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Kotlin Mumbai August Event

event starts

12 Aug 2022

event ends

13 Aug 2022


TBD Mumbai, India

Kotlin Mumbai is a non-profit developer-focused community hosting events usually on monthly basis in Mumbai, India.Β 

The aim of the events at Kotlin Mumbai is to provide a place for professional and hoppiest developers, and all working with Kotlin, to hear and learn about new topics so that they can take that and continue learning and advancing their skills.

Think of these as events where attendees get to be with the community to learn, network, and get inspired regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, neurodiversity, physical appearance, body size, ethnicity, nationality, race, age, religion, experience level, technology, and programming knowledge or the language of choice.

Talks info πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ«

Sessions will happen in two-timing formats, 45 or 30 minutes with an additional 5-10 minutes for QnA.

If you wish to give a workshop or another format and need more time, we can arrange for that, please propose us that.

The audience at Kotlin Mumbai comes from a range of skill levels, from junior developers to senior management. As a speaker, we welcome everyone from hobbyists to professional developers, students, non-developers, and first-time speakers. We have a goal to make Kotlin Mumbai an inclusive and diverse haven for all speakers and attendees.

When πŸ“†

This is a rolling form and will be open for the year 2022, your proposals will automatically be considered for all monthly events.Β 

Accepted Proposals 🌟

You're welcome to attend the whole event (if there are any other speakers), we also understand if you have other commitments.

International Speakers 🌐

Keep in mind our timezone is IST GMT+5:30.

Additional events for speakers🎫

Additionally, a couple of days before the event we will have a tech check to make sure everything is running smoothly, this will be arranged case by case.

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Call for Speakers
Call opens at 12:00 AM

15 Jul 2022

Call closes at 11:59 PM

06 Aug 2022

CFP closes in India Standard Time (UTC+05:30) timezone.
Closing time in your timezone () is .

We want YOU to speak at Kotlin Mumbai!

Content are we looking for? πŸ”Ž

Anything that is relevant to developers, be that about code, platforms, technology, methodologies, how to work with people, or just things that are cool. We want transparent and real experiences - this isn’t a place for a sales pitch. We want all types of speakers - first-timers or experienced! We have an opportunity for all to speak.

Number of Submissions ❗

You are free to submit as many sessions as you like but we recommend you to submit at the max your favorite three talks!

Diversity and Inclusion

If you can represent a diverse view please make sure you state that in your notes as we actively aim for having a very diverse set of talks. We like everyone to feel welcomed in our events so please try to keep an inclusive language in your talk.

If you plan any jokes make sure to mention them to the organizers first (just to make sure of culture fit πŸ˜…)

Talks we won't accept 😒

  • Topics that have been covered often - unless there is a twist or deep experience
  • Marketing or sales pitches!

How are talks ranked? πŸ₯…

We encourage each reviewer to use their own experience and knowledge to rank each talk. We will include people from our wide community in the review. We will use the sessionize ranking system, which you can see (and play with) in the test event.

We do not penalize talks that have been presented elsewhere, so if you have a talk you've done at work or your user group and you ❀ it, then submit it!

Hints for submission πŸ’‘

  • Please use normal text in the fields, unfortunately, markdown or HTML is not supported.
  • There is no limit to how long your submission can be! More information is often better.

Also, do note before you would be able to speak at Kotlin Mumbai you will also be asked to read and agree to the Kotlin Mumbai code of conduct.