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GDG DevFest Hyderabad 2019

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12 Oct 2019


Cyber Conventions, Hyderabad Hyderabad, Telangana, India

GDG DevFest Hyderabad brings together the community experts in Android, Web and Cloud technologies to Hyderabad for a day of sessions, workshops and code labs.

Hyderabad DevFest can be considered as “Technical Diwali” that celebrates the achievements of the computing world and the constant urge to connect, code and innovate.

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03 Sep 2019

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28 Sep 2019

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Rabi Kiran
  • Rendering Angular Applications from server with Angular Universal
sriranjani Ramakrishnan
  • Introduction to Transfer Learning and Domain Adaptation
Vempati Lakshmi Sravani
  • Will AI Harm? or Arm Humans?
Neelima Mukku, Vasanthi Ramu, Harika Devineni
  • 4 W's of GAN
Srinivas Kolluri
  • JSON based API framework
Parth Shukla, Vedanti Kansara
  • Jumping into the world of Steganography and SQL injection
Ramakrishnan Mohan
  • Data Visulaization in Virtual Reality
madhu vadlamani
  • Machine Learning approach for performing A/B Testing
  • Emotion recognition in Feedback system
Vasanthi Ramu, MUKKU NEELIMA, Harika Devineni
  • GAN - Future of ML
Nabagata Saha
  • Getting Started with TensorFlow
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Ritish Venkat Jogi
  • Blockchain with Google Cloud
Ramesh Reddy
  • Firebase cloud messaging
Mayuri Khinvasara
  • Best Practices for Building a mobile SDK
  • Connecting the digital & physical world with location and proximity services for your Android App.
  • Leveraging Smart Background Processing in Android
Kishore Krishna M
  • Cryptography & Security on Cloud/GCP
Vasudev Maduri
  • Data scientists are gone ... How do I deploy their work in production?
  • An Overview of Cloud AI
  • Easy Machine Learning for Software Developers
  • Rapid Data Science / ML Development With TPUs & Edge TPUs
  • Managing ML Lifecycle - DevOps for ML
  • A brave new world. "Serverless" computing on Google Cloud.
  • Serverless Containers with Knative and Cloud Run
  • Neural Networks for Humans: demystifying the math
akriti gupta
  • Digital wellbeing
Anshita Arya
  • Build a complete Serverless App while you wait for your coffee to brew
Sasikanth Miriyampalli
  • Building complex RecyclerViews with Epoxy
  • Coroutines on Android
akshit priyesh
  • Control Flood and other disaster destruction using AI
Pratik Parmar
  • Rust is simply AWESOME!
  • How to wish someone Happy Birthday using Augmented Reality?
  • The Invisibilty Cloak
  • NLP on Steroids
  • How to handle the "Training Model" Hangover
Ankit Sharma
  • Securing your Angular application
  • Create a Blogging App with Angular and Firebase
Abhishek Verma
  • Ansible 101 Workshop
  • Ansible Automation for Dummies
Pratik Parmar, Ayush Bherwani
  • Eradicating ML Anxiety with Flutter
Sashrika Kaur
  • Why Kotlin?
  • Women in Technology
Yakub Pasha Shaik
  • Unleash the Power of Firebase
Pratik Rathod
  • Kubernetes & Real Life Development
Vignaan Vardhan
  • How to be an Explore ML Facilitator
Ashutosh Hathidara
  • Changing lives at scale through AI
Darshan Parikh
  • Android Architecture Components
Subhrajyoti Sen
  • TextClassification API on Android and What’s New in Q
  • Doing Background Tasks The Right Way
  • Material Design Components - A Developer's View
Thiyagaraj T
  • Designing Systems with Firebase
Tarandeep Singh
  • Built your first AI & IoT app using Google AIY Voice Kit
  • Build Proximity apps using iBeacons & Android App
  • Use Google OCR to build smarter apps
  • Built your first IoT app using Android Thing
Nikhil Bansal
  • Taking a look at Kotlin Internals
VethaVarshini Kavya
  • Colors in UI- Why Colors Mean Much More Than They Seem
Sagar Patel
  • How Cloud and ML helped me predict the winners of 2019 Lok Sabha elections
  • Enriching products and services through Data Science
Devesh Raj
  • Google Map Platform
Aarshad Devani
  • Face Filters on web
Satish Rao
  • Android for IoT - Android Things 1.0
Pankaj Rai
  • Cloud firestore with Android architecture component
Satya Teja
  • Twitter Sentiment Analysis with Google Cloud Platform
  • Kubernetes on GCP (GKE 101)
Vijay Yellepeddi
  • Dask, Numba & Parallelism in Machine Learning
  • Web Assembly through the eyes of a Rustacean
Ankita Mehta
  • #IAmRemarkable Session by Women TechMakers
  • Utilizing Video Intelligence Using Google Cloud AutoML
Aravind Balla
  • Build blazing fast portfolios with Gatsby
Adnan A M
  • Putting Work Manager To Work
  • From OOP To FP
Ranga Karanam
  • Demystify Docker and Kubernetes
Shubhendu Mishra
  • Federated Learning with Differential Privacy
Kishore Babu, Vikram Sharma
  • Using Kotlin for Android Dev: A 2 year retrospective
Mohan Sai Rohit Challa, Yeshwanth Kumar
  • Crowdsource by Google
Rakshit Naidu
  • Secure and Private AI
Ajay Sharvesh Prabhakaran
  • How to become Google SoC Student?
Shubham Pachori
  • Designing Fluid Interfaces
  • How To Get One Million Downloads on Your App?
Namrata More
  • It's the climb!
Amey Nerkar
  • Exploring communities with technologies
  • Technology for communities
Akkinepalli Bharat
  • Building Data Products Using Data Mesh
Saiteja Alampally
  • Immersive Web Experiences using WebXR API
Mahesh Jadhav
  • Integrating Firebase Cloud Functions with Google Calendar API
Vivek Yadav
  • Deep Dive in Flutter's bloc (State management)
Harin Trivedi
  • Dark is the new Color - Material Theming, Dark Mode & More.
Vishal Kumar
  • Designing complex android system in Modularised way.
Praveen Puglia
  • Understanding Vue's Reactivity System By Building One
Burhanuddin Rashid
  • Flutter For Android Developers
  • Enhanced Skill and career using the power of Open source
  • Build reactive architecture in Flutter
  • A Tale of Divide and Conquer
Gopal S Akshintala
  • Fight Complexity with Functional Programming
Kaustav Kaushik Jaiswal
  • Exploring JetPack Compose: A Sneak peek into the future of Android UI
Varun Dey
  • Fixing memory leaks in front-end web apps
Kaniganti Sai Tarun
  • Image Processing in Android Using ColorFilters and Renderscript
Ayush Shekhar
  • Supercharging Flutter with Firebase
Chandra Sekhar Nayak
  • Sneaking inside Kotlin features
sumedh sonkamble
  • AI in AR
Pravunath Singh
  • Digital Eyes
  • Digital Twin : IoT for AI, AI for IoT
Raehan Khan, Najmus Seemab
  • Machine Learning For Everyone
Ponnam Karthik
  • Build and Deploy your website in flutter
  • Flutter StateManagement using Provider
  • Flutter Plugins - Made Easy
  • Android with "Kotlin as first-class language"
Hema sai charan Kothamasu
  • Testing and it's 3 shades of Flutter
Bhavik Makwana
  • State management in flutter using Mobx
  • Flutter: Computer Vision with ML Kit
Snehith Allamraju
  • Data Pipelines 101 for Data Scientists
Rajat Kumar Gupta
  • User Experience in Augmented Reality