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Prompt Engineering Conference 2024

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30 Oct 2024



The conference will showcase a comprehensive range of topics. Prompt engineering is an emerging discipline, and we are not limiting your creativity when it comes to session ideas. Consider the potential list of topics below as a starting point:

  • theoretical foundations of prompt engineering
  • prompt generation methodologies
  • practical strategies for prompts optimizing
  • fine-tuning strategies
  • bias mitigation
  • innovative and experimental techniques

Using AI policy

We believe that 100% (or so) AI-generated sessions will not meet the quality standards we expect. At the same time, we encourage you to use prompt engineering to improve your talk proposal and session content. For example, you could "check the grammar and convert the text to native-like English".


We plan to have two tracks: one focused on using prompts in production-ready apps, and the other on pure creativity and experimentation. However, this is just a formal separation and the boundaries are quite thin. When submitting, please choose the most relevant category for your talk idea and feel free to cross the boundaries.


Our target audience is very broad. Not all of them are data scientists or engineers. We want your session to be engaging for everyone interested in interacting with generative AI tools.


We expect to receive a pre-recorded session at least two weeks prior to the event beginning. During and right after streaming, we expect you to be online available for the questions.

Commercial guidelines

Please note that product/service sales pitches and purely-product sessions are not accepted. However, it is perfectly fine to refer to specific commercial products to illustrate your statements.

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Call for Speakers
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