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dxday 2025

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13 Mar 2025


Savoia Regency Hotel Bologna, Italy


dxday 2025 is the 2nd edition of the international conference in Italy dedicated to developer experience (DX/DevEx), focusing on internal and external DX.

Organized by GrUSP, this international event gathers professionals to explore themes such as ephemeral environments, AI in coding, IDP systems, remote development, API design and more. 

The conference takes place in person, in Bologna (Hotel Savoia Regency), Italy.

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Tooling and Development Environments

Explore innovative tools and development environments that enhance coding efficiency and developer satisfaction. Topics can include IDE optimizations, command-line utilities, and advanced text editor configurations.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

Address best practices, tools, and techniques for implementing effective CI/CD pipelines. This includes automation, deployment strategies, monitoring, and the integration of security practices into CI/CD workflows.

Developer Tools and Productivity

Focus on tools and methodologies that significantly boost developer productivity and streamline workflows. Discussions can include version control systems, task management solutions, and code review processes.

Developer Onboarding

Provide insights into efficient onboarding processes for new developers, including mentorship programs and comprehensive documentation strategies. This also covers challenges and solutions in scaling onboarding for growing teams.

Documentation and Knowledge Sharing

Explore strategies for creating, maintaining, and sharing documentation that enhances knowledge retention and transfer within development teams. Topics can include technical writing best practices, internal wikis, and fostering a culture of knowledge sharing.

Remote Work and Collaboration

Examine tools, practices, and methodologies for effective remote work and collaboration among development teams. This includes remote development setups, communication tools, and managing distributed teams.

Internal Developer Portals

Discuss the creation and maintenance of internal developer portals that streamline access to resources, documentation, and tools. This can include case studies, design principles, and user experience considerations for developer portals.


The length of each talk session will be 40 minutes, Q&A included.

What we can offer you if your talk is selected

  • conference ticket;
  • a single room for 1 night (2 nights for people coming from outside the European continent);
  • speakers' dinner;
  • a refund of up to €250 for travel costs within Europe (up to €500 outside the European continent).

If your company wants to cover all your expenses it will receive a Silver sponsorship badge (worth €750); covering only your travel expenses will grant them a Bronze sponsorship badge (worth €500), or a discount of the same value if they purchase a higher level sponsorship.

Scholarships and Code of conduct

GrUSP is committed to host a conference as inclusive, diverse and accessible as possible.
We have a scholarship program to provide discounted or free tickets to students and to those from under-represented and marginalized groups.
To ensure that anyone can feel comfortable we apply a code of conduct.


expenses covered


expenses covered

event fee

free for speakers

Travel expenses: a refund of up to €250 for travel costs within Europe (up to €500 outside the European continent).

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