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Level Up Your Data

event starts

20 Nov 2023

event ends

21 Nov 2023


Hilton, 190 Elizabeth St, Brisbane City QLD 4000 Brisbane, Australia

Level Up Your Data is a conference designed for forward-thinking Data Professionals eager to amplify their skills, network with peers, and gain insight from industry leaders.

The conference specialises in pragmatic “how-to” sessions and covers topics such as Microsoft Fabric, Power BI, Power Platform, AI, Azure Data Services, and Databricks.

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Call for Speakers
Call opens at 12:00 AM

01 Jul 2023

Call closes at 11:59 PM

10 Sep 2023

Call closes in E. Australia Standard Time (UTC+10:00) timezone.
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We invite experienced speakers who specialize in Data, Power BI, and AI to contribute to our conference.
Our event focuses primarily on pragmatic 'how-to' sessions covering various topics such as Microsoft Fabric, Power BI, Power Platform, AI, Azure Data Services, and Databricks. Thus, we request that your proposed sessions and workshops align with these themes.

Please ensure that the abstract of your proposed session or workshop is comprehensive, detailing what will be covered and what attendees will take away from your session. Abstracts with insufficient information will not be reviewed or accepted.

We don't accept sessions/workshops already delivered in the Brisbane area.
We don't accept sessions/workshops if the material is available online publicly (for example: your session is available on Youtube).

Given our attendees' interest in demos, new topics, Power BI, and Azure technologies, these elements will factor into our assessment of your submission.

As our goal is to assist individuals in getting started with these technologies, we particularly welcome sessions pitched at a beginner to intermediate level.

Workshop (Monday, November 20, 2023) 
Do you want to run a full-day workshop? We also encourage you to host a full-day workshop, exploring topics such as Power BI, Microsoft Fabric, or Azure Data Services. These workshops should incorporate multiple hands-on activities.

Regular Session (Tuesday, November 21, 2023) Conference Day
Regular sessions should be designed to fit within a 45-minute slot, inclusive of time for questions.

An affiliate program has been established. By submitting your session, you agree to promote the event through the affiliate program (anybody buying a ticket with your code will get a discount and you will get a $50 bonus per ticket).

Don't hesitate, submit your session today!

Please note that we will not accept sessions centered on marketing content. However, you are welcome to mention your company name at the start of your presentation.
By submitting a session, you agree to the following terms:
- Permitting the use of your name and image for marketing purposes
- Allowing your session to be recorded and photographed for marketing purposes
- Granting permission for your session to be recorded and uploaded to the Data Services Community Youtube Channel.

You will receive a complimentary conference day pass, valued at $600. For regular sessions, we will cover the cost of one night's hotel stay (arranged by the event), or alternatively, provide a payment of $300 AUD. For workshop participation, we cover two nights of hotel accommodation. Additionally, we offer a percentage of the profit.