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Global Online Azure Bootcamp 2020

event date

23 Apr 2020


YouTube Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

About Global Azure Bootcamp

All around the world user groups and communities want to learn about Azure and Cloud Computing!

On April 23rd, 2020, communities around the world will come together once again in the annual Global Azure 2020 event - the seventh year of this gathering! Each user group will organize their own one-day deep dive class on Azure the way they see fit and how it works for their members. The result is that thousands of people get to learn about Azure and join together online under the social hashtag #GlobalAzure!

Join Us ONLINE From Anywhere

There is no need to get up early, no need to skip work or family, no need to travel, no need to eat food you don’t like, and you can tune in and out to watch the sessions that interest you at a time of your choosing. This is an ONLINE-ONLY event, available to everyone around the world!

The Global Online Azure Bootcamp is an event for those who don’t have something local or cannot travel, organised by Aidan Finn, Azure MVP,  from Ireland. Hosted as recorded sessions on YouTube, presenters will share their expert knowledge on Microsoft Azure with an audience that can join in from anywhere around the world. The release of each session is scheduled, just like a live event, enabling virtual attendees to sit and watch all day if they wish, or pick and choose as appropriate.

Last year we had nearly 24 hours of content, contributed by expert speakers from around the world, and watched by attendees from around the world.

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Call for Speakers
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02 Mar 2020

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21 Mar 2020

This event is in UTC+00:00 - Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London time zone.
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Speak At Global ONLINE Azure Bootcamp 2020!

Last year we had nearly 24 hours of content, contributed by expert speakers from around the world, and watched by attendees from around the world.

This year, we want lots of unique content, covering varieties of areas from MVPs, experienced experts, Microsoft staff, whatever - if you have experience & knowledge and want to share, this is a venue for you. The content should be level 300 or higher, technical (no content that a salesperson or marketing person would be comfortable with) and between 45-60 minutes long. We want scheduling problems! We want so much unique content that we have to release sessions at the same time. 

Yes, the content should be unique. Don't be the 13th person to submit a session on Azure governance/blueprints! 

Some guidelines: 

  • Your race, gender, etc, are irrelevant. What is important is that you know Azure stuff and you want to share it. 
  • Your location is irrelevant - you don't need to travel. We would like to know where on the planet you are to emphasise the global nature of the community.
  • You should have clear spoken English. Accents and different pronunciations are welcome! We'll even allow presenters from Cork, Ireland :)
  • The content will be technical, and ideally based on real-world experience.
  • You will record the session. How you do it, what style, it's all up to you - PowerPoint, demo, screen share, news-style, sock puppets ... it's up to you! Just make it interesting.
  • You will make the recording available to us (maybe Azure blob storage) and we will upload it to YouTube to be scheduled for release on the event day.
  • By default, the content will remain online. If you wish, the session will be removed 24 hours after the event - we understand that some presenters use their content at conferences and don't want to have their sessions online.

No expenses required or covered.