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Drupal GovCon 2024

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13 Aug 2024

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16 Aug 2024

Drupal GovCon brings together people from all over the country who use, develop, design, and support the Drupal platform with a focus in government. Although there is a focus on government, there is also a heavy representation of attendees from the private, non-profit, and education sectors as well.

Drupal GovCon is the heartbeat of the DC Drupal community. We come together for three days every year, to learn, improve, and innovate as a community. Drupal GovCon will feature a full schedule of educational, contribution, and networking opportunities.

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08 May 2024

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24 May 2024

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59 submissions
Submitted sessions
Sean Lehane
  • From Black-Box to Open Book: Converting Proprietary Software to Open Source Solutions Governments ca
  • Batch-it crazy!
Krista Trovato
  • Drupal & Plain Language
Fredric Mitchell
  • Lessons from Supporting the Justice League: 18 sites, 1 codebase
  • How Math, Science, and Star Trek Explain the Value of Team Diversity
  • Architecture Decision Records: Collaborative Decision Making that Sticks
  • Upgrade your Environment with CI/CD and Automated Testing
  • Championing Security: Scaling Security At Every Level
  • Security And Governance In An IaC Defined World
  • Who Goes There? Actively Detecting Intruders With Cyber Deception Tools
  • Do you know where your secrets are? Exploring the problem of secret sprawl and secret management
mgifford, mherchel, smustgrave
  • The USWDS, Web Components and Drupal
Jeff McWherter
  • Managing the Human Side of Technology: Leadership in Times of Change
  • Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Analysis of Drupal, Government and Best Practices
  • Using AI to Align Your Site with the New Web Sustainability Guidelines
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  • UI Suite Initiative and USWDS
  • Color in CSS: using new spaces, functions, and techniques to make your site shine
Steven Shelton
  • OSS All the Way Down
Rod Martin
  • Waiting for Starshot? Don't! Get Layout Builder Working Right Now
  • Storybook and Drupal
  • Designs systems in Drupal
  • Accessibility for State Governments - Getting an A Rating
  • Landing Pages, Link collections, and Listing Pages - content types for a State-managed platform
  • Beyond Inclusion: Building a Culture of True Equity
  • Digital Transformation: Moving Individual Agency Sites to a Unified platform
Samira Sadat, Ray Estrada
  • Serving the public in multiple languages with Drupal
Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran (a.k.a. emanaton)
  • Migrating Entity Types w/o Features
  • Extending Views With Custom Settings
Marissa Fox
  • Grow Your Personal Brand-While Promoting Drupal!-on LinkedIn
Lily Berman
  • Meet Drupal! An inclusive introduction
  • Conducting user research for federal agencies
Krista Trovato, Rick Cisneros
  • Drupal & Security
Blake Organ, Kelly Smith
  • Develop with Design: Going from handoff to handshake
  • Modernizing Oregon Metro's Digital Landscape: A Drupal Journey of Integration, Inclusivity, & Impact
Rob Montero
  • Document Management harnessing Drupal's AI infused superowers
Wilfred Arambhan
  • Cross-Platform Apps and PWAs Powered by Drupal, for Everyone.
  • Seamless MigrateField Plugin for Smooth D6/D7-D10/D11 Transitions
  • Mastering Taxonomy Migration: Crafting Seamless Transitions from D6/D7 to D10
  • Infrastructure as code with Terraform
  • Just Say Drupal
Rolando Scott
  • Perhaps, you’re looking for an Alien!
Scot Self
  • Group module basics
Ashraf Abed
  • Intermediate Drupal Front End Development (Render Arrays, Debugging Caching, Modern Theming & more!)
  • Building with Drupal in 2025: Reap the benefits of Drupal’s long-term architecture
  • First-time Contributor's Workshop
Anand Kumar
  • Leveraging Azure OpenAI for Intelligent Content Solutions
  • Elevate Your Approval Processes: Mastering Complex Workflows
  • AI-Powered Plain Language for Federal Websites
  • Guide to Federal Site Scanning: Tools for Ensuring Compliance
stephencross, Mayela Jackson
  • A Progressive Migration to D10,
  • Accorbis Platform Insights & Advanced Techniques
  • A human centered design approach to writing RFPs
Dan Pace, RobbyMo
  • Drupal and AWS Bedrock
  • Maximizing Project Success: High-Value Partnerships
Erin Schroeder
  • Little Projects, Big Improvements: Small-step Content Strategy
John Doyle (_doyle_)
  • Navigating Tomorrow: The Future of Websites in the Age of AI and Content Proliferation
  • Save time upgrading from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10 using Retrofit
  • More Than A Root Cause Analysis