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ElixirConf EU 2024

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18 Apr 2024

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19 Apr 2024


Altis Grand Hotel Lisbon, Portugal


Join us for Europe’s largest Elixir Conference!

For nearly a decade, ElixirConf EU has been the must-attend Elixir event in Europe. Every year, hundreds of developers with a passion for Elixir come together to learn about, share and inspire the progression of the Elixir ecosystem.

Our events frequently include members of the core teams of Elixir’s biggest frameworks as well as being a hub for the announcement of new features and developments. Whether you are new to Elixir or a seasoned Elixir developer there is something for everyone at ElixirConf. From in-depth Elixir training for all skill levels to immersive keynotes that bring you to the forefront of Elixir development, we are actively championing the continued growth of the Elixir community.

Last year we reached over 800 attendees so to ensure we are spreading Elixir to as wide an audience as possible, this year's event will again be run as a hybrid event.

We are staying at the same venue as in 2023 but with an added catering space and seating for lunch.

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Call for Speakers
Call opens at 9:00 AM

10 Oct 2023

Call closes at 11:59 PM

10 Dec 2023

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ElixirConf® EU 2024 is a two-track hybrid conference with 40-minute speaking slots including optional Q&A.

Do you have knowledge or experience with Elixir and its ecosystem? Would you like to share that knowledge and experience with your peers? Whether you are new to Elixir or a seasoned developer on a core team, we want to hear what you can share with the global Elixir community. This year, we are looking for speakers with Elixir-centric content and who can bring pragmatic and practical knowledge into their Elixir talks. 

CFT deadline: 10 December 2023.

Need talk ideas? Here are some ideas to ignite your imagination.

Frameworks & Libraries: Elixir, Phoenix, LiveView, Livebook, Ash, Nx, Nerves, Scenic, Ecto

Real-world Applications: Your journey or your team/company's experience in adopting and working with Elixir.

Data & Distribution: Managing distributed, concurrent, or multi-node systems. Elixir in Web, Medical, Finance, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, or Artificial Intelligence.

Infrastructure Mastery: Elixir deployments, releases, CI/CD, build/test/deploy environments, compilers, Formatters, and Mix.

Tools & Testing Brilliance: Development tools, Dialyzer, typing, debugging, tracing, profiling, and more.

Dive Deeper: Explore related topics like BEAM, ETS, OTP, CRDT, Testing, and Streaming.

Is your presentation slightly outside that scope? Amaze and inspire us with your submission.


We want to make sure our conference is as diverse as the community we represent. Do you know any researchers, programmers or experts who are a part of groups traditionally underrepresented in IT (due to gender, ethnicity or any other reason) and whose work you can recommend to our committee? Please, let them know, that our CFT is open and that we’d love to see their work! Also, you can suggest their name in the form.


  • Your talk should be submitted by 23:59 GTM on 10 December 2023.
  • You will be informed about the status of your submission by 8 January 2024.


Never spoken at conferences before and are unsure if you should, and what should you talk about? Noel Rappin has a good article on this here:

"1. A conference that was limited to only people who really thought they were the most qualified person to talk would be depressing, if not completely horrific.

2. You are absolutely the most qualified person to tell me what you think on a particular topic.

3. This is how you become qualified. You study something, you teach it to other people."

Which mistakes to avoid when submitting a talk? Noel Rappin also has an answer in this article:

In short: clearly identify your topic, be respectful of everyone, be interesting, but also self-aware, don't pitch your company, and submit early and often. We could also add to that - think if this conference audience is the right one for your talk (and why?).

Need more tips? We recommend Sarah Mei's article "What Your Conference Proposal is Missing":


All attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at our conference are required to agree to the following code of conduct.


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event fee

free for speakers

plus 15% discount code to share with your network to buy conference tickets (Very Early Bird excluded) and invitation to all the accompanying events: Speakers' meet-up/dinner, afterparty, pre-conference meet up etc.