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JSTalks Bulgaria 2020

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20 Nov 2020

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21 Nov 2020


Sofia, Bulgaria


js.talks("Bulgaria"); is a community event that will take place on Friday and Saturday, November 20-21, 2020 for the sixth time in Bulgaria.

This call for speakers is for the free community days (20-21 of November, 2020)

The conference will be hosted at the Sofia Event Center. Stay in touch with the latest news - social links and contacts are below. Follow the buzz using #jstalks.

Various levels of sessions with different target groups and featuring some of the experts in the field. Join professionals and enthusiasts, learn something new and do some networking.

Our goals: 

  • 30 sessions in 5 tracks
  • 2500 registrations
  • 1700 attendees.

This is a completely free community event!

Become a speaker! Submit your session:

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Call for Speakers
Call opens at 12:00 AM

21 Dec 2019

Call closes at 12:00 AM

17 Nov 2020

This event is in Jordan Standard Time (UTC+02:00) timezone.
Closing time in your timezone () is .

JSTalks team will evaluate the sessions.
JsTalks team has no commitment to send explanation if session is not approved.

For the approved foreign speakers who travel we will be able to arrange a hotel with a room mate. 
This is a free event and we can cover only the hotel .

Speakers should agree: 

  • to use the conference presentation template
  • to not make marketing presentations, related to a specific company during the presentation.

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Submitted sessions
Andrey Bachvarov
  • Why Build Operate Transfer is the preferred delivery model for product R&D operations
Christo Panayotov
  • Built To Scale: Design Systems Takeaways
Andrii Rudavko
  • Recursive async generators and how to be a great developer
Slobodan Stojanović
  • The Power of Serverless GraphQL
Gerard Sans
  • Not a basic offline-first app using GraphQL and Amplify DataStore
Sam Aleksov
  • WebGPU: one API to rule them all
Hristo Chakarov
  • Creating web apps with gRPC-web
Minko Gechev, Jason Mayes
  • Machine Learning powered web apps in Angular with TensorFlow.js
Nayden Gochev
  • Become a better developer by not only writing better code 🤔
Anton Boyko
  • Static websites - some old rubbish from the 90s or a very clever way of doing modern web?
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Kristiqn Tachev
  • Smallest dependency injection written in Typescript < 2 kb
  • Unleash the secret power of web components
Martin Chaov
  • Abstraction 101
Emanuil Tolev
  • The gentle touch of APM - how code tracing works in Node.js
Lyubomir Bozhinov
  • Clean JavaScript Code: An Oxymoron?
Minko Gechev
  • Build a scalable web app with Firebase and Angular in 20 minutes
  • State of Angular
Yosif Yosifov
  • Hunting memory leaks and profiling Node.JS applications
Krasimir Tsonev
  • We are all Hemingway
Marie Drake
  • Modern Web Testing with Cypress
Valentin Georgiev
  • The Render Platform every business needs - powered by Next.js
Maya Lekova
  • Quick, paint it - optimizing native APIs in Chrome and Node.js
Mihail Mikov
  • Technical Interviews: JavaScript Edition
Maxim Salnikov
  • The Phantom of the App: Background Services
Radu Vunvulea
  • The monster under the bed - Overengineering the cloud
  • App modernization in 2020 and beyond
  • Demystifying messaging communication patterns
Nikolay Angelov
  • NodeJS Microservices using gRPC
Ivelin Andreev
  • FluxQL - NextGen Management of Time Series Inspired by JS
Jordan Pavlov
  • What is Low-Code Application Platform?
Ivan Yonkov
  • Going "enterprise" - NestJS
Radoslav Stankov
  • Developing Desktop apps with React & Electron
Svetlin Nakov
  • Continuous Integration for JS Apps with GitHub Actions
André Melancia
  • If a computer can understand, why can't YOU understand Azure Cognitive Services? [Node.js edition]
  • Stretching Machine Learning with TensorFlow.js
  • Machine Learning is full of stars: A Node.js Story
  • Cosmos DB: An Azure Odyssey
Georgi Parlakov
  • Observables in Plain terms
  • When does my Promise Callback run?
Udit Guru
  • Approaches to build fast
Jemima Abu
  • Let's Get Functional
  • Accessible.JS
  • Building Accesible Components in React