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Malta Data Saturday 2021

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24 Apr 2021

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25 Apr 2021



Malta Data Saturday is an entire day of free Microsoft Data Platform training with many local and international speakers, including Microsoft MVPs

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Call for Speakers
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03 Jan 2021

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07 Mar 2021

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Some subjects we are looking for:

  • Migration to the cloud
  • SQL Server Administration on the cloud
  • SQL Server tasks that are different in the cloud
  • BI Architecture and Technology
  • Power BI
  • Transforming an application from IaaS to PaaS

We will give preference for exclusive sessions, never delivered before

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Submitted sessions
Sulamita Dantas
  • Como Fazer Backup No SQL Azure?
Ynte Jan Kuindersma
  • Modelling your data
Glenn Daniels II
  • Why SMART Goal Setting is Dumb, The Science of Setting Goals
Mikey Bronowski
  • Azure Data Studio and keyboard shortcuts - all you can eat
  • Automate management tasks using elastic jobs in Azure SQL Database
  • SQL Server and PowerShell walk into a bar...
  • Multi-server agent jobs administration with happy faces and pigeons
Sławomir Drzymała
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
Rob Richardson
  • Databases in the Micro-Services world
  • Planning for the varied levels of once-data-processing with Kafka
  • Database DevOps with Containers
Yitzhak David
  • Nosql SQL Databases for Developer Security officers
  • T-SQL Window Functions in SQL Server 2019
  • Data virtualization with SQL Server 2019 PolyBase and integration with Power BI .
  • Analytics in Power BI with R and Python with SQL Server 2019 ML Service & Polybase
  • Analytics in Power BI with R and Python with SQL Server 2019 ML Service & Polybase : From zero to an
  • Data virtualization with SQL Server 2019 PolyBase and integration with Power BI
  • Query Store for SQL Server 2019 from zero to an hero & lessons learned from the fields
  • SQL Server 2019 on containers and Kubernetes(k8s) from zero to an hero !
  • T-SQL Window Functions in SQL Server 2019
Aman Sharma
  • Data Data everywhere , no time to think
Ramesh Satya
  • SQL Server Indexes - Back To The Basics
Carlos Lopez
  • Working with Azure SQL DB Serverless
  • Using WSL2 for SQL Server in Containers as development platform
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Manish Kumar
  • Secure your data with Azure SQL DB
Mihail Mateev
  • How to Build Modern IoT Solutions with CosmosDB and PowerBI
  • Offload AI and analytics workloads to the edge
  • Creating Custom BI Solutions with Power BI Embedded
  • Dealing with CosmosDB
Gogula Aryalingam
  • The Need for and Implementation of Power BI Dataflows
Riccardo Zamana
  • ADX Azure Data Explorer - a complete overview
  • Time series Analytics - a deep dive into ADX Azure Data Explorer
Nikola Ilic
  • It's just a SQL - Crash course on Synapse Serverless for T-SQL ninjas!
  • Power BI & Synapse - The Art of (im)possible!
  • Unpack VertiPaq - Understanding "Brain & Muscles" behind Power BI
  • High 5 - Simple tricks that will make you a Power BI hero!
Brandon Leach
  • SQL Server Configuration And Deployment With Powershell DSC
  • A DBA's Guide to the Proper Handling of Corruption
Deepthi Goguri
  • Method behind the magic of Indexes in SQL Server
Torsten Strauß
  • Parallelism in Microsoft SQL Server
  • In-memory OLTP Design Principles
  • Detect Plan Regression with Query Store
  • Batch mode Adaptive Join in Microsoft SQL Server
  • Automatic Query Tuning in Microsoft SQL Server - Plan Correction
Marco Obinu
  • Protect your data in a full-PaaS Azure architecture
  • What's new on Azure IaaS for SQL Server
  • SQL Server Lift & Shift on Azure!
  • Azure and SQL Server: Distaster Recovery for everyone!
  • Myth-busting Azure SQL VMs
Kevin Feasel
  • Eyes on the Prize: Simple and Effective Dashboard Visualization Techniques
  • Classification with Naive Bayes
  • Data Virtualization with PolyBase
Shane Welgama
  • The reason why DBAs just can't get OVER Window Functions
  • Lock Picking your SQL Server
Alpa Buddhabhatti
  • Think like Machine learning Algorithm using Microsoft Azure ML for sentimental analysis.
Gethyn Ellis
  • Driven by the 9s - I need a highly available Microsoft Data Platform – what features should I use?
  • Pay less, get more, a guide to SQL Server Licensing
  • Top 5 Skills a DBA will need in 2021
Uwe Ricken
  • User Defined Functions – From SQL 2000 – SQL 2019
  • Simplify data management with partitioning
  • Database Scoped Configuration - Server Settings
  • Introduction to partitioning
Amit Bansal
  • SQL Server Statistics – Things That You Didn’t Know
  • SQL Server Memory Internals & Troubleshooting
  • How To Troubleshoot a Slow Running Query in SQL Server & Azure SQL
  • Developer Best Practices in SQL Server
  • Practical SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting & Tuning
  • 6 Query Tuning Techniques That Will Solve 75% Of Your Performance Problems
Jens Vestergaard
  • Power BI Live Data sets, Monitoring your key metrics
  • ABC's of the Power BI REST API
  • Model Deployment
Chris Adkin
  • An Introduction to Azure Arc for Data Services
Sebastiano Galazzo
  • Creating a photorealistic talking avatar using generative adversarial networks
Armando Lacerda
  • Azure SQL DB Hyperscale, the game has changed.
  • Azure Synapse Analytics - When a table is not just a table
  • AI and ML imbedded in Azure Data Platform
Tracy Boggiano
  • SQL Server Configuration with dbatools and dbachecks
  • Mental Health and Wellness in IT: Safeguarding our most precious resource
Dèjì Akọ́mọláfẹ́
  • On-Premises or Hybrid Cloud? Questions That Matter When Virtualizing SQL Server on VMware vSphere
Alexander Arvidsson
  • SQL Server hates you(?) - what the DBAs never told the developers
  • Cats, Candy and CXPACKET - an Introduction to Parallelism
  • Building an Empire - Implementing Power BI Step by Step
  • The Untruthful Art - Five Ways of Misrepresenting Data
  • The Cloud Awakens - Azure SQL Server for the On-premises DBA
  • Not My Problem(?) - Azure Networking 101 for Azure SQL Server DBAs
  • Azure machine learning for the absolute beginner
Thomas Hütter
  • 50 ways to show your data
  • A journey through the Tidyverse
  • What are statistics and why should the developer care?
  • Poor man's SQL Server job monitoring with R
Luis Beltran
  • Using your database for Machine Learning with ML.NET
  • Cosmos DB + Azure Functions: A serverless database processing
Ahmad Osama
  • Securing an Azure SQL Database Deployment
  • Azure Networking for SQL Server DBAs
John Miner
  • Don't Lose Your Integrity
  • Effective Data Warehouse Storage Patterns
  • Audit and Prevent unwanted SQL Server Tables changes
  • Transitioning your T-SQL skills to Spark SQL
  • Power BI Desktop Designer
Ferenc Csonka
  • Power BI Incremental Refresh for Datasets and Dataflows - from Rookie to Pro
  • Azure Synapse Serverless SQL Pool – Building Logical Data Warehouses over Data Lakes and Databases
  • Azure Synapse Analytics 101
  • Paginated Reports: MORE than just SSRS vNext
Andrea Martorana Tusa
  • Temporal tables in SQL Server: practical usage scenarios
  • T-SQL advanced: Grouping and Windowing
  • Leverage Power BI automation using APIs and Power Automate
  • Advanced analytics with Power BI
  • Register your location and activity codeless with the Power Platform
Javier Villegas
  • The evolution of SQL Server as a Service - Azure SQL Database Managed Instance
  • SQL Server 2019 New features
  • Performance Features in SQL Server and Azure SQL
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting SQL Server environments using Free community tools
  • Introduction to Azure SQL
Magnus Ahlkvist
  • Statistics, an unreliable friend
  • RBAR Bad. Sets good.
  • My romantic relation with Powershell generally and DBATools especially
  • Eight hours of work in 20 minutes.
Markus Ehrenmüller-Jensen
  • Time Series Analysis in Power BI Desktop
  • Correlation Analysis in Power BI Desktop
  • Text Mining in Power BI Desktop
  • Self-Service AI with Power BI
  • Self-Service AI with Power BI
  • Introduction to Numeric Calculations in DAX
  • From SQL to R – Leverage Your T-SQL Knowledge to Learn R
  • Do You Speak English? Localized Reports with Power BI
  • A Game of Hierarchies: Advanced Graph Algorithms in T-SQL
Erik Monchen
  • Introduction to Deployment of ADF in an Azure DevOps CI/CD environment
  • Use ADF dynamically to orchestrate your data load
  • Lightning-fast processing in a relational SQL Server environment
Björn Peters
  • Change your skills - from an onpremise DBA to a cloud DBA
  • Introduction into Azure Arc Data Services
  • Model Interpretability using AzureML SDK
  • Introduction to AzureML SDK
  • Enterprise Risk Modeling & Analysis with Power BI
  • Key Influencer Deep Dive
Benjamin Kettner
  • Azure Functions - a short introduction to serverless computing in Cloud-borne ETL processes
Frank Geisler
  • Automating Power BI with PowerShell
  • Code Your Report Environment
Gonzalo Bissio
  • Azure SQL DB Serverless, a new autonomous database?
Kevin Chant, Sander Stad
  • GitHub DevOps Duet -Malta Edition
  • Azure DevOps duet - Malta edition
Wolfgang Strasser
  • Continuous Integration for the BI Developer
  • Why Direct Query your data lake is an option but maybe not the best one...
  • Connect your data artifacts with Azure Synapse Analytics
  • PowerPlatform Dataflows –PowerQuery (and more) in the Cloud
Hugo Kornelis
  • Execution plans ... where do I start?
  • From adaptive to intelligent: query processing in SQL 2019
  • Execution Plans in Depth
  • Debugging without debugger: investigating SQL Server's internal structures
Dean Savović
  • SQL Server Intelligent Query Processing in Azure
Damir Matešić
  • Historical data with MS SQL System-Versioned (Temporal) Tables
  • MS SQL New functions, syntaxes, tips & tricks
  • Advanced data types – JSON
Tomaž Kaštrun
  • Power Bi Tips and Tricks
  • Automate your social life with Azure
  • SQL Server In-database machine learning with R and Python
  • Model Interpretability and explainability with Azure Machine Learning
  • Applied data analytics with Azure Databricks
Benni De Jagere
  • Troubleshooting Power BI Report Performance
  • Designing impactful visualisations for your data
  • Power BI Dataflows? Why you need to implement it!
  • Keeping up with your Power BI Tenant Administration
Erwin de Kreuk
  • Is there a way that we can build our Azure Synapse Pipelines all with parameters based on MetaData?
  • Azure Purview Microsoft's answer to Data Governance and Data Lineage
  • Azure Key Vault, Azure Dev Ops and Azure Synapse Pipelines,how do these Azure Services work perfectl