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JSTalks Bulgaria 2019

event date

23 Nov 2019


Sofia, Sofia-Capital, Bulgaria


js.talks("Bulgaria"); is a community event that will take place on Saturday, November 23, 2019 for the fifth time in Bulgaria.

The conference will be hosted at the Sofia Event Center. Stay in touch with the latest news - social links and contacts are below. Follow the buzz using #jstalks.

Various levels of sessions with different target groups and featuring some of the experts in the field. Join professionals and enthusiasts, learn something new and do some networking.

Our goals: 

  • 30 sessions in 5 tracks
  • 2000 registrations
  • 1500 people on site.

This is a completely free community event!

Become a speaker! Submit your session:

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Call for Speakers
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27 Nov 2018

CfS closes at 12:00 AM

16 Aug 2019

This event is in UTC+02:00 - Amman time zone.
Closing time in your time zone is .

JSTalks team will evaluate the sessions.
JsTalks team has no commitment to send explanation if session is not approved.

For the approved foreign speakers who travel we will be able to arrange a hotel with a room mate. 
This is a free event and we can cover only the hotel .

Speakers should agree: 

  • to use the conference presentation template
  • to not make marketing presentations, related to a specific company during the presentation.

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Submitted sessions
Dmitry Alexandrov ✈️
  • WebAssembly from Java perspective
Radoslav Stankov
  • Dealing With Dependancies in JavaScript
  • Eliminating noise in your code
Minko Gechev
  • Panel with the Angular team
  • The Future of Front-End Frameworks
Markus Kleinhenz
  • Deep Dive into Technical Aspects of the Digital Entertainment
Stefan Atanassov
  • From Broadcasting to Entertainment Experiences: The ProSiebenSat.1 Story
Александар Костадиновски
  • Tiny touch of front-end for faster and modern apps
Ivan Yonkov
  • Sharing an SPA page in facebook went wrong? And all the SEO as well...
Mihail Mateev, Radoslav Gatev
  • Creating Custom Visuals in Power BI with TypeScript and D3.js
Thomas Watson
  • Post-Mortem Debugging in Node.js
  • The Trouble with Tracers
Sam Aleksov
  • JavaScript Unleashed: WebAPIs, x-platform development and flying drones
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Boris Simandoff
  • New Modern Distributed SQL Systems: CockroachDB in Action
André Melancia
  • TypeScript? Hakuna Matata! 2 - Laws of the Jungle
  • HTML Wars: The StyleSheet Strikes Back
Martin Chaov
  • The mythical senior developer
  • Scale your front-end with plug-ins
Anton Boyko
  • Azure Cognitive Services for image recognition 101
  • Hacking serverless compute with Azure Functions
Mariusz Ferdyn
  • How Azure can help you with performance tests… - Live Demo...
  • How to adopt Azure workloads in your software – Real word example how to make game more playability
Mihail Mikov
  • The evolution of React APIs
  • Micro Frontends or how do dismember the monolith
Krasimir Tsonev
  • Reactive programming in a nutshell
Ivelin Andreev
  • Flying a drone with JavaScript and Computer Vision
Векослав Стефановски, Dragan Gelevski
  • Dark secrets of the event loop
Maxim Salnikov
  • Diving deep, deep offline without drowning - the web can do it!
Krasimir Baylov, Martin Ivanov
  • Serverless JavaScript - Patterns and Antipatterns
Martin Ivanov
  • ES9, ES10, and Beyond. ECMAScript Release Roadmap.
Anton Vinogradov
  • Yandex Search — the delicate movement
Valentin Georgiev, Nainesh Mehta
  • Innovate at pace with Design Systems: The News UK Story
Ilia Idakiev
  • Applications of category theory in JavaScript
Stefka Vacheva
  • Concurrent Rendering in React
  • React Hooks - The new way to write components and reuse code
Angel Nikolov
  • Angular and NestJs - a Typescript love story
Nikolay Angelov
  • JavaScript Frameworks for Blockchain Development
Jeff Holland
  • End to End Testing with Nightwatch.js
Mikhail Kuznetcov
  • Microservices in frontend: architectures and solutions
  • Web authentication API and future of user data in the browser
  • Behind the canvas: typed arrays and other types
Crux Conception
  • Empowering Soft Skills with Team Dynamics & Communication Skills (For Software Engineering Team Proj
George Mandis
  • Hardware Hacking with JavaScript
  • (Math.random()*9)+1 Facts on Random Numbers & JavaScript
  • Going the Distance with SVG, Headless & Serverless
  • More Than Music with WebMIDI, JavaScript & Tiny Computers
  • JavaScript for Artists
Richard Lewington FRSA
  • Augmenting the reality of education for the 21st century
Trezy Who
  • How to Work the Web with Web Workers
Boyan Mihaylov
  • Design patterns and practices for Progressive Web Apps
  • Compiling the world to WebAssembly
James Wright
  • Manipulating the Web Audio API with JSX and Custom Renderers
kapalawai sandeep
  • Mozilla's Common Voice
Dwight Holcomb
  • Harnessing Technology: 7 Strategies to Future-Proof Your Business, Career & Life
Danail Hadjiatanasov
  • Modernising the banking industry using Angular