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Experts Live Kenya 2024

event date

26 Jul 2024


Nairobi, Kenya


Join us in Nairobi on July 26th, 2024 for Experts Live Kenya, a community-driven technical conference centered around Microsoft technologies. This event promises a day of learning, networking, and fun! If you're interested in showcasing your expertise on stage by delivering a breakout session, we encourage you to submit your session proposal(s) for Experts Live Kenya 2024.

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Call for Speakers
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20 Feb 2024

Call closes at 8:59 PM

29 Mar 2024

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Session Details

  • All sessions will be conducted entirely in English.
  • Breakout sessions will have a duration of 45 minutes each.
  • You have the option to invite a co-speaker(s).
  • Each participant may submit up to 3 session proposals.
  • Sessions must strictly adhere to technical content guidelines, avoiding any form of marketing, sales pitches, or vendor promotion, including the display of vendor logos.
  • We aim for a balanced mix of session levels, ranging from introductory (Level 100) to deep technical (Level 400), in order to cater to the diverse needs of our attendees. Here's a breakdown of the session levels:

Level 100:

These sessions offer introductory and overview material, assuming little to no prior expertise with the topic. They cover fundamental concepts, functions, features, and benefits.

Level 200:

Intermediate-level sessions build upon 100-level knowledge, providing more specific details about the topic.

Level 300:

Advanced sessions assume a solid understanding of the topic at the 200-level, focusing on in-depth exploration within a real-world context, including architecture, performance, migration, deployment, and development aspects.

Level 400:

Expert-level sessions are designed for participants with extensive technical knowledge and experience. They delve deeply into specialized topics, facilitating expert-to-expert interaction and offering comprehensive coverage.

Next steps

The Call for Speakers is now open from February 20 to March 29. Our evaluation team will thoroughly review each session submission to curate a well-rounded agenda that best serves our audience. Please understand that due to the high volume of submissions and limited slots, we regret that we cannot accommodate everyone, as much as we would like to.

All speakers will be notified via email by April 18, 2024, regarding the status of their session(s).

We will also have an exclusive speaker dinner on 25th July 2024.

We request your understanding as we do not cater for travel expenses. 

Warm regards,

Experts Live Kenya organizers.

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