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23 Jun 2021

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27 Jun 2021



GlobalBlockCon aims to deliver discussions and debates around trends and investment opportunities for digital assets, the fastest growing alternative investments in history. The event brings together industry experts, institutional investors, family offices, hedge funds, asset allocators and service providers to underline the current sophistication of digital securities and commodities, as well as to offer forecasts on the evolution of these assets in 2019 and beyond.

Each day at we focus on a different vertical, from FinTech to IoT, Cannabis, Music, Film, Medicine, AR/VR, and more. We seek experts from social good to the government, entrepreneurs to inventors. If what you want to share touches the blockchain, it qualifies.

Please feel free to submit more than one session idea. We may also reach out and create a panel out of several of the same idea.  Preference for panel and lightning talks over keynote.

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Call for Speakers
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13 Dec 2020

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05 Jun 2021

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Seeking panels, keynotes, and workshop submissions for sophisticated investors new to blockchain, on technology, governance, legal, regulatory, as well as the societal impact of blockchain on the world.

Also seeking community conversation topics for our Pop-Up Sessions in the UnConference track. 

Dev track will focus on online education and gaining the resources needed to transition into blockchain as a career.

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Tejas Chopra
  • Blockchain Storage Landscape
  • Demystifying NFTs
  • Learning about Ethereum Smart Contracts
Melissa Jurkoic
  • Why a Diverse Team is Crucial to Startup Success
Svitlana Samko
  • Artificial Intelligence in Health and Fitness
David Suson
  • Public Speaking for Cowards - Gaining Confidence and Power
  • The 3 Keys To Confidence, Action, & Achievement: Findings From 3,000 Interviews
Rebeca Daólio
  • Do Not Think Outside The Box
Alexia Georghiou
  • My Story, the Story AI Tells; Bias & Privacy
Dr. Gururaj H.L
Haana Thiem
  • How To Find Your Muse
Winslow Swárt
  • One Million Dreams
Lisa Yu
  • How Blockchain Will Impact You and the World
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Blake Rizzo N/A
  • STO Nuts and Bolts
Chris Birdsall
  • JanePay- The Future of Cannabis funding
Nathalie Gachot
  • Nathalie Salami
Alina Adams
  • Healthtech and IoT Data Currency as Digital Assets
Kira Noodleman
  • Kira's session
Manana Samuseva
  • Investing: Venture Capital, Hedge Funds VS Crypto Funds
  • Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Art & Media
  • [Internet of Money] Blockchain VS Cryptocurrency / Investing: Hybrid Model for Venture Capital
  • Women in Crypto [Female in Crypto & Blockchain Tech]+[Investment Class]
Issac Elnekave
  • Data Privacy: Incentivizing the move from "don't be evil" to "can't be evil"
Peter Salib
  • Peter's Panel Participation
irina berkon
  • Comapliance, investing and due diligence
Adam Dawkins
  • The State of the Blockchain Space
Lisa Russell
  • Using Blockchain to Engage Artists in the UN's Sustainable Development Goals
Russell Castagnaro
  • You don't know Jack about payments
Evan Caron
  • TBD
Alexandra Levin Kramer
  • Blockchain and the Gig Economy
Melanie Mohr
  • Gen Z - Blockchain native Generation and Crypto’s secret ally
Sarah Austin
  • Social Media and Crypto wallets
Andrew Rossow, Jordan French
  • Harmonizing Digital Finance With the Law
Grant Gulovsen
  • Cointus Interruptus: ICO, STO or traditional fundraising
Jordan French
  • Jordan's blockchain / crypto markets (placeholder)
Raph Crouan
  • IoT 3.0 : From internet of shit to REAL life changing Tech !
Blake Richman
  • The State of Digital Securities
Lisa Loud
  • Worldwide Digital Currency Adoption: Why it Matters Now More Than Ever
Irina Litchfield
  • New Capital Formation
Ryan Singer
  • Chia: Building a Better Digital Money
Fern Karsh
  • To innovate or not to innovate in blockchain and AI
Alexander Blum
  • Ladders to the Stars: Rung by Run
Justin Recla
  • The Dark Side of Blockchain