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29 Jul 2020

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31 Jul 2020




Who doesn't love development (or solving business problems)?  Who doesn't love SciFi/Fantasy/Comics?  Who thinks combinations of these things are going to be even better? If you answer ME - then this is the virtual-con for you!

Honestly, we're reeling from the loss of many of our favorite in-person conferences due to COVID-19.  We all know the best conferences are the ones that have the best after-session mingling and networking.  However, we still need to hear about what's going on in the developer community. 

This conference is a gap-fill to satisfy our need to hear from others in the community and also another chance to give those who love speaking about what they know and have learned a place to keep doing it (and doing it well), even in these unprecedented times.   

In addition to solving our itch for a good tech conference, this conference is a chance to hear about things other developers are doing and learn new or better ways to improve your daily workflow.  

The best parts about this conference will be that not only will we be talking tech, but we'll be encouraging all presenters to enhance talks with sci-fi/fantasy/comics/gaming, and anything else in what was traditionally called geek/nerd culture. 

We're also planning to put networking tools in place where people can talk and network around tech and comic-con-like topics.   

TL/DR.  Stay home and avoid the con-crud.  Learn cool stuff from industry and thought leaders.  Embrace sci-fi/fantasy/culture in the process. Have a great 3-day conference to gap-fill and scratch our conference itch until we can get our favorite in-person events back.

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Call for Speakers
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20 Apr 2020

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31 May 2020

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Closing time in your timezone is .

It's time to let your secret love of some facet of sci-fi or fantasy to shine through in your tech talk!

When you submit, please include the title, a session abstract, and the tech stack you are targeting.  Please also include the specific SCI-FI audiences you are targeting [i.e. Star War, Star Trek, Stargate, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Who, Dungeons and Dragons, Anime (any, but keep your talks Rated <= PG-13 :) ), LOTR, The Matrix, BladeRunner, Dune, etc].  Is it appropriate material for a comic-con?  Then it will definitely fit in here.

You are welcome to submit any talk you have, but titles that include sci-fi flare and references will be favored during selection.  Also, don't fret about a total rewrite of your talk - we're still more interested in content, the overall goal is just to add a little sci-fi fun to our learning.  

Microsoft  Stack
Java Stack
Tools, Frameworks, and Processes
Mental Health
Business Leadership
Entrepreneur and Self-Employed
Other [catch-all]

Also - if you want to be a part of this event, but can't make the date, please still submit.  We should have the ability to use a pre-recorded talk during the live event, so even if you can't make it, you could still be a presenter at this virtual conference.  If you are interested in pre-recording your talk, please indicate that in the notes section during your submission.

Looking for 2 keynote presentations to start each of day 2 and day 3 with a group session (please indicate if you have a fee for presenting a keynote).

Looking for 1 day of pre-conference workshops (4 or 8 hour sessions) If doing an 8 hour talk please indicate if could be split into part 1 and part 2 and if attendees might be interested in just one part or what prereqs make sense for part 2 (i.e. GIT 8 hour day - first 4 hours are basic, last four hours are advanced, can skip part 1 if you've worked with GIT for a year, but come with your machine configured to work).  Workshops will be compensated based on registrations and attendance.

Also looking for 50 minute presentations.  As a speaker, you get to be part of something cool and continue to build your brand, and practice your presentation with real attendees.  ***Depending on the success of the overall conference, we are planning to give a speaker gift to each speaker.

Everything will be delivered virtually, all attendees will be virtual.  No travel or other expenses will be covered for this event as there should not be any expenses incurred by you.  

There are currently no sponsors for the event.  Trying to keep it light and fun.  If the event is mega-successful, we'll put together prizes at the end for all attendees and speakers.  

Final note: Can't think of SciFi or Fantasy to theme your talk?  Submit anyway.  Would rather talk about James Bond, the MCU, or Toy Story? Submit It! 

All submissions, themed or not, will be considered, so if you are at all interested in being part of this event, please submit.

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