the talk received? How has it changed from the past? What new information can we expect?

5. Keywords

We have included a pre-defined list of keywords in the CFP tool. If none of them fit, please include a list of relevant keywords in your talk submission text. This will help us find your talk using a search tool when we are looking for a particular topic or technology.

For speakers:

  1. This is an inPerson event and NOT virtual.
  2. The event is free for speakers and their tickets are paid for.
  3. We DO NOT offer travel support. We can however help you with the VISA application letter and recommend places to stay and things to do when in Kenya.

event fee

free for speakers

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