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JDevSummit IL '24

event date

4 Apr 2024


David InterContinental Hotel & Conference center Tel Aviv, Israel

Following the success of last year’s conference and the positive feedback from Java enthusiasts, we are excited to announce JDevSummit IL 2023! Yes, we changed the name, but besides that it is the same great conference as JavaSummitIL 2022.

The conference showcases advanced topics related to the Java/JVM ecosystem. It provides a great opportunity for experienced developers, and engineering managers to learn about new technologies and techniques, mingle and be seen in the Java community.

The conference is organized by EventHandler with the collaboration of Java.IL - The Israeli Java User Group. The content committee is community driven and led by Java.IL.

Want to share your knowledge on stage? Read about the call for papers in the section below.

Need any help with that? Contact the content team by sending an email to: 

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Call for Speakers
Call opens at 11:00 AM

10 Apr 2023

Call closes at 11:59 PM

08 Jun 2023

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JDev Summit IL sessions are focused on pragmatic knowledge for your everyday work as a developer in the JVM ecosystem, either using Java or any other JVM programming language. We prefer knowledge that is gained from real world experiences, sharing both the pitfalls and the upsides of the topics presented. 

The conference is divided into 2 parallel tracks, hosting 2 types of sessions:

  • Deep Dives: 50 minute long session, covering a topic in depth to fully grasp how it works and whether it can benefit your organization. It balances both the pros and cons, avoiding displaying just the "happy side" of a topic.
  • Overview: 25 minute session, overviewing a topic and providing a general understanding of how it works. Sharing just enough valuable information to understand whether this is applicable to your organization.

Relevant Topics:

We are interested in a variety of topics defined in the section below. You can also see which kind of content was accepted last year here 

Core Java 

  • New language features
  • Future Java features (projects)

Performance & Troubleshooting

  • Use cases of writing high performance, low latency Java services
  • Tips/Tricks/Tools for troubleshooting microservices in production


Tools a JVM developer needs to be familiar with. Examples:

  • Kubernetes and its ecosystem (Helm, KNative, Service Mesh, …)
  • Streaming technologies (Kafka, Pulsar, …)
  • Databases (Graph, Document, Timeseries, Relational)
  • Observability (Jaeger, Prometheus, Parca, OpenSearch, …)
  • Build Tools (Gradle, Maven, Bazel, …)

JVM Languages

  • Features / advantages of other JVM languages, such as Kotlin, Scala, …


  • Discussing new standards (Jakarta) and how they may affect developers

Show & Tell Architectures

  • Real use cases of complicated problems and their solutions: Tools, architecture patterns, libraries, etc.

Developer Productivity & Developer Experience 

  • Any tooling and its glue, allowing to achieve better Developer Velocity
  • Continuous deployment 

Libraries and Frameworks  

  • Microservices ecosystems: Spring boot, Vert.x, Dropwizard, JHipster, Quarkus, Micronaut, …
  • Libraries: Configuration, Persistency, Metrics, Observability, Data Structures, Concurrency, Distributed Applications, Feature Flags …
  • If you are a committer or an owner of an OSS project you want to speak about please state it in the submission   


  • Microservices architecture focusing on the Java platform
  • Testing methodologies for the Java platform 
  • Excluding: org/culture talks. These are most likely to not be accepted.


  • Pitfalls to avoid, leading to more secure Java Microservices
  • Security you need to know: HTTP/S in Java, …

We would like our speakers to be software professionals and we are seeking purely technical content. Marketing / sales pitches are strongly discouraged. All talks will be selected only according to topic quality and relevance to the community. There will not be any sponsored talks. We value, from a lecture selection perspective, any person with first hand knowledge and good presentation skills. 

First time speakers are welcome. As we understand that a first public talk can be challenging, we provide extensive assistance: help building the slide deck, dry runs with feedback, and presentation skills workshops. It’s important for us to have a good mix of top notch experienced speakers *and* first time speakers. 

Speaker Perks 

Being a speaker is not only a unique experience sharing your knowledge, but also includes:

  • 2 free tickets to the conference 
  • A speakers’ dinner on the evening before the conference 
  • A day trip to explore Israel is offered to both local and visiting speakers on the day following the conference.

We have a travel budget for international speakers traveling to Israel that covers airfare and accommodation for 2 nights. If you need your travel to be reimbursed please indicate it in your submission.

Evaluation & Content Selection

It takes time to evaluate and select talks and make sure we have the content that bests fit the conference. 
CFP closes on June 8th and we expect to finish the selection somewhere around mid July. 


expenses covered


expenses covered

event fee

free for speakers

We have budget to cover travel expenses for international speakers