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NODES 2024

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7 Nov 2024



NODES 2024 is Neo4j's biggest online conference, loaded with in-depth technical presentations delivered by community experts on graph-enabled applications, contextual AI and more.  

The free 24-hour online conference will feature a variety of interesting educational content and use cases to help spark ideas and shorten the learning curve, ranging from general tips and tricks to specific methods for optimization in building real-world applications and ML models.

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Call for Speakers
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17 Apr 2024

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23 Jun 2024

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Submissions should be on graph-related topics that are technical in nature. They can include any stack, programming language, industry use case, technique, or methodology. Topics range from graph AI/ML projects to engineering and optimizations of the inner workings of applications.

There is no limitation on the types of use cases you can discuss. We do ask that presentations concentrate on the "how" – for example, showing the code, graph data models, Cypher queries, best practices, and lessons learned.

We strongly encourage first-time speakers and presenters from minority groups to submit proposals. 

Choose from three session formats:

  • 25-minute talks with Q&A
  • 10-minute lightning talks
  • 2-hour hands-on workshops

The four tracks of the conference are: 

Applications : Libraries, Frameworks and Platforms 

Discover how application developers use Neo4j to power inventive solutions to everyday problems across any software stack, cloud provider, and programming language. From cloud native integrations, to solutions handling your use-cases, there is an ecosystem of tools designed to improve the developer workflow.

AI: GenAI, KG and RAG 

Join the future of AI, bridging groundbreaking research and real-world applications using graph technologies and techniques. Discover the transformative power of GraphRAG, learn the deep insights of knowledge graphs, and delve into the foundations of intelligent applications. Topics include orchestration frameworks, evaluation, prompt engineering, and generative AI.

Data Science: ML, GDS, and Models

Embark on a journey tailored for data scientists, where the intersection of data science and AI-driven applications takes center stage. Explore advanced techniques in data curation and maintenance designed to fuel AI models, including strategies for maintaining high-quality RAG training sets. Topics also include GDS in AI ops, graph feature engineering, centrality, node embeddings, and named entity recognition.

Graphs: Visualization, Data Integrations and Tips and Tricks

Harness the power of graphs for positive change, connect your knowledge graphs to the broader world of data systems, and uncover expert tips and tricks to bring data to life. From importing, mapping, and syncing different shapes of data, to exploring the latest advancements in visualization techniques, this track will unlock the full potential of data systems enriched by graph capabilities. 

To see the talks from last year, check out the NODES 2023 Playlist.

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