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NDC Melbourne 2020 - Online Workshop Event

event starts

27 Jul 2020

event ends

30 Jul 2020



NDC Melbourne will be an online event focused on hands-on workshops.  

Format and duration

Workshops will be scheduled as half-day, 3.5-hour modules. Morning sessions will run from 09:00-12:30 Melbourne time. Afternoon sessions will run from 13:30-17:00 Melbourne time (GMT + 10). Evening sessions will run from 19:00-22:30 Melbourne time.

Melbourne:    09:00-12:30    13:30-17:00    19:00-22:30

Oslo:                01:00-04:30    05:30-09:00    11:00-14:30

London:           00:00-03:30    04:30-08:00    10:00-13:30

New York:       19:00-22:30    23:30-03:00    05:00-08:30

Vancouver:     16:00-19:30     20:30-00:00    02:00-05:30

If you’d like to run more than one session, that’s fine - but please break your material down into stand-alone modules. You may get people joining your workshop for later modules who were not present for the earlier ones.

Hands-On Content

We want to offer attendees a hands-on experience. Please make sure you have labs, exercises or other ways for attendees to get hands-on experience with the subjects.

If you’ve not run interactive online workshops before, don’t worry - we will run training sessions, rehearsals and webinars to help you adapt your material and your teaching style to the online format.

Speaker Compensation

Speakers will receive $75 AUD for each attendee per half-day workshop. Attendees will register for the workshops like they would for a conference session, meaning you won’t know how many attendees you have prior to the workshop.

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Call for Speakers
Call opens at 12:00 AM

04 May 2020

Call closes at 11:59 PM

17 May 2020

Call closes in AUS Eastern Standard Time (UTC+10:00) timezone.
Closing time in your timezone () is .

Here are some suggestions for topics:

  • .NET
  • Architecture & Design
  • Back-End and Front-End
  • Serverless and Cloud Native
  • Micro Front-End
  • Cloud
  • Kubernetes/Containers/K3S
  • Mobile
  • Web
  • Open Source
  • Security
  • UX
  • Visualization
  • 3D software development
  • Game development
  • Data Science, AI and Machine Learning
  • Ethics in software development
  • Modern development practices
  • Testing
  • Continuous Delivery
  • DevOps
  • Tools for software development
  • Software methodology and process
  • Teams, people, roles and how we work.
  • Product development
  • Edge, IoT and hardware
  • Functional Programming
  • Programming Languages

We encourage you to submit your top presentation on the topics you are most passionate about and not your entire portfolio. Try to limit your submissions to 3-4. If you have previous speaking experience, please include links to videos, online presentations/slides or blog posts.


Contact us at if you have any questions regarding this call for papers.

Hope to see you at NDC Melbourne 2020.

Best regards

The NDC Melbourne Agenda committee