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reClojure 2022

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2 Dec 2022

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3 Dec 2022




reClojure is a free, community driven conference that brings together inspiring speakers in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The conference is mainly about the Clojure language and functional programming.

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Call for Speakers
Call opens at 12:00 AM

09 Sep 2022

Call closes at 11:59 PM

19 Oct 2022

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Thank you for your interest in speaking at reClojure 2022!

*Key Dates*

* 09/09/2022: the CFP opens
* 07/10/2022: CFP ends
* 17/10/2022: Speakers announced
* 02/12/2022: Conference starts

Please always check for up to date information. This year we especially welcome people who are new to presenting in public and to Clojure: do you like the challenge but not sure you have something interesting to share? We'd like to help get your voice out there! Please get in touch with and we’ll offer our time and expertise.

*Submission Guidelines*

Talks are 25 minutes plus a Q&A panel. We encourage speakers to pre-record their talk but we accept live talks as well.

The main audience for reClojure is of course people with an interest in Clojure and ClojureScript, but we are also looking for broader topics such as functional or logic programming, historical perspectives, new and interesting languages and paradigms, community and social activities related to programming and computer science education.
We expect to have a wide range of experience levels in the audience, from new-joiner to texpert—both introductory and deeply technical talks are equally welcome! It is perfectly fine to submit multiple talks or talks in more than one area.

*Some example areas for submissions*

The theme for this year’s conference is Clojure Growth, so we are especially happy for submissions that are related to the topic of establishing and increasing Clojure popularity. This includes topics like improving beginners' experience or getting programmers to join our community. But as usual, feel free to submit on other topics such as:

* Core Clojure(Script) or functional programming concepts
* Language features, techniques, idioms, design, concurrency, performance, tooling etc.
* Experience report: how Clojure is helping to solve interesting real-world problems.
* My Clojure Journey — your experience starting out in the Clojure world.
* Clojure on the edge - new and crazy ideas, related paradigms, etc.

*What makes a great submission?*

Please provide sufficient detail in your submission to enable the reviewers to understand your proposal and clearly identify what an attendee will gain from attending your session. To give you an idea, here are some of the factors we take into account while reviewing talk proposals. This is just an (unordered) guideline and the talk doesn't have to match all points!

* Originality of the topic or way of presenting the topic.
* Relevance to the theme of the conference and the community.
* Technical impact — depth and breadth of the impact on the community.
* Clarity — can the title and the abstract help us to really ‘see’ what the talk is going to be like?    

* The journey — where the talk starts, what will we see, where do we end up?
* Takeaways — what have we learnt, why is this talk valuable to our audience.

If you are in doubt, don’t hesitate to get in touch

*Review Process*

The program committee will review all submissions in 2 phases. We'll first do a blind review, followed by a second review where we are going to look at all the available details, paying particular attention to diversity and underrepresented categories. Throughout the review period, submitters may be contacted to clarify details on their submission. All submitters will be notified via email of the status of their submission.