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Postman Student Summit

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7 Aug 2021

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8 Aug 2021



The Postman Student Summit is a comprehensive virtual API event for students worldwide to learn, share, and create with their peers.

All students, from high school to college, of any experience level, are invited to this celebration of API literacy around the globe.

Attend sessions and talks from tech innovators and brilliant students, participate in the hackathon for a chance to win prizes, and build meaningful connections with your peers in the developer community.

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Call for Speakers
Call opens at 12:00 AM

01 Jul 2021

Call closes at 11:59 PM

17 Jul 2021

Call closes in India Standard Time (UTC+05:30) timezone.
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Welcome to Postman Student Summit CFP!

This page has everything you need in order to submit a proposal from requirements to submission deadlines, so read through carefully!

Included below are the requirements, submission details, deadlines, as well as tips for composing a decent proposal, the benefits for speakers, and other data to help you get started.

First Time Submitting? Don’t Feel Overwhelmed! You do not need to be a chief architect or long-time industry pundit to submit a proposal. In fact, we strongly encourage first-time speakers to submit for this event.

Requirements and Rules

  • You must be a current Postman Student Expert or Postman Student Leader. 
  • You may only submit one proposal per person.

Session Formats

There are three session formats for the event (Lighting Talks, API Talks, and Workshops). You're welcome to propose a presentation in any of these categories.

This is what we’re looking for:

  • Lighting Talks (15 mins)

        A lightning talk is a concise, oral presentation that explains concepts or tells a story within 10-15 minutes.

        Some examples talks:

        i. "What I've learned as a Postman Student Expert"

        ii. "How to pull off a successful event for students"

  • API Talks (40 mins)

        API Talks are technical talks that cover topics related to APIs. This can be anything from the API Lifecycle (Planning, Designing, Development, and Testing) to consuming APIs, API security, or Postman.

        API Talks are structured as 30 mins talks + 10 mins Q&A.

        Some examples talks:

        i. "Designing Scalable APIs."

        ii. "Mocking APIs using Postman"

  • Workshops (90 mins)

        Workshops are hands-on sessions following a 20/80 format where 20% is the presentation and 80% is hands-on work.

        You can structure your workshop around any API topic, such as building or using APIs and creating Public Workspaces.

        Workshops should be interactive with hands-on activities and include clear instructions for attendees. 

        Some example workshops:

            i. APIs 101 for beginners.

            ii. Create an API using Flask.

            iii. Build a Discord Bot using APIs and Postman.

       In your workshop proposal, please provide:

  •  An outline of the workshop
  • Prerequisites for attendees
  • Slides (if possible)
  • Your preferred number of attendees (highly interactive            sessions work better with smaller groups)
  • If you have conducted this workshop before

        If selected, your content will need to be adapted for a virtual classroom. We can offer support upon request.


Guidelines for creating a Preview Video:

A Preview Video are you talking about your proposal, topics you intend to cover in the talk, and how you intend to cover them. This video will be immensely helpful for reviewers before making final decisions on your talk proposal.

To make the process as fair and seamless as possible, please follow all guidelines for creating your video preview as mentioned below:

Duration & orientation:  Video should be 1 to 3-minutes, preferably in portrait mode.

Upload to YouTube: Your video must be uploaded to Youtube or Google Drive for review. If you don’t want other people to find it, mark it as unlisted. Don’t mark it as private or disallow embedding, or we won’t be able to see it. ​

You are the presenter: The video should only contain you talking about your talk.​ Try to make an engaging video that helps us understand what your talk is about in more detail.

No effects & no music: No background music, screenshots or post-production wizardry please; your video should display what your talk is about, not how well you can create a video. That's not to say that cool imagery isn't allowed, but save it for your slides & proposal instead.

No Script:  Please do not recite a script written beforehand. We're not looking for perfection with this video. Talk spontaneously, as you would to a friend. 

Check Audio: Try to keep your voice clear, limit background noise, and check that your audio is being recorded. 


The Postman community is an utterly inspirational group of people on many levels. Every day, we see countless instances of exemplary behavior from members. You are brilliant, kind, respectful, collaborative, and funny. You exhibit the finest that human beings have to offer. At the risk of stating the obvious, this is the type of conduct that we want and expect at all times, and we thank you for your efforts in this area. This also means we want to make things inclusive for underrepresented groups.

Our goal is to maximize content from underrepresented groups. You can help us by encouraging your friends, family, and colleagues to submit talks. 

Also, note that we have a strict code of conduct. This is to make it clear, in intent and practice, that we are committed to making the conference a pleasant, welcoming, and harassment-free experience for everyone, especially for underrepresented groups.

Questions and Discussions:

Ping us on Discord or contact the coordinators through email:

Team email -