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PyBay2022 Food Truck Edition

event date

10 Sep 2022


Parklabs Garden, 1379 4th Street San Francisco, California, United States


PyBay2022...returning to your favorite format... OUTDOORS at a fun Food Truck Park during the best month to visit San Francisco 

We are counting on YOU to submit great talks by June 29

If you haven't heard from Michael Kennedy how fun PyBay Food Truck Edition is yet, here is da GAME PLAN:

  • Same as last year, the conference will be a one-day, single-track shindig
  • It is a day of learning and sharing the latest technologies / best practices with Python core devs, CTOs and architects from start-ups and mid-senior devs from larger corporations
  • Past speakers include illustrious names such as Raymond Hettinger (core Python dev), Simon Willison (co-creator of Django), Yury Selivanov (core Python on async/await and co-founder EdgeDB), Carol Willing (core Python on JupyterLab), Rachel Thomas (co-founder, Travis Oliphant (co-founder NumFOCUS)...
  • This year will start with lunch so you can reconnect with friends and coworkers - there are 18 food trucks and several drinking holes to choose from
  • Talks from in-person speakers will be broadcast to attendees in multiple bungalows and cabanas via large TVs and loudspeakers starting 12:30 pm PST
  • There will be a 20-minute break every hour during talks and a longer dinner break so you can give your brain and bladder a break, sample more great food and drinks, reinforce learning by digging deeper with your peers, and catch in person!
  • The fun goes on until we get kicked out at 9:00pm but memories will live on long after that
  • Proof of vaccination is required
  • If Covid case rates or air quality threaten our health and fun, we'll postpone to October 14

Dig it? We know it will be the funnest PyBay yet

Let's create a cool new normal for Pythonistas in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are counting on YOU to submit great talks by Wednesday June 29

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Call for Speakers
Call opens at 12:00 AM

27 Apr 2022

Call closes at 11:59 PM

29 Jun 2022

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This year's PyBay is about the usual high quality content but in a relaxed environment for Pythonistas to reconnect with people in 3D and soak up some vitamin D

We are looking for in-person delivery of ~10 in-depth technical talks 


  • 5 mins Lightning Talk
  • 10-mins + 3 mins Q&A
  • 25-min + 5 mins Q&A
  • 40-min + 10 mins Q&A

(Call for lightning talks will happen later)


  • DevOps‚ Testing & Automation
  • ML‚ AI & Data
  • Python & Libraries
  • Scale & Performance
  • Web‚ IoT & Hardware
  • Managing & Optimizing Distributed Dev Team


  • Submit 10-, 25- or 40-minute talk before June 29 for the best chance to secure a speaking slot
  • The wider the audience your talk appeals to, the better
  • Make clear and direct reference to Python in your abstract–if reference to Python is not obvious, your submission will not be considered
  • Don’t get lost in the weeds, but don’t be afraid to delve into the details--show some code and tell some war stories so developers have something tangible to learn
  • Consider your audience. 50% of attendees in the past identified themselves as mid-level devs, 39% as senior-level, and 25% are women
  • If you don't live in the SF Bay Area, please let us know if your company will sponsor your travel expenses


  • Site has free WiFi powered by Cisco Meraki. Speakers should bring HDMI adaptors 
  • If Covid case rate or air quality cause us to postpone, we'll schedule your talk for PyBay2022 on Oct 14 or at one of our monthly virtual meetups
  • We'll let you know by July 5 if your talk has been accepted
  • Talks will be recorded and posted to our YouTube channel with 17,000+ subscribers

event fee

free for speakers