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Scenic City Summit 2021

event date

24 Sep 2021



Scenic City Summit is an event for IT professionals in the Chattanooga area. This year’s event is planned for Friday, September 24th  and will be virtual.

Event details can be found at

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Call for Speakers
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01 Feb 2021

CfS closes at 4:04 AM

01 Apr 2021

This event is in Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-04:00) timezone.
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We are excited to continue to expand the topic areas for this year’s Scenic City Summit. If you have an interesting talk, we want you to submit it even if it isn’t in the list below. If you are trying to figure out what to speak on, we're interested in hearing about:

Development & Emerging Technologies

- AngularJS

- VueJS

- React

- React Native

- iOS

- Android

- Xamarin

- Ruby

- Python

- Go

- .NET

- Java

- Node.js

- Blockchain

- IoT

- Machine Learning / Neural Networks

- Data Analysis / Data Science

- Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

- Voice Experiences - Alexa, Cortana

- Bots

User Experience

- Basic user research

- How research impacts development

- User personas and archetypes

- Heuristic analysis

- Wireframing

- Data-based UX research

- Accessibility

- Service Design

Project Management & Agile Methodologies

- Soft Skills

- Agile Methodologies

- Agile Tools

Cloud & DevOps

- DevOps best practices

- Serverless computing

- Container-based application management (Kubernetes, Fargate)

- Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

- Application metrics and monitoring tools

- Infrastructure as Code (Ansible, Terraform, CloudFormation)


Regarding recordings and materials: Presenter agrees that all sessions at the event may be recorded, and that recordings will be free of charge to attendees of the program from Pluralsight LLC. Presenter understands that Pluralsight LLC will own the distribution rights of the recordings, however the presenter will own the Intellectual property of the presentation. Furthermore, the presenter acknowledges that he/she will not receive any compensation (financial or otherwise) from Pluralsight LLC, and that a talent release form may be required 30 days prior to the show. Presenter agrees to provide electronic, distributable copy of all session materials such as slide decks, script examples, and so forth for free to the public preferably on Presenter agrees to use Producer’s provided slide deck template if practical. A copy of the template will be provided.

event fee

free for speakers

As SCS 2021 will be virtual, no travel will be required for this year's event.