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24 May 2024




Join us for SecureChainCon 2024, the ultimate free, online conference designed to foster knowledge sharing, and explore the challenges of implementing software supply chain security practices into fragmented, decoupled architectures. Topics of sessions and workshops presented by expert practitioners include forensic gathering, open-source tooling, and real-world use cases for integrating security into DevOps workflows.

Why You Should Attend:

Connect and share with your peers

Hear presentations by expert practitioners

Learn about supply chain security in decoupled architectures.

Explore use cases from leading companies with their latest innovations and gain insights into the future direction of software supply chain management.

Attend for free (Hosted by the Ortelius Open-Source Community)

Join Live or View On-Demand

Join us on for this amazing online mind share and take your DevSecOps skills to the next level!

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Call for Speakers
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01 Mar 2024

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25 Mar 2024

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Are you an expert in DevOps, DevSecOps, or Supply Chain Security? We would love to have you present your expertise at the SecureChainCon 2024. This is an online event, free to all, hosted by the Ortelius Open Source Community, part of the Continuous  Delivery Foundation. 

Up to three hotel nights covered.