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6 Aug 2020

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8 Aug 2020


Nairobi, Kenya


We are pleased to welcome you to sub-Saharan Africa for the largest ever Android Developer Conference as it turns 3!

This three-day global android developer-focused gathering will be held in Nairobi Kenya on the 6th,7th and 8th August 2020 and will be the largest of its kind in Sub Saharan Africa. It will include workshops and code-labs focused on the building of Android applications and will give participants an excellent chance to learn about the local Android development ecosystem, opportunities and services as well as meet the engineers and companies who work on them.

See the photos from past events here:

see the videos from past events here:

DroidconKE2019 Highlights

This year’s DroidconKE will be a multi-track event. We whave a community day planned in addition to speakers in each track and 2 keynotes on the two days all on Android.

Listed below are the suggested themes which will be covered:

1. Craftsmanship, Teams, People & Methodologies

Talks related to:  

- designing or refactoring code (can be language-specific or spanning multiple languages).

- culture and experiences in teams, new ways of working, or tools that practitioner’s find useful.

2. Database and Cloud 

Talks relating to

- database paradigms

techniques for working with data and databases etc.

- Or platforms including and Firebase and Windows Azure.

3. DevOps & Automation 

Talks related to DevOps and automation of deployment, including specific automation approaches, experiences and lessons learned.

4. Tools and Frameworks

Talks related to the use of developer tools, languages, frameworks and platforms.

5. Design, User Interface and UX

Talks related to User Interface and User experience methodologies, tips and best practices.

6. Monetization and Publishing

Talks related to:

- In-App purchases

- Publishing Android Applications

- Payment APIS

- How to make money from you android Application

7. Security and IoT

Talks related to:

- security or hacking in Android Applications.

- Internet of Things devices,

- platforms and writing software for IoT and how they connect to Android

8. Machine Learning & AI

Talks related to data science with reference to Android Applications.


Any other topic not included here that covers the Android Ecosystem.

All these tracks cover topics in:

- Enterprise Application development,

- Game development 

- Application development


all in relation to Android.

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Call for Speakers
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17 Feb 2020

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15 Jul 2020

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  1. We will NOT cover your travel and accommodation costs.
  2. We do not and will not discriminate. We encourage all people to apply for the talks.
  3. We do not accept any PR and marketing talks.
  4. The workshop sessions will last 45 minutes. Feel free to utilize this time as creatively as you can. Kindly allow time for questions too.
  5. You can present as one or 2 or 3 people or 4 people, BUT within the specified times.
  6. Selected speakers will get a free ticket and a thank you gift bag.
  7. In case of any special requests or questions kindly let us know.

This is: Pre-Event speaker bash, Tickets for the conference, and two day meals and a thank you party,