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Iberian Technology Summit

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28 Apr 2023

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29 Apr 2023


Hotel Real Marina, Av. 5 de Outubro, 8700-307 Olhão Olhão, Portugal

Iberian Technology Summit is the first of its kind with a clear goal to achieve. Cross the borders of peninsula and help to empower the community of professionals, workers and businesses to grow stronger together.

A completely free-of-charge two-days event for a vast variety of interests offers an insight on how technology and optimisation can impact a business growth.

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31 Jul 2022

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31 Oct 2022

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Kaila Bloomfield
  • Lunch Break
Joe Griffin
  • To Flow or Not to Flow? ALM Considerations and Approaches for Power Automate and Azure Logic Apps
  • Power BI for the Power Platform Geek: An Overview of Exam PL-300
  • See What's APP with your Microsoft Dataverse Instance with Application Insights
Kaila Bloomfield, Miguel Coquet, Jon Levesque
  • Closing Keynote
Maíra Wenzel, Miguel Coquet
  • Meet & Greet Breakfast with Miguel and Maíra
Alireza Eshaghzadeh
  • How to implement D365FS using the Data Management Framework tool
Tiago Neves
  • Converter horário de trabalho num calendário com AI Builder
Mark Christie
  • So you want to start your own Microsoft Partner Company?
  • The softer side of consultancy
Tomasz Poszytek
  • Power Automate Desktop – lessons learnt after a year of RPA automation
  • Modern approvals in Office 365 with Power Automate and Microsoft Teams
  • Adaptive Cards in Power Platform and Microsoft Teams today
András Fördős
  • Customer Insights - Let's connect!
  • D365 Marketing, Omnichannel, Customer Insights - Lets ALM!!
  • Limitless talents - the various aspects of relocation
Gareth Huggins
  • Treat your mind like your datacenter
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Luke Evans
  • Build and host a blog in Azure from scratch in under 10 minutes!
  • Prepare to step into the metaverse with Mesh for Teams
Kristine Kolodziejski
  • From muggles to UI/UX Wizards and Witches - welcome to Design Hogwarts 🪄🧝
Paul Murana
  • Power Automate Magic
  • Flow like the wind!
Franco Musso
  • Demystifying Power Pages Project Requirements
  • Extending Power Pages: Most Wanted
Franco Musso, Ana Inés Urrutia de Souza
  • Power Pages, meet Dynamics HR. Add self-service to your checklists and onboarding proc
Jon Jarvis
  • Avoid compliance nightmares with M365 Multi Geo
Luke Evans, Jon Jarvis, José Pinos
  • Stopping data exfiltration dead using Microsoft 365 Endpoint DLP
Gulshan Khurana, Pranav Khurana
  • Citizen Developement is a Child's Play
  • What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School
Marco De Sanctis
  • Running SaaS multi-tenant applications with ASP.NET Core and Azure
Rui Carvalho
  • Productivity at Work: Priorities, Energy and Focus
  • Keep the Integrity of your Database with Azure SQL Ledger
Guro Faller
  • A Movement in the Making - Marketeers unite!
Iona Varga
  • Gamification - A mindplay of endusers
  • The intersection point of Low-code vs Pro-Code projects with regards to return on investment
  • Conversational Apps, why type if you can speak?
Suparna Banerjee
  • Deep dive into Environment Variables and Connection References in Power Platform
  • Power Platform Governance Essentials
  • Add Intelligence to Power Apps with AI Builder and Azure Cognitive Services
Pranav Khurana
  • What a 9 Year Old Kid Can Teach You About Power Apps
Andrew Welch
  • Landing Zone (and beyond)! Building Power Platform infrastructure for scale.
Andrew Welch, Ana Demeny
  • (Enterprise) Architecting an Ecosystem: Real-World Examples and Best Practices from Industry
  • Let's design a data model!
Simon Owen
  • What IS the value of the Power Platform?!?
Ben den Blanken, Wilmer Alcivar
  • Model-Driven Power Apps Showcase: Power Happening!
Sara Lagerquist, Benedikt Bergmann
  • My Solution is better than your solution - Bias in Solution Architecture
  • A guide to Power Automate Flows and Dataverse
Joan Vidal
  • 3 opciones para aplicar ciberseguridad a tu empresa
Malin Martnes
  • Dynamics 365 Human Resources - what is it and how can I use it?
  • Getting started with the Power Platform
  • How to sell the Power Platform to customers
Joan Vidal, Kendra Mazara
  • Mejores prácticas de manejo de procesos en un Centro de Operaciones de Seguridad (SOC)
Ivan Daniel Campos
  • Deploying SQL Server on-prem Db's using Azure DevOps
  • What's new in SQL Server 2022
  • Hiding data with SQL Server
Savannah Dill
  • Become a Usability Superhero in Power BI!
Ben den Blanken
  • Create an HR assistant Chat Bot with Power Virtual Agents in MS Teams
  • Back in Business...Process Flow
Jamie Hirst
  • Finding Unicorns - How to build your Power Platform team
Andrew Bibby
  • Q&A: Getting involved with the Microsoft community and becoming an MVP
  • How I learned to stop worrying and love CRM projects
Toni Pohl
  • Learn how to use Microsoft Search and integrate your business data
  • Automate your Power Platform PowerShell scripts in the cloud
Martina Grom
  • Implement your Cloud Security & Compliance Strategy for the Modern Workplace
  • Accelerate employee experience with the help of Microsoft Viva topics
Martina Grom, Toni Pohl
  • Better together: Viva Connections and the Power Platform
Michael Roth
  • Power Platform Governance made easy - enhance the Admin Center with the CoE Starter Kit
  • 9 things I learned as I created my first Power App
  • Absolute Beginners Guide to the Center of Excellence Starter Kit
Wilmer Alcivar
  • Power Platform y SharePoint en acción
Nico Fernandez
  • The beginning of the governed shadow IT
  • When Teams meet BizApps
  • Discovering the Power of Power Platform
Marco Amoedo, Mario Trueba
  • TOP 10 Security Tips for the Power Platform
  • Microsoft Industry Clouds and the Power Platform
  • Building Native Mobile Apps with Power Platform
Sheryl Netley
  • Demystifying the Dark Arts Vol 2 - Powerful Pages
Zoe Wilson
  • Thriving as a Woman in Tech & Leadership
  • Productivity, innovation and the future of work
Alex Rostan, Gaston Cruz
  • Virtual Agent - Power BI Administrator Tenant Manager
Zoe Wilson, Sara Fennah
  • The UnbeVivable Truth
Ángel David Carrillo, Miguel Tabera Pacheco
  • Hello from the other side! Or how to communicate to your users from the Metaverse thanks to ACS
  • Leverage your Digital Workplace with intelligent real-time communications thanks to Viva Connections
  • Enter the Metaverse: from virtual to reality
Vivian Voss
  • Let your data do the coaching – Conversational intelligence brings your sales team to new heights
  • Tailor your communication with personalization in Dynamics 365 Marketing
Gilles Pommier
  • 10 Tips to create your Internet Web site with Power Pages
Yannick Reekmans
  • Accelerate your business efficiency with Shifts (and more) in Microsoft Teams
  • Automate your business: start simple, start now!
  • What are Power Pages and why you should put them in your toolbox!
Sergio Parra Guerra, Diego Zapico
  • Raspberry Pi + Cognitive Services + Azure IoT + BBC Micro:bit unidos para el éxito
Diego Zapico
  • REST best practices
  • La IA prohibida
  • IIoT Full-Stack
Mats Necker, Vivian Voss
  • Roundtable: Use Microsoft technology to create a Customer Experience that makes you stand out 😍
Mislav Raguž-Vodenac
  • Customer Voice architecture and elevating case management process with Power BI and Customer Voice
Ivan Ficko, Mislav Raguž-Vodenac
  • Pro & Citizen symbiosis with Virtual Tables
Kirsty Groves-Brown
  • It's a habit, stop and embrace Evergreen
  • Smash the myths harming adoption of Microsoft 365
  • Collaborating in M365 can feel overwhelming, not anymore!
Kendra Mazara
  • Aquí te digo, ¿cómo iniciar en el mundo de la ciberseguridad?
  • Si quiero desarrollar una aplicación web segura, ¿qué hago?
  • ¿Cómo me protejo contra amenazas de seguridad con Elastic Security?
David Frappart
  • Please Azure Arc, give me a hybrid Kubernetes
  • The state of Identity management in AKS
Tatiana Pupko
  • Modern workplace for Salespeople: Business Central, Viva, Power PlatformTeams
Mats Necker
  • The hidden Powers of Custom Connectors 🧙‍♂️
  • Building apps for beginners 🙂
Keith Whatling, Chris Huntingford
  • Smack down! Tag team data modeling
Keith Whatling
  • From Bus Driver to Software Developer
  • Power Fx - How to make it work for you!
Gerard Simpson, Tim Leung
  • ⚡ 5 TOP TIPS - Supercharge Your Canvas Apps and Productivity!
  • 🔍 ALL IS NOT LOST! - Help Power App Users Find Their Data With These Simple Search Techniques
  • 💾 SAVING MATTERS IN POWER APPS! - Top Super User Tips on how to Save Data Like a Pro
Razwan Choudry
  • Integrating Power Pages and Power Apps with D365 FinOps
Vivian Voss, Yannick Reekmans
  • Dynamics 365 + Teams: a match made in the cloud
Magali Milbergue
  • Talkception : why non-technical talks in tech events are so important.
  • From social worker to tech worker : advocating for the normalization of atypical journeys in tech.
  • The invisible elephant in the room
Antti Pajunen
  • Solutions – A bane or a bliss for consultants and citizen developers
Alberto Diaz Martin
  • Serverless microservices with Azure Container Apps
Jiaranai Keatnuxsuo
  • Standing on the Shoulders of Giants - the Next Great Generation in Tech needs you!
Eduardo Amaral
  • Creating a scalable Solution with Power Platform and Azure
  • Power Platform - Center of Excellence - Best Practice
Luise Freese
  • Increase maker productivity with Microsoft's Creator Kit for Power Apps
  • How to leverage Power Platform for common SMB scenarios
Allan De Castro
  • Monitoring your Dataverse environment using Application Insights
  • Custom Connector: Extending your Power Apps using Azure Function and OpenAPI
Edyta Gorzon, Kasia Nowicka
  • Teams governance: undressed. Case studies of gross mistakes.
Edyta Gorzon
  • Design Thinking in Microsoft Teams Adoption projects.
Charlie Gough
  • The path to Microsoft Security certification
  • How to get rid of legacy ADFS
  • Why MFA is no longer enough
Jonas Rapp
  • 💎 The Hidden Gems of FetchXML Builder and more tools!
  • 🤓 Live Dev Building an XrmToolBox Tool!
  • 🧐 Let’s Build a Dataverse Plugin Base Class!
João Marcelino, Miguel Félix
  • From Excel to Power bi: the journey that shapeshifted my career
João Marcelino
  • Getting started with Power BI: 10 steps (+1)
Mar Pedroche
  • Conectores personalizados en Power Platform 'Deep Dive'
Ana Inés Urrutia de Souza
  • Microsoft ❤️ HR
  • Transformación Digital en HR.
Björn Zahnow
  • Project Operation & Business Central: Best of both Worlds
  • Create DevOps Pipelines with Templates for Power Apps & D365 Apps
Scott Roller
  • Model Driven Power Apps: Custom Relational Data Management
Viktor Hedberg
  • Stories from an incident responder - What works, and what doesn't?
  • Tiering in Azure - How should it be done?
  • Things to Avoid In Azure Active Directory
Jordi Montaña
  • Unit testing Dataverse at scale with Open Source solutions
Carl Cookson, Chris Huntingford
  • Governance is not a dirty word
  • Empowering Business Enablers with the Power Platform
Antonio Gilabert
  • From scratch to invoice millions - The Axazure history
Carl Cookson
  • API’s – The most powerful tool, anyone can use!
Stefan Strube
  • Where do these guest users all come from? Get in control of guest user management!
  • Benefits of Microsoft Dataverse for ERP app development
  • Microsoft Dataverse: What’s in it for us ERP people?
Karinne Bessette
  • Azure Storage and Security Best Practices
  • How to Efficiently Navigate Microsoft Teams Meetings and Applications
  • Essential Microsoft 365 security features crash course
Juan Carlos González Martín
  • Analytics en Power Platform: ¿Qué opciones tengo?
  • Request and Share Updates with Updates in Teams
  • Shared channels in Microsoft Teams, an overview
João Ferreira
  • From zero to hero: A guide to an efective implementation of Microsoft Viva Connections
  • Create solutions for Microsoft Teams using Microsoft Lists and JSON formatting
Miguel Félix
  • Power Query - Going Back to Basics
  • DAX common questions and how to tackle them
Miguel Félix, João Marcelino
  • Power Up Skills with Power BI
Gregor Suttie
  • Getting started learning Bicep
  • How to become an MVP
  • How to people network like a pro
Toni Granell
  • Acceso universal a Dataverse
Chike Eduputa
  • Build what matters: Design Thinking for Makers
  • Build what matters: critical metrics for citizen developers
Wesley Lombardi
  • Digital Process Automation: Otimize a vida com Power Platform
  • Transforme grandes ideias em soluções de impacto
  • Carreira, networking, conhecimento! O poder das comunidades
Cruz Margaix
  • Utiliza Application Insights para monitorizar tu instancia de Finanzas y Operaciones
  • Desarrollo en Power Platform para desarrolladores en Finanzas y Operaciones
Mar Llambí
  • Una plataforma para gobernarlos a todos
  • CI/CD of Power Platform from start to end
Peter Daalmans
  • 10 Tips to Control Access to Corporate Resources with Microsoft 365 - 2304 edition
  • Don't bother your users with Mobile Device Management, embrace modern!
Edit Kapcari
  • Governing Power Platform solutions, a non-expiring process
Chime Okure
  • Introduction to Customer Journeys in Dynamics 365 Marketing ⭐️
  • Demystifying The Power Platform Administration Centre
  • Introduction to Microsoft Power Platform & Discovering Your Career Path
Rachel Irabor
  • Where to start your journey in Power Platform
Chris Huntingford, Jon Levesque
  • Getting business users to give a dam
Alexio Chandiwana, Chris Huntingford
  • Putting the UNITY in Community
Chris Huntingford
  • The Rise of Business Technologist
  • Dataverse as a governance tool and not just for data!
Marc Lelijveld
  • Data modeling 101: Understanding the basics of a good data model
  • Application Lifecycle Management for Power BI
  • Advanced data modeling with Power BI
Micha Wets, Wim Matthyssen
  • La Casa de P̶a̶p̶e̶l AVD: m̶o̶n̶e̶y user heist
  • Azure Bastion: One does (still) not simply walk into my VNet! v2.0
Paul Andrew
  • Building an Azure Data Analytics Platform End-to-End
  • Implementing a Data Mesh Architecture in Azure
  • The Evolution of Data Platform Architectures in Azure - Lambda, Kappa, Delta, Data Mesh
Tim Cadenbach
  • Localization made simple
  • Instant APIs with .NET
Angeliki Patsiavou
  • Silence of the technical lambs: When you don’t speak up for user experience
  • Tenant or Faith Migration? The story of migrating 50+ tenants into one.
  • The chicken-egg dilemma; Should Product Development or Change Management come first in CRM systems?
Jose Azevedo
  • How to be a hero migrating data to Business Central (no-code)
  • How to sync Master Data using Dynamics365BC with Power Automate (NO CODE)
  • How building a swimming pool taught me so many tips for implementing Dynamics 365
Sara Fennah
  • Governing Teams Data - it's not a game of Cluedo
  • Microsoft Viva – A Plain Speaking Overview
  • Harmonising Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Loop
Rebekka Aalbers
  • What's new in Power Fx
  • From the Trenches: Implementing the Power Platform in an Enterprise Company
  • Dataverse permissions demystified
Michelle Wong
  • Let’s play around with Power Apps Cards, Express Design & Figma (in preview)
  • Build a Power Apps Photocard creator!
  • Turn your Power Automate cloudflows into a higher level
Juan Bravo Vargas
  • Qué necesitas para ser un Arquitecto de Soluciones de Finance & Operations
Ferran Chopo, Xavi Segura
  • Introduction to the Fusion Teams development approach
  • Migra tus aplicaciones "legacy" con el desarrollo basado en Fusion Teams
Brian Collins
  • Understanding Your Disney DNA-Special ITS Edition
Brian Bønk
  • Implement your Power BI security right the first time
  • Power BI & Azure Synapse Analytics - better together
Fernando Tudela
  • Developing Unit Tests in D365FO
Marcin Siewnicki
  • How to move from Power Automate to Azure Logic apps
  • Build the Project HQ in Microsoft Teams
  • Boost your productivity in Teams
Luis Gustavo Nascimento Serra
  • Storytelling com o Power BI
Erwin de Kreuk
  • Create an Azure Synapse Lake Database without writing code
  • Get control of your Azure Synapse environment, define your access control the right way
  • Solve your Data Governance challenges with Microsoft Purview
Sara Lagerquist
  • Power App Containers for Newbies!
Albert Hoitingh
  • Delve into the encryption functions for Microsoft 365.
  • Working with information barriers and communication compliance
  • Microsoft Information Protection de-mystified
Ryan Mangan
  • What are my application delivery options with AVD
  • The ongoing Windows application challenge
  • Modernise your application with MSIX
Hugo Barona
  • Getting started with Cloud-Native development using DAPR
  • Leveraging Automated Machine Learning to enable anyone to develop Machine Learning solutions
Martin Merino Eiró
  • Trabajo en remoto y colaboración virtual: retos de la empresa sin fronteras
  • El camino de la innovación ágil: herramientas para crear y entregar servicios eficazmente
Thomas Sandsør
  • Increasing sales efficiency with GIF's
  • Dynamics Customer Service - Production ready system in under 1 hour
Aashish Manchanda
  • Designing for Web3
Vinicius Drumond
  • Melhorando o TMA com o Dynamics 365 Customer Service
Allisson Scalco
  • A Transformação Digital no Escritório de Projetos (PMO/PPM)
Matt Collins-Jones
  • Environment Variables - A useful tool for ALM deployments
  • Custom Pages - Canvas and Model-driven apps, better together?
Allisson Scalco, Douglas Romão
  • Governança em Microsoft Power Platform
Bhuvana Meenakshi Koteeswaran
  • Let's plunge into XR Accessibility - caution devs!
Antonio José Soto Rodriguez
  • Power BI Datamarts: What´s new, old?
  • Customer Insights: Artificial Intelligence at the service of the business
Juan Antonio Tomás, Adrián Camargo Belmar
  • Power Apps & Dynamics 365 F&O: El bueno😊, el feo👽 y el malo👿
Rodrigo Pinto
  • Office 365 | SharePoint - Migration Roadmap
  • Manage your Microsoft 365 tenant and assets with Azure Runbooks and PnP.PowerShell
  • Advanced PowerShell Development for Office 365
Miguel Teheran
  • Diagnostic tools and OpenTelemetry in .NET
Malla Reddy Gurram (Uk365Guy)
  • Power Platform & Dynamics 365 Security Model Implementation
Malla Reddy Gurram (Uk365Guy), Chime Okure
  • Power Platform & Dynamics 365 Licensing Options
Tiago Costa
  • ARM your Azure Infrastructure with Templates (ARM and BICEP)
  • Supercharge your App Service to a Global scale
  • I find your lack of Azure Governance disturbing!
Wim Matthyssen, Micha Wets
  • Azure Private Link & Azure Private Endpoint, what's so Private about it?
  • Always two, there are. No more. No less. A Master and an apprentice AVD Admin.
  • Battle for the Hybrid Cloud: The Spring Edition
Katerina Chernevskaya
  • Improve the UX of Power Apps Canvas apps with Microsoft Application Insights
Miguel Verweij, Daniel Laskewitz
  • Train your AI Builder model using Lobe
  • Power Platform Open Source Extravaganza
Michael Dera
  • Collecting Observability Data 101
  • An introduction to Mutation Testing
  • End to End Testing for .NET Web Applications
Victor Dantas
  • Power Platform : Peça fundamental para Transformação Digital
  • Introduction to Database Design in Dataverse + Tips and tricks on design user friendly forms.
  • Power Pages - Solid Skills on Liquid development
Sergey Chubarov
  • Hackers Won't Pass - Microsoft 365 Defender in action
  • Sneaky Defense Evasion. Windows 11 security bypassed
  • Offensive Azure Security
Javier Menendez Pallo
  • Image Impersonation in Real Time
  • Artificial Intelligence vs Artificial Stupidity
Benedikt Bergmann
  • Getting started with Fiddler for Dataverse
  • Filling Excel file dynamically with Power Automate
  • ALM for Dataverse using Azure DevOps Pipelines
Fausto Capellan Jr
  • Having Fun with the Microsoft Graph and Power Automate
  • Elevate Your Microsoft Power Automate Game by Using Expressions
Frank Vanhamel, Tim Hermie
  • The Power(App) of the Dark Side
Miguel LLorca Gomez
  • Extiende tu productividad en Teams gracias a Power Platform!
Dias Manjaly
  • ABC's of Integration with different cloud systems using Microsoft Azure Service Bus (MaaS)
Marijn Somers
  • Unlock the Potential of Citizen Development in Your Organization
  • The dawn of the age of Aquarius
  • How to organize the right Teams meetings: Practical scenario's and implementations
Juan Rafael
  • Despliegue de paquetes en Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations con DevOps
  • Conociendo el Store Commerce - MS Dynamics 365 Commerce
  • Synapse for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
Roberto Corella
  • Clasifica tus productos con Azure Custom Vision y PowerApps
  • Business Central On boarding
  • Pon un BOT en tu web, con Power Virtual Agent
Peter Daalmans, Kenneth van Surksum
  • How to KISS using MAM
Rakib Rahman
  • Extend your management capabilities for your Android device with OEMConfig
Adrià Ariste Santacreu
  • Azure API Management para tus servicios web de Dynamics 365 F&O
Tim Hermie
  • My 10 GOLDEN tips for Intune configs
  • Reduce the Attack Vector - Secure your Endpoints
  • Defender for Endpoint/Identity - Notes from the field
Jon Levesque
  • Build the world's best approvals with Power Automate
  • The Tools Don't Matter
Ivan Ficko
  • Custom Code Connectors
Thomas Thornton
  • From zero to GitOps with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Writing reusable Terraform Modules
  • Azure DevOps:- Templating your pipelines and keeping them DRY
Frank Vanhamel
  • Agility applied within a Citizen Development environment
  • The 'Willy Wonka' Chocolate company - The Power of the Platform
Brent Dawson
  • Best Practices to Secure Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management
  • Dual-write and Power Platform: How do we get it to work.
Ricardo Calejo
  • Power Platform DIY
Mariano Gomez
  • Introduccion a Power Apps Mixed Reality
  • Maximize your organization's document processing with Power Platform AI Builder
Björn Sundling
  • Simplify your Azure journey using Bicep.
  • On your mark, Get set, Deploy!
  • Azure DevOps security - Lessons learned.
Robert Mulsow
  • Agile working procedures with Microsoft Teams and Tasks for better Teamwork
  • Viva Insights - Deep Dive
  • In 3 steps to a better meeting culture with Microsoft VIVA Insights
Aquayemi - Claude Garnett Akinsanya (Claude)
  • The Art of Amplifying your Voice for Change
Julian Sharp
  • AI in Dynamics 365 Customer Data Platform
  • AI 101 - Options for using AI in the Power Platform
Michał Jankowski
  • Make your applications intelligent – short tutorial how you can add AI to your app
  • Hands-on GitHub Actions – create, build and deploy an application for Azure
Sebastian Sieber
  • ISV & Customer Scenarios for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations
  • What's new in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations
Javier Armesto
  • Business Central & Power Platform : Subamos la apuesta
  • Dynamics 365 Sales & Viva Sales : Del Revés
Javier Armesto, Miguel LLorca Gomez
  • Evolución del perfil de los equipos y personas en Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Douglas Romão
  • Which Microsoft Project Management tool should I use?
Elkhan Yusubov
  • Managing your Azure environment security guardrails with Azure Bicep
  • Productivity tips for setting infrastructure-as-code with Azure Bicep
Neil McLoughlin
  • Azure Virtual Desktop Best Practices - Lessons learnt from over 3000 Deployments
Michael Durkan 🇮🇪
  • Using Scaling Plans to control your Azure Virtual Desktop costs
  • Demystifying Microsoft 365 Licensing and how it can accelerate your Cloud Migration journey
Håkan Silfvernagel
  • Why you should consider Web Assembly in your next frontend project
  • Machine learning in the browser using TensorFlow.js
  • Affective Computing – bringing humans and machines closer through emotions
Derek Smith
  • Extending your Identity Security with Entra Permissions Management
  • Modernize Your SOC with Microsoft Sentinel
  • Elevate your Personal Development/Branding
Evgenij Smirnov
  • Bye Bye NTLM
Shabaz Darr
  • Achieve Business Continuity with AVD
  • Endpoint Analytics - Overview
  • AVD vs W365 - Deep Dive
Daniel Laskewitz
  • Extend the Power Platform with Custom Connectors