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KubeHuddle Toronto 2023

event starts

17 May 2023

event ends

18 May 2023


Metro Toronto Convention Centre Toronto, Canada


KubeHuddle is a community conference where Developers, Platform Engineers, DevOps, SRE, Cloud Enthusiasts, Technical and Business Strategists come together to learn from each other, collaborate and, innovate.

KubeHuddle first started in Edinburgh, Scotland by @rawkode a.k.a David Flannagan

This conference will cover topics on:

  • Cloud technologies
  • Cloud Native and Kubernetes
  • Edge Computing
  • Platform Engineering
  • Technical Strategy
  • Real life production stories
  • Learning Cloud
  • The humanity and empathy side of tech

KubeHuddle will happen in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in May 2023.

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Call for Speakers
Call opens at 12:00 AM

15 Jan 2023

Call closes at 11:59 PM

03 Mar 2023

This event is in Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-04:00) timezone.
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We invite ALL SPEAKERS to submit:
  • First-time
  • Second-time
  • Experienced speakers

This is an exciting conference where you get to showcase some of your learnings, your experiments, real world use-cases or just sharing thoughts about the industry.

Consider submitting a session on any of the topics below:
  • Cloud technologies
  • Cloud Native and Kubernetes
  • Edge Computing
  • Platform Engineering
  • Technical Strategy
  • Architecture and design consideration
  • Developer Platforms and Portals
  • Developer tooling
  • App Development challenges
  • Real life production stories
  • Learning Cloud
  • The humanity and empathy side of tech

Talk types:

  1. 30-minute talk (Beginner)
  2. 30-minute talk (Advanced)
  3. 90-Minute tutorial/workshop (any level)

We don't want marketing or vendor pitches, these will automatically be rejected. Companies looking to pitch their products may do so during their 1-minute pitch slot, at their booths (Diamond and Gold tiers), or through engaging and networking with attendees. 

Accepted Speakers will receiver a fully covered (100%) attendance ticket.

We do have a limited travel fund for speakers who are unable to afford travel, or who don't have an employer who'll cover travel costs. If you need travel assistance, if you've been accepted, please let us know.

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Submitted sessions
Kyle Penfound
  • CI Pipelines as Code
  • Run Your CI in Code, Not YAML
David Flanagan
  • What I Learnt Fixing 50+ Broken Kubernetes Clusters
Cassandra Faris
  • Women in Cloud Native Panel
Cassandra Faris, Michael Cade
  • Kubernetes Learning Day by KubeCampus
Kunal Kushwaha
  • Keynote - Kunal Kushwaha
Ayrat Khayretdinov
  • Keynote - Ayrat "Archy" Khayretdinov
Kat Cosgrove
  • Keynote - Kat Cosgrove
Lian Li
  • Keynote - Lian Li
  • Systems Thinking for Dev Organisations
  • A DevOps Engineer, SRE and Platform Engineer walk into a bar. She orders a beer.
Leigh Capili
  • People > Process > GitOps
Chelsea Hinds-Charles
  • Hi, may I take your SLAs, SLOs, SLIs and Error Budgets order?
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Carlos Santana
  • How to run a Rock Solid ArgoCD in Multi-Cluster
Roy Reshef
  • Cloud Native message-sphere
Arka Bhattacharya
  • Kubernetes cluster interactions simplified with K9s
  • What Does Istio Ambient Mesh Mean For Your Wallet?
YK Sugi
  • Tech Meetups - How to start one, grow it, and even make some $$$ from it
Shubham Kumar
  • Kubernetes Crash Course
  • eBPF vs Istio vs Datadog ?? How to choose right observability tool
Shivay Lamba
  • The journey from the Interweb to the cloud - Cloud Native WebAssembly
Anton Sankov
  • How to Automate Application Security - the DevSecOps way
  • Overview of Pod Security practices
Adam Sayah
  • Use eBPF and Grafana to Build a Kubernetes Service Graph in 10 Minutes
Kanika Gola, Jaideep Solania
  • DevSecOps With Kubernetes
  • Buildpacks- A New Picture To Containerization
Michael Biocchi
  • My students know nothing about cloud security
Marc Boorshtein
  • Who Are You? Pipeline Edition.
  • Securing Dashboards in a Command Line World
Abhishek Bhattacharjee
  • The Power of Community: Building Empathy and Humanity through Open-Source Tech
  • Overcoming App Development Challenges with Open-Source Communities
Ivan Wallis
  • Gain Better Visibility into Container Image Signatures
Sitaram Iyer
  • Policy enforced identity attestation for Kubernetes workloads with SPIFFE
Ilya Krutov
  • Best Practices for Architecting Zero Trust in Kubernetes
Borko Djurkovic
  • Kubernetes Efficiency Hacks: Practical Approaches for Streamlining Cloud Workloads and Costs
Eric Han
  • Four Keys to Unlocking Kubernetes’ Full Potential in Hybrid Multi-cloud Environments
Inderjeet singh Jaggi
  • Azure Digital Twins Explorer
  • Azure Data Explorer Dashboards
Tyler Auerbeck
  • We're gonna need a bigger boat: Autoresizing volumes with Rook and PVC Autoresizer
Dan Neciu
  • Critical Security Mistakes in Frontend Applications
  • Modern Testing Practices in Frontend Applications
Ashley Davis
  • Rotate Roots Right Round: Using cert-manager for Safer Private PKI
Shubham Srivastava, Deepak Kumar
  • Learning from Mistakes - Choosing Optimal Metrics for Kubernetes Alerting
Onyi Anyado
  • "The Era of Creative Distinction: How To Become an Agile, Disruptive and Future Thinking Tech Leader
Rohit T
  • Kubernetes: The Magic Elixir for Elevating Your Mobile App Development and Performance Game
Victoria Jeffrey
  • Extensible Security As Code: Game it out
Eric Smalling
  • Look Ma', no Dockerfiles! Building Java and Go based container images without Dockerfiles
  • Why should developers care about container security?
Gabriel L. Manor
  • Open Source as a Go-to-Market Strategy: Our Journey with OPAL
  • Distributing the Keys to the Code Castle Securely
Susan Adelokiki
  • Improving Communication for the Introverted Engineer
  • Should I love or hate imposter syndrome?
Hila Israeli
  • Empowering Your Career: Mastering the Art of Self-Education
  • One Platform Product for All: A Revolution for Customers, Developers, and Sales
Vishek Pratap
  • The Power of Community!
Arsh Sharma, Ramiro Berrelleza
  • If Everything Happens in the Cloud, Why Shouldn’t Development As Well?
Adithya Krishna
  • Deploy GitLab Like a Pro: Ansible-ing Your Way to Git Awesomeness!
  • From Git to Lit: Deploy GitLab on OpenShift which will make your DevOps Team the Life of the Party!
Rob Salmond
  • Meshed Up? Hands On Istio Debugging!
Kazim Somji
  • The FinOps Reckoning: Navigating Financial Management in a Cloud-Native World
Cesar Celis
  • Object Storage on-prem in Kubernetes
Rishab Kumar
  • Unlock the Power of Serverless: building a serverless Resume API
Prajakta Kadam, Vishek Pratap
  • DevRel: A Life-changing Decision
Bhawna Chauhan
  • Breaking Down Barriers
Ana Margarita Medina, Julie Gunderson
  • Don't Forget the Humans
Anirudh Sharma
  • Re-Architecting Web Apps on AWS Cloud
  • Harness the Power of Cloud Computing with AWS
Vagmi Mudumbai
  • Elements of an effective Internal Developer Platform
  • Oxidize your Kubernetes
Engin Diri
  • Elastic Kubernetes?
  • No YAML!
Vishek Pratap, Prajakta Kadam
  • The Power of Storytelling!
Nav Singh
  • Accessible Android
Mehul Arora
  • Shorten the dev loop with mirrord - run local processes in the context of your cloud service.
Michael O'Leary
  • Reviving the in-person K8s community in Boston
Thomas Underhill
  • Team my team improved application velocity with a major culture shift
Adriana Villela, Marylia Gutierrez
  • Keeping your engineers happy: The Case for Self-Service Tooling
Vivek Kumar Sahu
  • Flow of Packet from Isolated world to Internet World
Adriana Villela, Ken Hamric
  • Observability is a Team Sport!
Aryan Kaushik
  • Wasm (WebAssembly) the another awesome thing
Pratim Bhosale
  • Adding a break statement in your life's loop: Combating Loneliness and Isolation as a Remote worker
Steve Bassette
  • Lead Where You Are: Don't wait until it's too late
Chris Steele
  • Design Patterns and Anti-Patterns for Azure Applications
  • Improve your communication skills with awareness and persistence
Daniel Chan
  • Architecting Zero Trust with Kubernetes Network Policies
  • eBPF Superpowers for the Cloud Native World
Aayush Sharma, Bhavya Sachdeva
  • Utilizing MicroK8s to make edge infrastructure scalable and accessible.
Wilfred Almeida
  • Cloud Services: Buy or Build? A Developers’ Narrative
  • Cloud Services, Buy or Build. A Developers’ Narrative
Divine Odazie
  • Learn Cloud Native by Writing about Cloud Native
Ananya Nayak, Pradumna V Saraf
  • Software Engineer Asks Questions About DevOps from a DevOps Engineer
Ram Iyengar
  • Implementing Cloud Foundry PaaS Over Kubernetes
Manish Tyagi
  • Breaking into Open Source: Overcoming Barriers and Finding Opportunities for Growth
Mohamed Wali
  • Continuously improve your application availability with Amazon DevOps Guru
  • Continuously improve your code quality with Amazon CodeGuru
Ram Mohan Rao Chukka
  • Who broke the build? — Using Kuttl to improve E2E testing and release faster
Prashant Gupta
  • Efficient Cloud Monitoring: Enhance Reliability and Quality using Service Level Objectives
Leon Nunes
  • Tcpdumping your pod traffic in K8s
Yash Tandon
  • "Cilium Wars: Scaling Up Your Network with Jedi-like Cilium Handling Techniques"
  • Kube-erless: Groovy Best Practices for Running Serverless Workloads on Kubernetes
Diana Pham
  • How to Talk to Women
Diana Pham, Peter ONeill
  • What Your Persistent Ex Could Teach You About Saving Your CI/CD Pipeline
Khushiyant Chauhan
  • DevOps to the Rescue: How to Keep Your Machine Learning Models from Running Amok!
Jubril Oyetunji
  • Unlocking Observability with Istio
  • Day in the life of a pod
Pradumna V Saraf
  • Building Efficient and Secure Docker Images with Multi-Stage Builds
Sebastián Gómez
  • External Secrets Operator: A Cloud Native way to manage your secrets.
Curtis Collicutt
  • Cloud Native Security 101: Building Blocks, Workflows, and Patterns
  • Skateboarding on a Runaway Train: Securing Apps in the Container Runtime
Sydnee Sampson-Blackwell
  • From Business Plan To Shopify MVP
Mike Burkhart
  • "Hi, I'm new here!" - a guide for the new employee entering a new era.
Michael O'Leary, Tony Marfil
  • From Zero to CKA: Helping our engineering workforce become Kubernetes experts
Rewanth Tammana
  • Software Supply Chain Security: No Kill Switch Yet
Dewan Ahmed, Peter ONeill
  • Enforce fine-grained policy control across your data infrastructure.
Michael Cade
  • Integrating Backup Into Your GitOps CI/CD Pipeline
  • Fantastic Features: The Secrets of Cloud-Native Data Management
Kelly Andrews
  • Unleashing Your Potential: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome as a Software Developer
  • Evolution of the CLI: From Tin Cans to Tech Titans
Marcus Noble
  • Kube Debug
  • Webhooks - what's the worst that could happen?
Shashwat Nautiyal
  • Shashwat's session
Julia Furst
  • Kubernetes 101: A Guide for Developers
  • Is Kubernetes Too Complicated?
Gaurav Kakoti
  • Building Bridges with Service Meshes: Navigating Networking in Kubernetes Clusters.
Peter Jausovec
  • Overview of SPIRE
Steve Cole
  • Increasing Workload Resilience with Auto Scaling Groups and Multi-Region
  • Lowering Costs and Improving Efficiency with EKS and Karpenter
Chris Dyer
  • WTF! 7 Pillars of Amazing Culture
  • The Future of Work: Looks Cute, Might Delete Later!
Ben Hirschberg
  • What We've Learned from Scanning 10K+ Kubernetes Clusters
Matty Stratton
  • Zero Trust is for Networks, Not Your Teams
Siddhant Khisty
  • Making your own Linux Rice
Nicholas Morey
  • Understanding GitOps and Continuous Delivery using Argo CD and Helm
  • Control Plane, Service, or Both? – Argo CD Multi-Cluster Architectures
Olga Serrano
  • Empathy, your key to success
Mohd Imran
  • Reality of Switching from Non-IT to DevOps
  • Mistakes you should not make in Open Source
Aakansha Priya
  • Overcoming Impostor Syndrome : The Role of Empathy
Geoff Burke
  • Oh no! I am IT veteran but my boss just told me to figure out Kubernetes!
  • Application Aware Kubernetes Data Protection
Lior Mechlovich
  • Billing infrastructure for developers- the hard way
Yamini Holla
  • zero-trust architectures accessible to everyone. with istio
Shea Stewart
  • GitOps Considerations for Development and Production Environments
Saptak Takalkar
  • Self service infrastructure provisioning with AWS Service Catalog
Ale Thomas
  • Kubernetes for the Rest of Us: The Emergence of User-Friendly Tools
Amanda Martin
  • Balancing Work/Life and Open Source
Santosh Kumar Perumal
  • How to implement Serverless computing using CNCF based opensource projects like Knative and Istio
Rotem Refael
  • Kubernetes 360º - Data driven observability - from Secrets to logs
Piyush Sachdeva
  • How to Stream Kubernetes logs to Azure Blob Storage using Vector
Shivam Tyagi
  • The past, present, and future of Kubernetes as per Eric Brewer
Rags Srinivas
  • App Dev on Kubernetes and Mitigating the inner loop Complexity
Praveen Kumar Purushothaman
  • Deploying Node Apps using GitHub Actions & Pages
Nisarg Thakkar
  • Introduction to Kubernetes: Navigating the World of Container Orchestration
Lian Li, Kat Cosgrove, Ayrat Khayretdinov, Kunal Kushwaha
  • Keynote @ KubeHuddle Toronto
Christine Kim, Rob Salmond
  • CNI or Service Mesh? Comparing Security Policies Across Providers
Pooja Mistry
  • APIOps is here: What will you build in an API First World?
Matt Turner
  • Building secure and auditable container images using Chainguard tooling, SBOMs and more
  • Gateway APIs and API Gateways - modern ingress demystified
Aurélie Vache
  • Tips to fight impostor syndrome
Tobiloba Adedeji
  • How to 10x your growth as a Software engineer
Barkatul Mujauddin
  • API Testing Made Easy
Bilal Khan
  • 60DaysOfDevOps - My DevOps Learning Journey
Rohit Ghumare, Shivay Lamba
  • Kubernetes observability with eBPF
Ramón Huidobro
  • There's More to Open Source than Code
  • Let's make a tech speaker out of you!
Muhammad Noorani
  • The humanity and empathy side of tech
Juarez Junior
  • Multi-cloud App Dev for Java Developers with Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
JJ Asghar
  • Deploying a simple (Python) app to Kubernetes/OpenShift
  • Burn Out: It’s not just for open source anymore
Fatima Taj
  • The Survival Guide To Being A Junior Engineer
  • Settling into your new tech job like a pro!
Dhrubajyoti Chakraborty
  • Harness CI Test Intelligence - Move Fast, Don’t Break Things
Cory Gideon
  • Micro Frontends: Not the silver bullet
  • You got serverless in my Kubernetes!