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ServerlessDays Bengaluru 2024

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31 Aug 2024


Radisson Blu, Marathahalli Bengaluru, India

Bridging the gap between yesterday's monoliths and today's programmable future, we proudly bring you ServerlessDays Bengaluru, a platform-agnostic conference fostering a vibrant community around serverless technologies.

Who We Are

ServerlessDays Bengaluru is part of the global ServerlessDays series of events, each individually tailored by local serverless enthusiasts for their community. We are here to learn, share, and connect, shaping the future of serverless technologies together.

Our Vision

In this fast-evolving tech world, serverless architecture is revolutionizing how we think about software development. We believe in its power and want to create an engaging space for everyone - from seasoned professionals to curious beginners - to explore and understand serverless technologies.

Our Offerings

Our conference covers a wide spectrum of topics: from serverless architecture's technical aspects to its impact on business models. Hear from some of the brightest minds in the industry as they share their insights, experiences, and lessons from real-world serverless projects.

Expect a mix of keynote presentations, hands-on workshops, and panel discussions - an exciting blend of theory and practice that makes ServerlessDays Bengaluru unique.

Learning Opportunities

Whether you're a developer keen on coding, an architect looking for modern design patterns, or a CTO driving digital transformation, you will find valuable takeaways from our event. Our speakers bring extensive experience from diverse domains, providing a holistic view of the serverless landscape.

Connect & Network

Beyond learning, ServerlessDays Bengaluru offers countless opportunities to connect with peers, mentors, and thought leaders. You might meet your next collaborator, mentor, or client here!

Join Us

Embrace the future of cloud computing with us! Together, let's push the boundaries of what's possible with serverless. We promise an enlightening experience that inspires and prepares you to innovate.

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02 May 2024

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15 Jun 2024

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ServerlessDays Bengaluru: Call for Proposals (CFP)

We are excited to announce the Call for Proposals (CFP) for ServerlessDays Bengaluru! We welcome all interested individuals to submit their session ideas for serverless technologies.

CFP Dates: 02nd May 2024 - 01st June 2024 

Topics of Interest:

  • Introduction to serverless concepts and architectures
  • Advanced serverless concepts
  • Real-world case studies of serverless applications
  • Serverless security
  • Serverless and DevOps
  • Serverless benefits and challenges
  • Using serverless technologies for Machine Learning and Big Data
  • The future of serverless technologies
  • Cultural shifts and business impacts of serverless technologies

This list is not exhaustive, and we are open to any topics relevant to the serverless ecosystem.

Presentation Formats: Regular sessions: 20-30 minutes long