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NodeConf EU 2022

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3 Oct 2022

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5 Oct 2022


Lyrath Estate Hotel Kilkenny, Ireland


NodeConf EU has rightly earned its reputation as the leading key Node.js event in Europe. As we celebrate NodeConf’s 10th anniversary this year, it is our aim to deliver the highest quality talks, the most relevant workshops and to continue to provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for people to meet and share ideas.

Over the 3 days, you will hear from over 30 speakers which are hand-picked based on their contribution and level of innovation within the Node.js community.

We are delighted to be back in Ireland in 2022 hosting our first in-person event since 2019. Over the past two years, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we ran two very successful virtual NodeConf events. As a nod to this, we will be hosting 2022 as a hybrid event, allowing us to engage with our online audience too.

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Call for Speakers
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05 May 2022

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12 Jul 2022

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Have you got a story to tell, a vision, or idea to share, most importantly; are you passionate about Node.Js? NodeConf EU is a place where those committed to Node.js gather each year to learn, Illustrate and contribute to a community on a wide variety of topics. If you’re interested joining our other inspiring individuals on stage this year, either hosting a talk or a workshop, we are dying to hear from you! We welcome topics on the internals of Node.js, the community, cool modules, adoption stories, or mad science. If you prefer to speak about JavaScript in all forms from frontend, desktop or mobile apps, JavaScript robotics, you are also invited!

NodeConf EU is a 3 days (4 night) event, with a format that includes 25-minute talks in the mornings, and 1.5 or 3 hours workshops each afternoon. We encourage our speakers to attend the full conference.

Support Team

You may be a seasoned pro or are relatively new to this world of presenting. We understand everyone has a different background and our job is to make your journey as smooth as possible. If you are a little unsure about the topic you are submitting or feeling a bit uneasy about presenting, our team of expert would love to hear from you and help. These folks are more than happy to run through your ideas and can offer feedback and guidance on proposals. 

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Speaker Perks

NodeConf EU 2022 covers the following for all conference speakers

  • 4 nights accommodation at The Lyrath Estate from Sunday 2nd October - Thursday 6th October 2022. 
  • International Travel to the value of €1,000
  • Travel within the EU to the value of €500
  • 3-day conference pass including all talks and workshops
  • Meals provided by the conference
  • External activities organized by NodeConf EU
  • Conference goodie bag

We recommend speakers to attend the full conference.

Examples of successful talks and workshops from previous years

Workshop Description

How to build P2P Applications for fun and profit

David Mark Clements introduces and uses the latest decentralized protocols, developer tooling, and a brand new decentralized application platform to walk through creating an end-to-end encrypted, decentralized fullstack application over the course of this three-hour workshop. The only requirement is JavaScript knowledge. Node and/or frontend experience will also help. As an added bonus, the workshop will be conducted over a completely decentralized conferencing application, built with the same technologies we'll be discussing and working with

Talk Description

Hacking your infra from the outside by exploiting npm Dependency Confusion attacks

What happens when you incorrectly manage your private packages registry, your developers misconfigure their local npm proxy, and malicious actors are free to abuse an open-source ecosystem? It’s called Dependency Confusion and it’s an attack that enabled security researchers to infiltrate big-name corps. You don’t want to be the next victim on the headlines, right? Let me take you on a step-by-step deep dive into how this attack manifests and how you can defend against it.

Talk Description

Maximizing Node.js Performance

Everyone gets annoyed on slow applications. it's essential to keep the performance of your application healthy. Performance monitoring should be part of your development process to detect possible problems before they are visible in production, not only when issues arise. In this talk you can find out how to improve Node.js performance, focused on three main components CPU, Memory, and Network.

Talk Description

Node.js <=> Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence are becoming ubiquitous in websites, chatbots, and mobile apps. While Node.js may not be the language of choice for building and training ML models, it is an excellent option for building the user-facing server layer that brings ML product to life. 

In this talk learn about the ways that Node and ML can work together, whether it’s through running ML models in the browser (using WebAssembly and WebGPU) or writing a node server for an ML chatbot.

We’ll show you how to take a pre-trained ML model built on any library (e.g. TensorFlow, Torch) and any language (python, lua), and build and deploy a node server for a Facebook messenger bot that interfaces with the model.

Workshop Description

Broken Promises

The Node.js Event Loop existed long before Promises were added, often leading to serious real world problems due to them being used where they're not expected. In this engaging workshop, structured in a series of practical examples and exercises, you'll learn to identify a wide variety of broken promises, in networking, streaming, caching and error handling.


expenses covered


expenses covered

event fee

free for speakers

Up to four hotel nights covered.