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FOSSConf 2023

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26 Nov 2023


Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi (IIIT-Delhi) Delhi, India

FOSSConf 2023 stands as a beacon of collaboration and knowledge sharing among the developer community across India. This free, one-day event attracts over two hundred tech enthusiasts and is characterized by its commitment to promoting open-source ideologies. Crafted by open sourcers, for open sourcers, the conference delivers a rich tapestry of topics that range from the foundational aspects like Linux, databases, and open-source contributions to the contemporary like web3, blockchains, and cybersecurity.

Delving deeper into the tech realm, past discussions have spanned across dependency management, verifiable computing, hardware version control, and internet scanning. For those inclined towards algorithmic challenges, compilers, and interpreters, we've got you covered. On the other hand, aficionados of machine learning, statistics, and orchestration find their niche here. From the intricate realms of authentication to the vast expanse of cybersecurity, FOSSConf encapsulates it all, making it a must-attend for every tech enthusiast out there. Join us to connect, collaborate, and catalyze change in the open-source community!

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Call for Speakers
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05 Oct 2023

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FOSSConf23: Call for Proposals

Join the illuminating journey of FOSSConf23, set to take place on November 26, 2023, in the vibrant hub of Delhi NCR, India. As a cornerstone event for open-source technology, FOSSConf23 bridges a community of developers, system administrators, community managers, end-users, and tech aficionados. At the heart of this confluence lies the exchange of pioneering ideas, and we're on the lookout for compelling talks that breathe life into open-source narratives.

Are you poised to spearhead a technical discourse between 25-45 minutes that delves into the open-source realm? We're all ears! Submit your groundbreaking proposals and let your insights resonate with a community eager to learn.

Why Should You Step Up to the Podium?

Taking center stage at FOSSConf23 isn't just about being heard—it's about shaping discourse, fostering connections, and uplifting the open-source community. Your insights and experiences are invaluable, and this is your chance to amplify them. Plus, a nod to our speakers: if you've secured a ticket and then get the nod as a presenter, fret not—a full refund awaits.

Any queries lurking? Dive into our FAQs or head straight to our official Conference Information page for clarity.

A Gentle Reminder

Prior to submission, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the FOSSConf23 Code of Conduct. Your nod to speak at our event comes with the responsibility of upholding this code.

Quick FAQs:

Q: What's the essence of the talks you're seeking?

We're open arms to a plethora of subjects under the open-source umbrella. Be it technical nuances, tales from the community, the debut of projects, or anything in between—each narrative is cherished.

Q: Post-submission, can I tweak my proposal?

Absolutely! Recognizing that ideas morph and get refined, we offer the flexibility to edit post-submission. Just keep a keen eye on the submission deadline.

Q: My proposal's in, but I'm in the dark. Is it all smooth?

Fear not! Not every submission garners immediate feedback—some are self-explanatory, while time constraints play a part too. Yet, each proposal is under meticulous review. Await our communication, and for pressing queries, our website's contact portal is your go-to.

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