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P99 CONF 2024

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23 Oct 2024

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24 Oct 2024




Are you an engineer obsessed with P99 percentiles and high-performance, low-latency applications?

Come share your most interesting approaches for solving complex performance and latency challenges with a highly technical audience. Interesting optimizations, algorithms, tooling, and other low-latency engineering strategies – it’s all fair game. Perennially popular topics include Rust rewrites, Go optimization, event streaming architectures, distributed systems, databases, Linux, virtualization, observability, Kubernetes, and performance measurement techniques.

There’s no other event like this — a highly-technical conference for serious engineers who obsess over P99 percentiles and long-tail latencies. The two-day event is free, fully virtual, and highly interactive. It’s vendor-neutral, and we don’t allow shallow overviews or product pitches. Thousands of engineers attend each year. [Read about the 2023 event]

Session format

We're primarily looking for 15-20 minute sessions that will be pre-recorded and a maximum of 2 speakers per session. We welcome speakers to participate in live Q +A and other live group discussions on the day of the event.

If you’re thinking of something longer, go ahead and suggest it! If it’s a great fit for the event, we’ll be creative about accommodating it.

Submitting your ideas

The FAQs below provide tips for crafting your submission. You can submit up to 3 session abstracts for consideration.

About the review process

Submissions will be reviewed by a content committee organized by ScyllaDB, the organization that curates P99 CONF. Agenda decisions will be announced this summer.

By submitting, you agree to our Code of Conduct and Diversity and Inclusion statement.

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Call for Speakers
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15 Mar 2024

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What type of content are you looking for? Is there a theme?

P99 CONF is designed to highlight the engineering challenges and creative solutions required for low-latency, high performance distributed computing applications. We’re looking for strategies geared toward a highly technical engineer. Talks typically fall into the following categories:

  • Databases: Advances in performance-oriented databases, caches, sharding, tuning, data models, migrations, and algorithmic optimizations
  • Data: Real-time streaming, ETL & batch processing at scale, workload optimizations and relevant tools oriented for performance
  • Languages & frameworks: Building low-latency apps with Rust, Zig, Go, Elixir, C++, Wasm, Bun, maybe even…Java
  • Use cases: Your experiences tackling tricky performance challenges, especially those related to real-time applications, AI/ML, K8s  
  • Compute/infrastructure: The latest developments with performance-oriented servers, processors, networking, and storage
  • Measurement: Interesting applications of performance measurement tools & techniques, tracing, benchmarking, observability
  • What’s next in performance: Bring us your most intriguing thoughts, tools, and techniques

No vendor pitches will be accepted.

If selected, what is the time commitment?

We are looking for 15-20 minute sessions (these will be pre-recorded). We expect the total time commitment to be 4-5 hours. You’ll need to attend a recording appointment, all done virtually. Additionally, we ask that all speakers log onto the virtual conference platform for live Q&A during your session. Of course, all speakers are encouraged to attend the entire online conference to see the other sessions as well.

Need more direction? Contact us at with questions.

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