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SciFiDevConMayTheFourthEvent 2023

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1 May 2023

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31 May 2023



This event is a daily event for the month of May with all talks having some aspect of science fiction, fantasy, gaming, anime, or other geek con culture worked into them.

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Call for Speakers
Call opens at 12:00 AM

06 Feb 2023

Call closes at 11:59 PM

24 Mar 2023

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This is a virtual event, with daily releases for the month of May.

Talks can be on any topic in the developer/tech space, from programming languages to cloud solutions to mental health to leadership. 

If you have an interesting talk and it can be modified for a sci-fi theme, or already is based on sci-fi, then we'd love to have your submission for the event. If you just want to give a talk, you can do that too, typically no talks are rejected.

If you submit more than one talk, please indicate your #1, #2, #3 choice for which you would most like to give being #1.

You can choose to pre-record and produce your talk, or you can choose to live-stream your talk (we'll coordinate to make this happen).  Most people just pre-record their talk and put it on their own YouTube channel, which we will link to (so you get the views, etc).  If you want, we can directly host your video in our platform (done via private vimeo with a public-facing url [so anyone with the link can watch it]).  We can also do something like "AMA" sessions, but come with prepared questions to answer as live events aren't always well attended.

If you just want to do a blog post, that is also fine.  If you want to write a funny song, go for it. 

Any and all submissions and types of submissions will be reviewed for inclusion (and likely accepted as long as it has a sci-fi theme).

Please indicate the sci-fi/comic/anime/etc book/tv series/movie that your talk lines up with (if it's not obvious from the title).  

Please note also: All "talks" will be scheduled at something like 1 AM Chicago time, unless you are planning to be live, which will be coordinated to schedule it.  If you see your talk at 1 am central US time (aka Chicago time), then know that we are expecting you to submit a URL to YouTube or a pre-recorded video to release on that day.

It's all virtual and free, so no expenses or fees are expected or covered. This is a volunteer only event that changes no admission and is always free, and you are sharing your knowledge for community betterment.