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Call for Speakers is closed. Submissions are no longer possible. Sorry.
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NFT.NYC 2024

event starts

3 Apr 2024

event ends

5 Apr 2024


North Javits Center New York City, New York, United States



NFT.NYC 2024 will be held Wednesday April 3rd - Friday April 5th at North Javits Center in Hudson Yards, New York City

Important Dates and Times

  • Tuesday, April 2  - Registration and Badge pick-up (Morning/Afternoon)
    Opening Reception for Speaker and VIP ticket holders ONLY (Evening)

  • Wednesday, April 3 - Friday, April 5 - General Sessions and Programming

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Call for Speakers
Call opens at 12:00 AM

21 Aug 2023

Call closes at 11:59 PM

06 Dec 2023

Call closes in Eastern Standard Time (UTC-05:00) timezone.
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NFT.NYC 2024 Speaker Applications are now CLOSED

NFT.NYC's core value #1 is to give the NFT community a voice by putting as many passionate and insightful speakers on stage as possible.

In 2023 we received over 4,000 Speaker applications and 35% were selected.

Trending NFT Topics: 

  1. How to be a successful NFT Artist  -  Art Track

  2. AI and generative NFT Art Projects  -  Art Track

  3. NFT Brand Use Cases -  Brands Track

  4. NFT Certifications and Awards  -  Community Track

  5. Personal Identity on the Blockchain with NFTs  -  Community Track

  6. NFT Ticketing  -  Entertainment Track

  7. Tokenization of Media and Journalism  -  Entertainment Track

  8. AI Identity on the Blockchain with NFTs  -  Future Track

  9. NFT Rewards  -  Future Track

  10. Cross-platform gaming NFTs  -  Gaming Track

  11. NFT Regulation  -  Legal Track

  12. NFT IP Ownership, Licensing, and Royalties  -  Legal Track

Speaker Application Schedule:

  1. General Applications: Tuesday, September 22, 2023 to Wednesday, December 6, 2023

  2. Late Applications: Monday, December 11, 2023 to Friday, February 23, 2024
    Late Applications require a GA Ticket purchase prior to applying.
    If selected to speak your ticket will be upgraded to a VIP Speaker Pass.

All applicants will receive a Profile in the NFT.NYC Community platform - Attendees will be able to contact you through your profile. We will provide edit access to this pre-filled profile shortly after receiving your application.
See an example Profile here: NFT.NYC Community Profile

Increase your chances of being selected:

  1. Update your pre-filled NFT.NYC Community Profile
    You will receive a link in the coming days to update your prefilled profile.
    Having an engaging profile helps our team determine which submissions are approved.

  2. Submit early
    Selection rates in past years:
        55% Early Applications selected
       13% Late Applications selected

  3. Select an appropriate session format 
    Selection rates in past years:
        65% of Panel applications selected
        30% of 10 min Talk applications selected

  4. Speakers are chosen for their thought leadership and passion for NFTs (not Crypto, Web3 or Metaverse) - Recommend submitting one of the "Trending NFT Topics"

  5. Interesting well described session

  6. Include a slide deck with your Solo Talk submission. The required template for the deck is here: NFT.NYC 2024 Slide Deck Template

  7. If your application is focused on pitching a product, project or service select "Product Pitch (paid sponsors only)" and our team will reach out with next steps. Learn more here: NFT.NYC/Sponsor

Reasons an application may not be selected:

  1. Topic description incomplete or lacks focus on NFTs 

  2. Session heavily promotes a product or collection with the incorrect format selected (All pitches must be submitted as a Product Pitch)

  3. Remote speaking request - We are an in-person event

When will I know if I've been selected?

Once submitted, it typically takes 4-6 weeks for an application to be reviewed. This timeline can vary depending on the volume of submissions - Apply early!

What happens after I am selected?

You will receive:

  1. An email with a link to register your VIP Speaker Pass
    **Note: Please plan to attend all three days of the event

  2. An NFT Digital Twin Ticket

  3. You will be invited to submit a Deck if you have not already done so

Your Session topic, format, date and time will be confirmed when the draft Program is published in March 2024.
NFT.NYC does not cover expenses for travel, accommodation, or pay speakers.


NFT.NYC connects panelists via email.
Panelists will be requested to schedule a pre-event call.
The purpose of the call will be to settle the title and description for the published program (you must attend the call to reconfirm your participation).

The nominated panel leader will provide updated title, description, and confirmed panelists to NFT.NYC no later than March 1st

Confirmed Panelists must complete Ticket Registration

Speaker Benefits
Selected and confirmed Speakers will receive the following NFT Experiences powered by NFT.Kred:

  1. One VIP Speaker Pass with an NFT Digital Twin Ticket featuring Art by the NFT.NYC Artist Community

    Your Pass grants you:

    1. Invitation to the NFT.NYC 2024 Opening Reception on Tuesday, April 2, 2024
      RSVP is required to attend and will be emailed in March 2024

    2. Daily access to the VIP and Speaker Lounge

  2. An NFT.NYC NFT Speaker Certificate recognizing your selection as a Speaker. Add your certificate to your LinkedIn profile as a verifiable credential.

  3. A limited edition of Collectible NFT.NYC Speaker Cards for Attendees to collect.

  4. A listing on the NFT.NYC 2024 Speakers page (2023 Speakers page) and Program and a profile in the NFT.NYC Community platform
    I understand Speakers and Attendees may send messages to my profile.

  5. An invitation to create your own Proof of Attendance NFT to share with Attendees of your session.
    Your NFT can feature token-gated benefits including: downloads, discounts, giveaways, access, and a meeting link to connect with you after the event

  6. An invitation to create 10 complimentary Contact Card NFTs with your contact information and important links, resources, or offers.
    Contact Card NFTs can be distributed in person or remotely in your email signature, via QR codes, and more

  7. Some speakers will be periodically invited to participate in conversations on social media leading up to the event

Event Organizers
See how you can use NFT.NYC's technology for your own event: