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GeekBeacon Fest

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18 Feb 2022

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19 Feb 2022




GeekBeacon Fest's mission is to unify geeks and make the world a better place through a celebration of Mental Health, Gaming, Open Culture, and Open Source. 

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Call for Speakers
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26 Dec 2020

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07 Feb 2022

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Submitted sessions
Nixie Pixel, Anthony Bean, Mark Watson, Dom Esposito, Malik Forté
  • Creator Mental Health Roundtable
Geoff Shearer
  • Save a Spoon: Setting Healthy Boundaries in FinTech
Panel Discussion, Daliah Saper, der hans, Sean O'Brien, Nixie Pixel, Matt Farina
  • Privacy and Data Ownership Panel
Jeffrey Snyder
  • Cosmo the Seedrian: What Does She Represent in Autism/Neurodiversity?
  • Autism in Disney Characters: Volume 2
  • Autism in Disney Characters: Volume 1
Anthony Bean
  • Harnessing Geek Therapy For Our Benefit
Libby Swan
  • Where's your rubber duck? (Debugging with rubber ducks & humans)
Vivian Acquah
  • Amplify Diversity Through Mentoring
  • Unlocking Empathy With VR
Ilkka Pirttimaa
  • Painting a picture of the world through sound - BlindSquare
Andrew Gracey
  • DevOps should be about building empathy instead of building tools
Antonio Cobo
  • Impostor syndrome in the IT world from a conference speaker's perspective
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Colleen Coyne
  • What is Emotions Anonymous?
Jamie Goodnight
  • Software Developers Should Be Weird
Karan Balkar
  • If only I could hear your voice
Sourya Biswas
  • Cybersecurity is War: Lessons from Historical Conflicts
  • Psychology of the Phish: Leveraging the Seven Principles of Influence
Michael Pirovano
  • Open Source Universe Building
  • Reframing Blockchain's Role in Gaming
  • The Intersectionality of Geek & Culture
Jake Newelski III
  • The Possible Future of Artificial Intelligence and IoT
Colleen C.
  • What Is Emotions Anonymous?
David Vorick
  • Beyond Open-Source: Data Ownership in the New Decentralized Web
Paul Lemm
  • Ebon Sky Studios developing audio games - games for the blind community
  • R&R Assistive Tech accessibility for everyone
Brian Fairbanks
  • Accessibility By Design
Catie Osborn, Erik Gude
  • Life: A Player's Handbook
Catie Osborn
  • A Place For Neurodivergence at the (Gaming) Table
Ming Johanson
  • Underestimated, invisible leadership.
csgeek ., Nixie Pixel
  • Welcome to GeekBeaconFest
der hans
  • Online Privacy, Security and Password Management
  • Fediverse: Decentralized Social Networking and Services
Melissa Jurkoic
  • Why a Diverse Team is Crucial to Startup Success
Daliah Saper
  • Protect Your Code-Key Legal Considerations for Software Developers
James Brumpton
  • Being Gay in QA & Tech
Allon Mureinik
  • Abracadabra, now everyone’s a remotee!
Dean Schuster
  • The Science, Psychology, and Secrets of Great UI
  • What the Soviet Space Program Taught Me About Digital Product Development
Duncan Kirkwood
  • Live You Life Like a GPS: No Matter What Happens Keep Pushing Forward
Dr. Vaneeta Aggarwal
  • Sharing of knowledge is a way to make connections
Johnny Wu
  • Decentralizing the Internet with Handshake (HNS)
Wm Salt Hale
  • Making dollars and sense of public goods funding
Riccardo Zamana
  • Redis on Cloud: red pill or blue pill?
csgeek .
  • csgeek Testing