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Reversim Summit 2024

event starts

4 Mar 2024

event ends

5 Mar 2024


Merkaz Hayeridim - Ganei Hataarucha Tel Aviv, Israel

Important Note:
Reversim team sends our condolences to the families of the dead, our hope for the release of the kidnapped citizens and our reinforcements for all the citizens of Israel.

Like everyone in Israel we are grieving and concerned. We know that a lot of us are in reserves and some of us take care of our families. Many have lost people close to them and many are in unbearable uncertainty. We know we will get through it and come out strengthened, CFP is officially closed now. 

Reversim Summit is a community driven event in Israel for software developers, product managers, data scientists and everyone else in the software industry. With an enthusiastic team of volunteers, we've been creating content-first software conferences since 2013.

Reversim Summit (RS) is not for profit and its sole purpose is to enrich the community with content and networking. The majority of the talks in the conference are in Hebrew

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Call for Speakers
Call opens at 1:00 PM

12 Sep 2023

Call closes at 11:59 PM

07 Nov 2023

Call closes in Jerusalem Standard Time (UTC+02:00) timezone.
Closing time in your timezone () is .

Important Note:

the deadline for submitting proposals (currently 31.10) will be postponed, but there is no new date yet.


Reversim Summit is a community conference, for developers, of developers, by developers. We aim to present excellent, useful & inspiring content to developers and development related roles such as product management, development managers.   

Our 2024 summit audience consists predominantly of engineers, engineering management and product management people.

Our goal is to streamline the submission and review process, while maintaining superb quality; if you have any feedback or questions, please email us at

Suggested topics


Reversim Summit is looking for submissions on all things software development.

We encourage and welcome deep technical submissions, as well as sessions on the surroundings of software development such as product management, culture and business.

We prefer sessions that can appeal to our diverse audience.

We prefer sessions based on personal experience and learnings.

We encourage innovative and unique topics.

General HOWTOs and 101s are discouraged. Marketing and sales pitches are unwanted, as are self promotion sessions in disguise.   


Ideas for topics include, but not limited to:


  • Front end / securing websites / mobile development    
  • Quality / testing / monitoring / alerting / automation
  • Artificial intelligence / machine learning / data science
  • Data / at rest / in transit
  • Infrastructure / operations / deployments / internal tools
  • Cloud / virtualization / containers / serverless
  • Distributed systems / microservices / geo distribution / DR / availability
  • Low level / kernel / drivers / file systems / network
  • Software design / programming languages / API design / software fundamentals
  • Open source projects / technical / maintainership / personal experience / culture
  • Customer facing development / UX / design / product / marketing
  • Culture / scaling organizations / management / motivation and employee engagement
  • Education / teaching / initiatives / government

Can’t find what you were looking for? Please propose a topic which software developers will find to be of interest.


We are looking for proposals in these formats:

  • Full Featured sessions (30 minutes)       

    Full feature are frontal presentations of roughly 30 minutes.


  • Lightning Sessions (5 minutes)

    Lightning sessions are speedy 5 min sessions.

    They are presented in a series in which each presenter has exactly 20 slides, 15 sec per slide, slides are auto advanced. There are no breaks between lightning sessions.

    It's fun, it's speedy, it's concise and it's breathtaking :-)


First time submitting? No problem.


We encourage anyone and everyone to consider submitting a session. You should be able to speak in front of a large audience and you should have an interesting story to tell, based on your professional experience.

The moderators team will be happy to assist new speakers in turning an idea into submission, and to pair, followup and mentor once a proposal is accepted.


Submission guidelines


  • Avoid sales, marketing pitches, or self promotion.

  • The conference is held in Hebrew, and sessions should be delivered in Hebrew. If a speaker does not speak the language, the session will be presented in English.

  • A speaker may submit up to three (3) proposals.

  • A session may be presented by up to two speakers. All speakers must be indicated on submission.

  • Assuming your session is accepted, our moderators will be in continuous contact with you, and follow up on your progress. Your cooperation is expected and may be required.

    Not being able to cooperate or respond in a timely manner may endanger your participance.    

  • You will be requested to participate in at least one dry run session. Your presentation at the conference may depend on that dry run. In our experience, speakers consider the dry run as beneficial to their presentation and personal preparation.


To get a sense of successful submissions, please consider our previous conferences content:

Review process


  • Once the Call for Papers closes, our moderation team will begin reviewing proposals.     

  • Reviewing is not anonymous.

  • As opposed to previous years. This year we will NOT hold a public vote to measure demand and interest.  (Sorry for that, we don't have a good enough technology to support it)

  • Moderators may contact submitters for questions & clarifications.

  • At the end of the proposal selection process, and before schedule is published, all submitters will be notified on their proposal status.

  • A few speakers may be contacted to agree to have their session waitlisted, so that they can be scheduled in case of another session’s last moment cancellation.

Code of Conduct

Proposals, presentations and attendance are subject to the Code of Conduct.