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Regens Unite Brussels

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26 May 2023

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27 May 2023


Citizen Corner, Godefroid Devreesestraat 34, 1030 Schaarbeek Schaerbeek, Belgium

A two day conference where people from a wide variety of backgrounds –but all working on regenerative solutions– can meet and unite 🔅

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Call for Speakers
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15 May 2023

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24 May 2023

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At Regens Unite we bring together a wide variety of people working on regenerative solutions and practices, whether for individuals, communities or the planet. This includes social, financial and economic systems, rebuilding commons and neighbourhood communities, yoga and mindfulness, activism, art and performance, play and travel. (And anything else you can think of)

We all have a piece of the puzzle. Please describe in your proposal which piece of the puzzle you are passionate about and would like to bring to the event.

We highly value interactive, dynamic, hands-on sessions that weave connections, engage people actively, create dreams, inspire with stories or build solutions. This is a no powerpoint event. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a crazy idea, that doesn't fit the boxes here. We are very happy to think along with you. 💫

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If you need help with paying for accommodation and travel, please reach out.

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Submitted sessions
Danny Balla
  • WREN (Wellbeing & Resilience European Network)
  • Rebuild The Commons!
Sinouhe Ferreira Monteiro Nunes, Yamandou Alexander
  • A discussion on investments in Africa
An Van Damme
  • Guided self-reflection and sharing circle
Jean-Philippe Steeger Perspectivist
  • Regenerative communications: conversations on transformative consciousness
Sven Retoré
  • The participation paradox
Guil Maueler
  • Web3 Grants for Regen Projects: Gitcoin activation station
Alexandra Papadopoulou, Lorena B.
  • Web3 Empower Hour: Women at the Forefront of the Future
Itzel Lusenti
  • Jouer Bouger / Play it! Move it!
Frederik Van Daele
  • Linking bottom-up with top-down governance in long term bioregional landscape management
Lee Fitzpatrick
  • Regenerative Marketing <> A practical introduction
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Mars Robertson ☀️🌱
  • WTF is Metacrisis and what do about it?
Tom De Block
  • Seaweed acceleration as nature-based solution for climate action
Xavier Damman, Kevin Sundar Raj
  • How might we kickstart a gratitude economy?
Antoine Sepulchre
  • How to inspire individuals in their spiritual awakening journey
Bruno Roemers
  • Appreciative Interviews
Jana Mehl
  • How to make contact with AI
Nupur Jalan
  • Digital Assets - tax, financial and legal concerns
Milton Paulo
  • Group dynamics: from my space to others
Marcus Druen
  • Change web3? Change yourself!
Vishek Pratap
  • "Creating a Community of Misfits: Why Being Different is the Key to Success"
Christina Wunder
  • Climate action confidence building - #IAmRemarkable
Jeremy Akers, Leen Schelfhout, Xavier Damman, Dana Hawwash
  • Opening ceremonies of Regens Unite Brussels 2023
Jeremy Akers, Leen Schelfhout, Dana Hawwash, Xavier Damman
  • Opening ceremony
Leen S
  • Body & (sexual) energy exploration for positive change
Sara Nuytemans
  • Alternate states of consciousness to progenerative leadership
Timothée Brès
  • Collective Shadow Work for Androgynous Organisation
  • Men Circle : regeneration & the future of masculinity
Letizia Guarise
  • Re-incorporating the wild: Systemic rehabilitation through Fermentation
Cosima von Seefried
  • How to build an inclusive society with a stable climate?
Cecilia Iaconelli
  • Collaborative ethnography for regens community
Hanna Kuikka
  • Blissness Creation workshop
Jonas Boury, Susie Naval
  • Building complementary currencies to use in our daily lives
Adil Basha
  • The Art of Chilling (or How to Tang Ping Effectively)
Louise Borreani
  • Sharing Learnings about Web3 & Seagrass
Pierre Leonard, Philippe Nemry
  • Fresque de l'Economie circulaire
Kellyn Traenkenschuh
  • How to Lose 3 Jobs in 30 Days