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PlatformCon 2024

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10 Jun 2024

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14 Jun 2024




The brightest Platform and DevOps pioneers, on one stage 🚀

PlatformCon 2024 is a highly anticipated event that brings together the brightest minds in the platform and DevOps space. With a week-long schedule filled with 90 selected talks, attendees have the opportunity to delve into various aspects of platform engineering.

The event runs from June 10th until June 14th, and features a diverse range of topics and speakers. Talks are divided into different tracks including Stories, Tech, Blueprints, Culture, and Impact, allowing participants to explore the different dimensions of platform engineering.

One PlatformCon 2023 highlight will be the Open Source Software Day, with live, hands-on workshops focusing on the latest trends and developments in platform tooling.

Throughout the week attendees can engage with speakers and fellow participants, gaining valuable knowledge and networking opportunities. The event concludes with a live closing event on Friday.

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Call for Proposals
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06 Nov 2023

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27 Feb 2024

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Thanks for your interest in speaking at PlatformCon. We talk all things platform here! 

The conference will contain two formats: pre-recorded talks and workshops during the Open Source Day.


Workshops at the PlatformCon Open Source Day will be live and hands-on, led by platform practitioners. We are seeking proposals for 2-hour workshops that delve into open source platform tooling, specifically emphasizing the combinations of tools utilized in platform platform engineering.


All PlatformCon talks are pre-recorded and up to 15 minutes in length. If your talk proposal is accepted, you’ll receive more detailed guidelines for the talk, presentation, and recording.

Check the below list of tracks to see which one is best fit for your talk, then submit your proposal. We look forward to reviewing your submission!

Stories: This track is for practitioners to share their platform journey — from initial steps to building and rolling out across the engineering organization. These talks should incorporate technical, cultural, and product design aspects of the platform journey.

Toolbox: This track is dedicated to deep dives into platform technologies and tooling — from Kubernetes to IaC, platform orchestration, portals, and GitOps. Talks should explore how platform teams solve specific problems with specific tools, or how the complexity of some technologies was overcome.

Blueprints: This track showcases platform blueprints, reference architectures, and best practices for platform setups. Blueprint-focused talks should dive deep into design considerations, and how and why certain combinations of tools were used to build the Internal Developer Platform.

Note: this is a practitioners-only track, no vendor talks will be accepted.

Culture: This track continues discussions about the cultural aspects of platform engineering. This includes platform engineering’s relationship with DevOps and SRE, product management for the platform, and platform engineering trends.

Impact: This track focuses on the impact and business value platform engineering initiatives deliver. Talks can highlight C-level perspectives on the platform’s impact on key metrics like time to market, innovation cycles, and overall efficiency. They should also explore how platform leaders secured buy-in for the platform from C-suite and other relevant stakeholders.

How to get your proposal accepted

- Create a short and impactful talk title

- Write a short description for your talk that summarizes your idea (max 200-character count including spaces)

- Write an abstract (max 800-character count including spaces) that expands on your description and provides clarity on your content

- Feel free to include bullet points in the abstract to help convey key points, what the audience can expect to learn / hear about, or key takeaways

- Keep in mind the title, description, and abstract will be published along with your talk on our website

- Avoid product pitches, demos are not accepted

- Submit your talk on your behalf

- While you can submit multiple proposals, we recommend you focus on the topic you’re most passionate about