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Open Source Analytics Conference 2024

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19 Nov 2024

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21 Nov 2024




The Open Source Analytics Conference (OSA CON) is the go-to conference for all things open-source analytics. Learn, share, connect, and explore the latest in data ingestion, orchestration, databases, infrastructure, governance, visualization, and AI. Join the doers of the modern data stack. 

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Call for Proposals
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24 May 2024

Call closes at 11:59 PM

27 Jun 2024

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OSA CON 2024 is gearing up! Join us as we explore the cutting-edge of open-source analytics, engage in deep discussions, and introduce groundbreaking ideas. This is the go-to conference for developers who are looking to stay ahead in the industry.

We’re calling all developers to submit their most compelling talk proposals—keep it to a max of two per person. Here's what we're looking for:

  • Project Reports: Get the scoop on open-source projects—introductions, roadmaps, and fresh releases.
  • Applications: Showcase groundbreaking use cases for data.
  • Open Source: Community building, licensing, and innovative business models.
  • Data Storage and Query: Databases, event streams, open file formats, etc
  • Visualization Technologies: BI tools, operational dashboards, and ways to build custom displays
  • Orchestration: ETL, data cleaning, pipelines, reverse-ETL, etc
  • Data Science: Tools, problems, hot solutions 
  • Artificial Intelligence: Using LLMs for analytics, AI success stories, integration between AI and analytic apps
  • Platform Management: Kubernetes, cloud strategies, deployments, observability, migrations, etc.
  • Security, Privacy, and Governance: Address today's critical challenges.
  • Crazy New Tech: Surprise us with ways to apply storage, compute, cloud-native management, etc., to advance the state of analytic apps. 

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